More Vaccines on the School Requirement List?

That's where we are headed soon if Suzie Pollock's HB 2009 does not pass!

This bill has a long history but it's never been more important than it is today.  

HB 2009 would do several great things, but these are my personal top two reasons why we need to get this bill moving again.

  • Secure religious AND conscientious vaccine exemptions for our children in school WITHOUT jumping through hoops created by the county health departments
  • No additional vaccines (Covid or otherwise) would be added to the school requirement list WITHOUT legislative approval

where is it at?  stuck on Majority floor leader, deaN plocher's desk.

Plocher is in control of which bills come to the House floor for perfection.  Regardless of how the bill came through committee, it is Plocher's decision whether or not the bill will be heard on the floor for debate and perfection.   

He has 100% control of the passage of every bill.  One person - total control.  That's just one of the HUGE problems our legislative system has and it desperately needs to be changed...but that's a story for another day.

This bill has passed easily through two committees and yet is being held hostage by Plocher. 


Short Answer:  Plocher is a sellout to the lobbyists and he likes to buy and sell the votes of his peers.  He doesn't give a rats rear end about the people of Missouri.  His interest is his pockets and his power - that's about it.

Right now, he's got the American Academy of Pediatrics to please, so he'd rather do that than protect our kids.

The primary opponent of this bill is the AAP.

So, what are their priorities?  Here are a couple of interest to you right now.

  • Removing RELIGIOUS exemptions on all vaccines
  • REQUIRING more vaccines of children of all ages, including a Covid vaccine for young children.
  • Pro abortion.  They even support adolescents ability to get an abortion confidentially.
  • Anti gun.  They'd like to see bans on some weapons.
  • Transgender agenda, including boys in girls locker rooms and women's sports
They obviously want to see this bill die and Plocher is their water boy.

why would any republican want to appease the aap?

Well, they shouldn't.  But that's exactly what's happening.  

what can you do?  

1.  Email & call Plocher's office until all their inboxes are full.  

Phone:  573-751-1544

Write a very SHORT, sincere paragraph and tell him what you want.  Here's an example.

Dear Rep Plocher,
I'm writing to request that you bring HB 2009 to the House floor for perfection.  I strongly disagree with any additional vaccines being added to our school requirement list AND we need to protect our right to live according to our conscience.  This right is given to us in the MO Constitution in Article 1 Sections 2 and  5.

I am the parent and I have the God-given right to CHOOSE what is best for the health of my children and family.  Please put our wishes ahead of the AAP.

Jodi Widhalm
Jefferson City, MO

2.  Email & Call representatives who removed thier co-sponsorship.

Jim Kalberloh   573-751-4065
Jamie Burger   573-751-5471
Bill Owen   573-751-2948
Sean Pouche   573-751-6593
Randy Railsback   573-751-0246
John Wiemann   573-751-2176
Ron Hicks   573-751-9768
Travis Smith  573-751-2042
Dave Griffith   573-751-2412

Here's an example:

Dear _____,

It has come to my attention that you co-sponsored HB 2009 but removed your cosponsorship.  I'd like to know why and urge you to reconsider.  Please support this bill and PARENT CHOICE in making healthcare decisions for their children.  

I want HB 2009 to pass because.....(keep it short & sweet).

I'm looking forward to your response.


3.  Contact your personal rep & the other republican reps to request support by urging Plocher to move the bill to the floor and a yes vote if given an opportunity.

If you don't know who your rep is, you can enter your home address and find out on the House website.

You can find a list of all the representatives HERE.  Filter by party to see the Republicans.

School Vaccine Bill - Submit testimony TODAY!


Today at noon there is a hearing on Suzie Pollock's school vaccine bill, HB 2009.  

This bill reinforces our constitutional right to live according to our conscience and it downsizes our government in regard to required vaccines for schools.

We SUPPORT this bill and encourage you to submit an online testimony before midnight tonight.  Be sure to check your email after you submit the form in order to verify your email address and complete the process.

Please share this information with your conservative friends & family!


5 RINO Lies About Redistricting

5 RINO Lies About Redistricting
We all know the US Congressional maps are up for debate in the Missouri Senate this week.  Those of us who prefer our representation in D.C. remain a reflection of our conservative values would expect our Republican majority to create a congressional map which would protect our current Republican seats.  

Gaining a seat would be even better but potentially losing a seat in a weak 6-2 map is not acceptable.  

One has to ask, "If we have a Republican majority, WHY in the world is this even a debate?  WHY would our Republican led assembly vote for a weak 6-2 map?"

