Standing Together. For The Kids.

Standing Together.  For The Kids.

where would you find homosexuals, transexuals & evangelicals together?  Here.  locking arms for the kids.

making history

Come join me for a history-making kind of a day where people from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and religions are going to lock arms for the fight against the far left agenda that is targeting our children.  SB 49, sponsored by Senator Mike Moon, is a ban on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones & gender surgeries for children.  Our legislators aren't getting the job done so it's time to take a stand!

We have an amazing day planned and it's getting better by the hour!  I'd love for you to come stand alongside us for the benefit of Missouri's most precious treasures - our kids.

All events will take place here at the Capitol in Jefferson City, MO.  They are free and we'd love for you to come with a car load, van load or even a bus load of your favorite people.  Share this with your civic groups, your BFFs, your Sunday School class & anyone else who wants to join.

It's going to be a super fun day full of inspiration, great speakers, food & friendship.

schedule - PLease rsvp  RSVP Here  Event Details

11:30 to 12:30
Prayer & Praise in the rotunda 

12:30 to 2:00
Lunch will be on your own.  If you register to attend, I'll send you all the details you need about food options downtown within walking distance from the Capitol.  

2:00 to 4:00
Missouri Kids FIRST Rally in the rotunda.  You'll enjoy a great group of people, motivating speakers & a few office holders, including our favorite Missouri Senators who are standing firm for our kid's sake.  So far our special guest list includes:

  • Scott Newgent, featured in the documentary What is a Woman? and in this NY Times article.
  • Chris Barrett, Missouri Chapter Leader of Gays Against Groomers
  • Dr. Bob Onder
  • Catherine Dreher, Vice Chair, Missouri Libertarian Party & Mom
  • Adam Dommeyer, Turning Point USA Faith
  • Pastor Kirk DeMars from House of Prayer, Jefferson City
  • Senator Mike Moon
  • Senator Bill Eigel
  • Senator Jill Carter
  • Senator Andrew Koenig
4:00 - ??
Plan to stay and watch the Senate at they convene.  Let's see what happens!  

Yes, I may be there overnight & I hope you'll join me.  It'll be like our own version of Night at the Museum, only ours is The Night in the Capitol. LOL

Our hope is:
  • Senator O'Laughlin calls SB49 to the floor.
  • Democrats filibuster all night while the Republicans hold their ground for a ban that includes puberty blockers, hormones & surgeries.  We need a bill that is constitutional - NOT rolled up with another unrelated sports bill.
It's possible we might see:
  • Senator O'Laughlin might not call the bill to the floor at all. 
  • If O'Laughlin doesn't call it to the floor, it's possible the conservative senators would filibuster to hold the floor until she does.
  • Although I don't think it's likely, it is possible that O'Laughlin would NOT call up the bill and the conservatives DON'T hold the floor. This is my least favorite option.
  • Senator O'Laughlin adjourns early during the democrat filibuster.
Whatever happens, come & plan to stay as late as you can.  You won't want to miss the fun!

come with unity in mind - RSVP Here   Event Details

Many different faiths, lifestyles and backgrounds will be represented here on Monday.  It's obvious we don't agree on some things.  We believe that’s ok.    

We DO agree, however, that children should not be victimized by the destruction caused by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or transition surgery before they are old enough to understand the full consequences of their actions.

Monday, we will be unified in our message of love, hope and protecting children.  Monday - nothing else matters.  Missouri Kids come FIRST.

Hope to see you there!

please help us spread the word -  RSVP Here Event Details

Please post & use across all your platforms.  #standtogether4kids

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Scott Newgent Talks About Saving Our Kids

Scott Newgent Talks About Saving Our Kids

scott newgent screams louder

TreVoices, founded by Scott Newgent, exists to educate and empower people to speak out against medically transitioning our children.  

Scott was gracious enough to travel here to Jefferson City a few weeks ago to testify at our Senate hearing on SB 49, The Safe Act.  However, he was thrown out when the Chair of the committee decided he was being disrespectful to Senator Razer.  You can learn more about that and hear Scott speak about it HERE.

Today, I wanted to give Scott the opportunity to finish his testimony and share his heart without being interrupted.  We met on Zoom and recorded it so you could watch at your convenience.  Please help us educate Missouri and share this blog with all your friends & family who care about our kids.