5 lies about redistricting

LIE #1:  If we don't come to an agreement and decide, the courts will do it for us.  The judges are liberal and that would be worse than our weak 6-2 map.

TRUTH:  According to the Missouri Constitution, the map rendering and decision making in regard to the congressional district map is the responsibility of the General Assembly, not the court system.  When it is taken to court, as we can expect it will be regardless of what map that is created, the court will deem it to be unconstitutional or not but they will not draw a new Congressional map.  They will kick it back to the General Assembly for them to fulfill their responsibility.  

Note: This is different than how the Missouri House and Senate district maps are handled.

US District Court, W.D. Missouri, Central Division
Mar 4, 1968
279 F. Supp. 952 (W.D. Mo. 1968)
observing that when S 2c became law, the court "was relieved of the prior existing Congressional command [under S 2a(c)] to order that the 1968...congressional elections in Missouri be held at large..."were the Missouri Legislature to fail to enact a valid reapportionment statute in time"

Lie #2:  February 22, 2022, is the filing date so if the map isn't settled by then, the court will draw up a map for us.

TRUTH:  Campaign filing begins on February 22nd and runs through March 29th but it has nothing to do with the drawing of the map.  See above.  The General Assembly HAS to draw the map.  If they don't agree on something in time for filing of the primaries, congressional elections will be held "at large."  Of course, this isn't ideal, but it still does NOT mean that the court is going to draw up the map.

Lie #3:  Secretary of State Ashcroft doesn't support a 7-1 map.  He's ok with a 6-2 map.

TRUTH:  Yes, the Secretary does support a 7-1 map and he's speaking out in regard to his opinion.  Would he be "ok" with a 6-2 map?  Well, common sense would tell you he'd be happier with a strong 6-2 than a weak one and he is definitely NOT ok with a 5-3.  If you want to hear what he has to say about it, come on over to the Capitol around 11:00 am on Monday.

If you can't come to the Capitol, you might want to check this out on the SOS FB Page.  

Secretary Ashcroft will talk about Missouri elections, redistricting, faith & freedom with Key Radio’s Kevin Burns Monday morning at 9:10.

And if neither of those work out for you, here's a quote from the News Tribune taken from an article dated January 11, 2022.

That includes Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, who came out publicly for a 7-1 map late last year and has been vigorously lobbying lawmakers on the idea since the 2022 session began last week. 

Lie #4:  If we approve a 7-1 map, then Eric Holder and his redistricting committee with lots of money and power will say we're racist and sue us.  

TRUTH:  This might happen.  It doesn't mean we are racist if they sue us.  The map is likely going to get taken to court regardless of what is approved.  Let's see what the court has to say. 

It is interesting, though, speaking of discrimination, that 5 women were drawn out of their state districts in this process... ah, but I digress.  That's a conversation for a different day.

Lie #5:  Districts have to be equal "in exact person to person count."

TRUTH:  SCOTUS says no.  There can be an amount of deviation, which is actually a few thousand people AND the total state population can also be used to comply.

SCOTUS Rulings
Weberry v Sanders, 84 S. Ct ;526 (1964)  Districts must be drawn so that "as nearly practicable one man's vote in a congressional election is worth as mch as another's."

Gaffney v. Cummings, 93 S Ct, 2321 (1973).  SCOTUS found no issue with the deviation in Connecticut's map where there was 1.81% in the Senate and 7.83% in the House.

Evenwell v. Abbott, 136 S. Ct. 1120 (2016). States may use total population to comply with the concept of one person, one vote.

ok.   I'm on board with the 7-1.  now what

Call and email every Republican Senator who hasn't committed to support a7-1 map and request their support and vote.
Here are their names & contact info.

Dave Schatz at 573-751-3678 and/or 
Caleb Rowden at 573-751-3931 and/or 
Karla Eslinger at 573-751-1882 and/or 
Lincoln Hough at 573-751-2583 and/or 
Elaine Gannon  at 573-751-4008 and/or 
Mike Bernskoetter 573-751-2076 and/or 
Mike Cierpiot at 573-751-1464 and/or 
Jeanie Riddle at 573-751-2757 and/or 
Dan Hegeman at 573-751-1415 and/or 
Justin Brown at 573-751-5713 and/or 
Cindy O'Laughlin at 573-751-7985 and/or Cindy.O'
Paul Wieland at 573-751-1492 and/or 
Jason Bean at 573-751-4843 and/or 
Holly Rehder at 573-751-2459 and/or 
Sandy Crawford at 573-751-8793 and/or 
Bill White at 573-751-2173 and/o 
Tony Luetkemeyer at 573-751-2183 and/or   

The Consent of The Governed

The Consent of The Governed
The government is supposed to function by the consent of the governed.