SB 49 is actually being heard on the MO Senate floor this week!!  Of course, the democrats are furious about it and our republicans don't seem to be standing as strong as I'd hoped.  I'm praying they actually get it passed before the end of their week without diluting it so much it's meaningless... before they go on spring break, which is Thursday.

take action

1.  PRAY.  Without ceasing, until this bill has passed.

2.   Contact Senators Cindy O'Laughlin, Majority Floor Leader & Caleb Rowden, Senate President Pro Tem.  Let them know you want SB 49 to PASS prior to Spring Break. 

Phone Numbers:   Cindy - 573.751.7985 & Caleb - 751.3931

3.  Contact YOUR Senator as well as ALL the Republican senators and ask for support to PASS SB 49 ASAP.  Ask them to help influence the process and support its passage in any way they are able, along with a yes vote.   Senate Directory

Pro Abortion Republicans? Afraid So.

Pro Abortion Republicans?  Afraid So.

roe overturned!  Missouri is in charge.


How many of you celebrated when this news was handed down from SCOTUS?  Missouri now gets to be in control of the way we handle abortion for ourselves.  Yay!  We conservatives love local control.  Big win for us!

In this deeply red state, that shouldn't be a problem for pro-lifers, should it?  You wouldn't think so.  But I think it is.

the problem is the way we change our state constitution

If you voted in the November 2022 election, you know that Amendment 3 passed.  It legalized recreational marijuana and a host of things related to that issue.  It's passing didn't just add statute to our code book.  It changed the Missouri Constitution.  

In this deeply red, "conservative" state how did that happen?  A simple majority, that's how.  

The simple majority of voters (50% + 1 vote) rules when it comes to our constitution.   In Missouri, that means that K.C. and St. Louis rule while rural Missouri's votes really don't even matter.  

Here's a county map of the vote on Amendment 3.   It's easy to see that only a small handful of counties were in agreement with recreational marijuana.  But it passed.

abortion is next.  without question.  and they know it.

What happens when abortion is on the ballot in the '24 election?  The exact. same. thing.  

And your lawmakers - all of them - know it.

how do we change the root of the problem?  

CMR would give representation to the rural minority when we want to make changes to the Missouri Constitution. 

My preference is that we would base our representation on the smallest voting districts possible, our Missouri House Districts.  

Senator Jill Carter filed SJR 28 which would do this.  The language in this bill says that two things must happen for our Missouri Constitution to be changed.

  1. A simple majority of the popular (individual) votes on the ballot measure.
  2. A simple majority of Missouri House Districts vote in favor.  
If this was the case, Amendment 3 would not have passed because although there was a simple majority of popular votes, there was nowhere near a simple majority of House districts in favor.

the speaker of the house, dean plocher

Rep Dean Plocher is the current Speaker of the House & he's running for Lt. Governor in 2024.  He doesn't want CMR.

The word on the street here is that he's going to hold up other legislation until his preferred bill is passed which is Rep Henderson's HJR 43.  The problem with that is that what he wants isn't fair to rural Missourians, either!  

And it likely won't stop abortion from becoming a constitutional right in '24.

HJR 43 is sponsored by Rep Henderson and is moving quickly through the General Assembly.  It would also change the way we amend our state constitution, but it's not a good option and here's why.

HJR 43 only raises the threshold from 50% + 1 to 60% popular vote in favor for passage.

Example #1:  
Abortion is on the ballot via Initiative Petition.  
When the polls close, there is a 60% of popular (individual) vote in favor.
The result is abortion becomes a constitutional right, EVEN IF all 60% of those voters are in concentrated in St Louis & KC.

Example #2: 
Rural Missouri wants to pass a ballot measure relating to farming freedom and got it added via Initiative Petition.
When the polls close, the cities easily "veto'd" the measure with only 40% voting no.
There is NO WAY rural Missourians would ever pass any amendment because the cities would EASILY vote it down.

If HJR 43 passes as it is currently written, you can assume that it is very likely you'll see legalized abortion as a constitutional right in Missouri in November '24.  The liberals will come out of the woodwork to vote and will use whatever means necessary to register anyone walking.  Make no mistake - they are prepared.  

AND.... only a few voting precincts would be in control.  How does that make you feel?  And of course, they are the ones that have the most potential for fraud.  So there ya go.

Guess what?  PLOCHER KNOWS IT.  They all know it.

You think Dean Plocher is really pro life?  If he is, then he should be acting like it in regard to this issue.

You think Dean Plocher is pro farmer?  Because the farmers in rural Missouri are being silenced.