It's pretty apparent by reading the Governor's response to his defeated nomination that he's not really used to that.  It's sad, really.  And it's mostly our own fault.

But we are righting our wrongs and waking up, taking our place and occupying the ground that always belonged to us. We won this week and we are just getting started!

We are now going to rally behind our Conservative Caucus to show our appreciation for their willingness to fight for individual liberty!   The battle at hand this week is to keep our Republican seats in the United States Congress.  

The Missouri Senate will take up a bill sponsored by Senator Mike Bernskoetter Monday at noon.  The bill has already passed the House and it contains a map that most believe is a weak 6:2 map.  6 Republicans.  2 Democrats.  

Since it's weak, though, it could easily turn into a 5:3 map and we'd lose a Republican US House seat.

It's being brought up for perfection which means we don't have much time to make necessary changes.  If they amend it to match the House bill and pass it, it's a done deal.  There's a 2/22/22 deadline, so they need to work fairly quickly and get it done especially if they want to make changes, which we definitely do!

What most conservatives would prefer is a fair 7:1 map where we would GAIN a Republican seat and this is what the caucus is standing for.  We are going to rally behind them!! 

let's win again!

calls to action

  1. Start TODAY!   Call & email EVERY Republican Senator listed here. Call until their voicemail is full then start emailing and keep doing it.  Recruit your conservative friends & family to join you! 
    1. Express to them that you support a 7:1 map and that you have high expectations that, as a member of the Republican party, they would do the same.  Otherwise, this vote will be remembered and talked about quite often prior to the next election.  
    2. Jason Bean, Doug Beck, Mike Bernskoetter, Justin Brown, Mike Cierpiot, Sandy Crawford, Karla Eslinger, Elaine Gannon, Dan Hegeman, Lincoln Hough, Tony Luetkemeyer, Cindy O'Laughlin, Holly Rehder, Jeannie Riddle, Caleb Rowden, Dave Schatz, Bill White, Paul Wieland.
    3. Email addresses follow this template:  FirstName.LastName@Senate.Mo.Gov

missouri map rally Monday, february 7th

We are supposed to be governed only by CONSENT of the governed!  The checks and balances in our system include the legislative branch, where We The People have opportunity not only to vote on our officials but to participate in the process of law making and other duties assigned.  So that's what we are going to do!

Come join us to pray, hear some of our favorite office holders & then support our Conservative  Caucus by being in the gallery when they take up the map bill and/or meeting with various senators throughout the afternoon.  Here's the schedule.

10:00 am  Prayer Walk.  We'll pray together then divide into groups and walk the Senate halls to pray for each Senator or you can find a quiet place to sit and pray in the building.  

11:00 am  Guest Speakers.  They are some of our favorites & we're excited to hear from them!

12:00 pm Senate Gallery for start of session and then we'll meet with various senators throughout the afternoon in small groups.

We'll break around 11:30 for lunch.  Feel free to bring something from home or you can grab something in the cafe downstairs.  

You'll have a seat throughout the day.  No standing for hours this time!  You'll walk to the 2nd floor where we'll have tables and chairs waiting for you just outside room 208. 

If you haven't been to the Capitol before, you can reference this blog article with all the tips and tricks for parking, where to get a cup of coffee, etc.

parking info tips & tricks

See you soon!!   

Keep Kauerauf OUT Of Missouri! Pt. 3

 Keep Kauerauf OUT Of Missouri!  Pt. 3

let the senators know!

If the senators don't know what we want, its OUR FAULT for not telling them.

Between today and the time the final vote comes in, we need to be reaching out to every Republican senator who is not already committed to vote no.  

Priority 1.  Email - email is sunshineable.
Priority 2.  Call - Fill up the answering machines. 

what do i say?

Keep it simple and straight forward.  It's super easy.   Here's an example.

Hello Senator.  My name is Jodi and I live in ______ county.  I'm calling today to express my opposition to the confirmation of Donald Kauerauf.  He has been on the team in Illinois that implemented vaccine passports, a plethora of covid lockdown and mandate measures, he's in opposition to Judge Green's ruling regarding our constitutional rights and he's a proponent of test-to-stay in K-12 schools.  I do NOT want Missouri to be anything like Illinois!  Please vote no at every opportunity.

who do i call and email?

All the Republican senators listed in the directory linked below.   Phone numbers are included in the directory.  Their email address follow this template: 

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