You think Dean Plocher is conservative?  Because the conservatives in Missouri are not being heard.  HJR 43 is a bill that suppresses the voice of the most conservative voters in Missouri.

Plocher holding everything hostage to pass the 60% bill? 

That's what I hear.

It's not just about abortion.  It's about rural missouri having a voice.

This is the difference between a simple democracy and a democratic republic.  In a republic - the minority still has a voice.  Until we have concurrent majority ratification, that is not happening in regard to the changing of our constitution. 

"Ruling the roost" is being done by our urban areas and the heart of Missouri is being ignored.  

I'll also add that although population density is greatest in the cities, it's agriculture that is the heartbeat and economic foundation of Missouri.  It's so ironic that our voices in rural Missouri don't matter in this current culture of "diversity & equity".

TAKE aCTION.  there's a lot you can do!

1.  Call Senator Caleb Rowden and ask for SJR 28 to be called up out of committee.  It was voted "Do Pass" but he refuses to call it up so it can be debated and perfected.   Wonder why...(insert eye roll).. he's going to make Dean happy & give him HJR 43 so he can get what he wants.    

Call Caleb - 573.751.3931         Email Caleb - 

2.  Call Senator Sandy Crawford.  She's handling HJR 43 in the Senate.  Please respectfully let her know you want to see CONCURRENT MAJORITY RATIFICATION language using HOUSE DISTRICTS.  I *think* she might be open to making changes.  Let's pray she is.

Call Senator Crawford - 573.751.8793.   Email Senator Crawford -

3.  Call & email your own Senator & Representative and express your concerns and ask them for support of Concurrent Majority Ratification if they have the opportunity.  HJR 43 has already passed the House but they might have another opportunity to vote.   Find them here:  Legislator Lookup Tool

3.  Sign the petition.  It's super easy!  Scroll down to to Initiative Petition (IP) Reform & click, fill it out & submit.  
4.  Reach out to EVERY conservative Missourian you know & share this blog!  

5.  Think about businesses and organizations that might be represented in your area & share this blog.  Ask for their support -  especially those supporting farmers or rural life.  Think...Farm Bureau, Mo Cattlemen's Association, Mo Soybean Assoc, Corn Growers, electric co-ops, local Chamber of Commerce offices, local banks, ag industry, etc.   

6.  Reach out to ALL the PRO LIFE organizations, churches, citizens you know!  Send them this blog & ask them to participate in helping.  If they need more information, please have them contact me.  I'll help them.

Privacy Acts

Privacy Acts


This sounds good, right?  Let's protect privacy.  It's important for all of us.  But these acts aren't about protecting you.  They are about expanding protections for elected officials and penalizing citizens when the line is crossed.  And the penalty is steep.  A Class D felony carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Language is being added to expand the statutes already in place for judges and also to include all state elected officials, county elected officials and even election poll workers.

There are separate bills floating around to protect different groups of elected officials.  They all have basically the same language although they are sponsored by a couple different legislators - Representative Peggy McGaugh and Representative Rudy Veit.  

Please understand, I'm not in supporting ANY physical harm or harassment of ANYONE.  However, when we include language that say "with the intent", who defines intent?  How is that determined?  "Intent to harass, intimidate" or even "influence the job performance" is a big problem in these bills.

This blog could be viewed as having intent to influence job performance of our elected officials.  What if I mentioned to you in a blog that Senator Moon's wife and kids joined him at the Capitol for the legislative ball?  Or that I ran into Representative Seitz and his wife, Valerie, while I was in Branson on vacation?  If these bills pass and someone feels like I am trying to harass or intimidate, I could go to prison and have a felony conviction to live with the rest of my life...even though Senator Moon is married, loves his wife and kids and posts photos of her himself on his own social media pages.  And we all know Representative Seitz and his wife Valerie live in the Branson area so I could very well run into them while I'm headed to Silver Dollar City.

These bills are just too invasive.  

the bills

  • HB 301 is a public safety bill sponsored by Rep Roberts with a "Privacy Act" amendment added by Rep Rudy Veit.  It has passed the House and is in the Senate.  This amendment pertains to judicial officers and all elected state officials and any political subdivision thereof.  I've included a PDF attachment of the amendment for you to download and read as well as the link here.  The following is language taken directly from the amendment beginning on page 2 line 6.
(1) "Elected official", any elected member of state government or any political subdivision thereof; (2) "Personal information", the same meaning as defined in section 407.1500. 2. A person commits the offense of unlawful disclosure of personally identifiable information if he or she knowingly releases, publicizes, or otherwise publicly discloses the name, home address, Social Security number, telephone number, or other personal information of an elected official or a family member of the elected official with the purpose to harass, intimidate, or cause death or bodily injury to the elected official or a family member of the elected official. 3. The offense of unlawful disclosure of personally identifiable information is a class A misdemeanor. However, if a violation of this section is done with the purpose to influence an elected official in the performance of such official's official duties, the offense is a class D felony.";

  • HB 781 sponsored by Rep Peggy McGaugh is an election bill that grants this same protection to election officials, including volunteer poll workers.  The following language is found on page 11 starting at line 88 in the bill.  Emphasis added to bold words by me.
Disseminating through any means, including by posting on the internet, the personal information of the family of an election official with the intent to harass, intimidate, or influence such official in the performance of his or her duties. For the purpose of this subdivision, "personal information" includes home address, Social Security number, federal tax identification number, checking or savings account numbers, marital status, and identity of a child under eighteen years of age. For the purpose of this subdivision, the term "election official" includes election judges, challengers, watchers, and other volunteers or employees of an election authority. If a violation of this section results in death or bodily injury to an election official or a member of the official’s family, the offense shall be a class B felony.

  • HB 405 sponsored by Rep Peggy McGaugh pertains to all elected county officials.  The language is the same as her bill above, but please click the link to verify for yourself.

the end game

These bills are designed to protect government officials and intimidate citizens.  The truth is we already have statutes on the books for stalking, harassment, assault, etc.  These added measures aren't necessary and they infringe on our first amendments rights.  

Protect the officials.  Jail the citizens if they get offensive.  Nice.

These bills need to go.


Status:  Senate hearing is scheduled for Monday 2/27 at 1:30pm.  Call and/or email committee members and ask for the privacy act amendment to be removed.

Sen Leutkemeyer - 573-751-2183
Sen Schroer - 573-751-1282
Sen Coleman - 573-751-1492
Sen May - 573-751-3599
Sen Roberts - 573-751-4415
Sen Rehder - 573-751-2459
Sen Trent - 573-751-1503

Email Addresses.  Copy & paste into your own email server.

Status:  This bill has already had a House hearing but the committee still hasn't voted on it.  Please email and/or call the committee members and ask for a no vote.

Peggy McGaugh, Chair -      573-751-2917 
Dan Stacy, Vice Chair -      573-751-8636 
Joe Adams -      joe.adams@    573-751-4265 
Brad Banderman -       573.751.0549
Donna Baringer -      573-751-4220 
Tricia Byrnes -      573.751.1460
Jeff Coleman -     573.751.1487
Bill Falkner -     573.751.9755
Roger Reedy -      573.751.3971
Alex Riley -      573.751.2210
Adam Schwadron -     573.751.2949
David Tyson Smith -     573.751.9753
Justin Sparks -      573.751.0562
Cheri Toalson Reisch -     573-751-1169 
Ken Waller -     573.751.4451
Kevin Windham -     573.751.4726
Eric Woods -      573.751.2199

HB 405 has been referred to a committee but not heard yet.  Please call and/or email the committee members and ask for a no vote.

 David Evans - 573-751-1455
Rudy Veit - 573-751-0665
Robert Sauls - 573-751-5701
Marlon Anderson - 573-751-7605
John Black - 573-751-1167
Brad Christ - 573-751-2150
Ron Copeland - 573-751-1688
Michael Davis - 573-751-2175
Justin Hicks - 573-751-3572
Ian Mackey - 573-751-3859
Cameron Parker - 573-751-3629
Greg Sharpe - 573-751-3644
David Tyson Smith - 573-751-9753
Justin Sparks -  573-751-0562.

Protecting School Kids From mRNA Requirements

Protecting School Kids From mRNA Requirements

covid vaccine & kids

Freedom.  Personal liberty.  That's generally my focus.

When it comes to vaccines & healthcare, I believe freedom and TRUE informed consent should be the priority.

Personally, my family and I are avoiding the Covid jab like the plague.  There's no way in the world I'd get one now and I'd fight like the mama bear I am before I allowed my kids to get one.   

Maybe you feel differently, and that's ok.  

However, it is NOT ok for this jab or ANY mRNA jab or ANY medical therapy or procedure to be REQUIRED of our kids in order for them to attend school.  Period.  This is a hill I'll die on.

Missouri's process regarding required vaccines

You may not know this, but it is only a small committee of bureaucrats that decide when a new vaccine gets added to the school requirement list in Missouri.  There is no legislative oversight on that process.  

The addition of a vaccine would probably go completely unnoticed until you got a call from the school nurse.

Frankly, I hate this process and would love to see the legislature put the burden back on the legislative process so that the public would have an opportunity to weigh in.  But that's not happening anytime soon as far as I can tell.

rep. bill hardwick working for our kids

Representative Bill Hardwick is Chair of the Emerging Issues Committee in the Missouri House of Representatives.  Today, he is hearing a group of bills regarding vaccines.  

Several of them are specific to Covid, one is concerning employer liability, but his primary concern is protecting our school kids.  I applaud him for that!

Rep Hardwick and I agree that our school kids should NOT be required to take the Covid vaccine or ANY mRNA vaccine or other form of gene therapy in order to attend school.   I'm thrilled he has sponsored a bill to address this and he's conducting a hearing today where his bill along with several others will be heard.  

I hope you'll wholeheartedly support his bill and help us create a wave of grassroots voices across the House that would move them to action.  

The lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry and Chamber of Commerce will be working against us.  The speaks volumes, doesn't it?  The Chamber of COMMERCE.  Why are they weighing in??  That's easy, right?   


This is all about the flow of MONEY.  Not our kids.   I won't go down that rabbit trail, but make no mistake about it.  They don't care about the health of your children.  

one hiccup

There is one issue I have with HB 700, which has nothing to do with our kids, but with employee exemptions regarding mRNA vaccines or gene therapy.  I love the intent of the bill in allowing exemptions for employees, including hospitals and universities.  However, there is a term, "undue hardship" that is not defined clearly in the bill.  

This section of the bill requires hospitals and employers who are public entities grant exemptions for religious, non-theistic moral beliefs, and for medical reasons UNLESS the employer suffers from an "undue hardship."  

I don't prefer this phrase to be in the bill because it does allow a possible loophole for an employer to refuse an exemption request.  However, our kids need to be protected and grownups have choices.  IF an employer refused the exemption, there would need to be a lawsuit filed and the results of that suit would be crucial to how things move forward.  

Likely, some employees would lose their jobs or be forced to be jabbed, because how many people do you know who are willing to sue their employer?  It's not going to go well for them even if they win.

I would prefer this section be completely removed and these two issues on separate bills and without the "undue hardship" language.  But still, I'm thrilled to protect our kids and I believe they are the priority.  

So... is this tiny bit of dog poop in the brownie worth eating?  For my kids... maybe it is.  

Representative Boggs does have a stand alone bill on employer liability that we can support or even Rep Hardwick could separate his bill into two.  

In an ideal world, I'd love to see Representative Hardwick's bill passed without the employer liability and then a liability bill without the undue hardship in it.

please take action

1.  Call & email every committee member.  Names & contact info listed below.  Keep it short, sweet and please be respectful.   It's as easy as saying, "I support Representative Hardwick's vaccine bill without the "undo hardship" language"  If you have a personal experience, please share it.

Bill Hardwick, Chair.  573.751.3834
Dane Diehl, Vice-Chair.  573.751.4065
Ashley Aune, (D) Ranking Minority Member.  573.751.3618
Bishop Davidson,  573.751.2381
Jeff Farnan, 573.751.9465
Sherri Gallick. 573.751.1344
Mike Haffner.  573.751.3783
Dave Hinman.  573.751.2176
Josh Hurlbert.  573.751.0246
Jamie. Johnson (D).  573.751.9760
Holly Jones.  573.751.7535
Doug Mann (D). 573.751.2134
Adam Schnetling.  573.751.5365
David Tyson Smith (D).  573.751.9753

Email addresses:  Please copy/paste.  Put your own email address in the "To" and then copy/paste these addresses into the "BCC" line in your email.  You'll get a copy and then they will each get individual emails vs a group.  I'd love to know if you get any responses.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

2.  Submit an online testimony BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!  

SUPPORT HB 700 with a request to remove the employer liability section.  (bans any potential mRNA requirements for school kids)
SUPPORT HB 336 (employer liability in regard to vaccines)

You'll have to submit 2 separate forms for each bill.  Please check your email after you submit to verify & complete the process.

3.  PRAY!  

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