Perfect Timing

Don’t think for a moment that the Missouri news outlets aren’t directly connected to the inside of the Capitol here in Jefferson City.   Just like you know it to be nationally, so it is here in the Show Me State.

The news, often fed by political agendas, will show you exactly what they want at just the right time for their own purposes.

The Hot Topic Issues

  1. Gender Transition in Kids - SB 49 aka The SAFE Act
  2. Potential Abortion Amendments to the MO Constitution - HJR 43 aka “IP Reform”

Current Situation

MO Senate Republicans voted 14-10 to adjourn for spring break early on Wednesday, in the middle of a democrat filibuster over The SAFE Act, because the conservatives wouldn’t compromise by agreeing to a Washington University approved version of the bill.  

Bev Ehlen, a veteran and trusted citizen activist inside the Capitol posted the following: 

The conservatives, I think today I’ll call them the The Guardians, want a strong bill that would ban puberty blockers, cross sex hormones & gender transition surgery for children under 18.  The establishment republicans want a trophy to bring home to you for passing anything that will make it across the line & the democrats actually agree with Wash U, of course.

We are awaiting the return of the Senate on Monday, March 20th, from the extended spring break they gave themselves when they decided their vacation was more important than our kids.

Senator O’Laughlin has said they will take up the bill again when they reconvene. 

GAGA Republicans Compromising Missouri’s Kids

“Go Along to Get Along” establishment republicans are negotiating with terrorists who are literally destroying the lives of Missouri’s most vulnerable people - our kids, many of which are already “at risk.”

Washington University, which happens to be a partner in the gender clinic where the St. Louis whistleblower worked, is one of the largest donors to Senate President Pro Tem, Caleb Rowden. In fact, the Wash U related PACS are pouring money into our office holders’ PACS like a bartender pours liquor into glasses.

Check out some of these MEC reports on the RightPath PAC. I'll write another article and piece together those details, but this will get you started. 

Andrew Bailey, Missouri Attorney General, sent this letter to Washington University and St Louis Children's Hospital.

When I tell you that the establishment Republicans want to “compromise” by eliminating the puberty blockers and cross sex hormones from the ban proposed in The SAFE Act…. Do you wonder why?   It seems pretty clear to me.

Who else might benefit from a nothing-burger version of The SAFE Act passing?   You know - the version where we still allow kids to take things like Lupron, which is being used off-label to treat gender dysphoria? 

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Big pharma
  • Hospitals
  • Gender clinics
  • Counselors
Wonder how much money we’d find laundered through the Senate Campaign Committee from those sources?

“We Have Other Things To Do”

The GAGA Republicans are parroting talking points that say we just don’t have time to get bogged down in this mess right now.  

They have other important things to do & can’t risk “sacrificing” the budget or things like IP Reform for our kids' sake.  

I was even told a couple days ago that you know, this gender thing doesn’t really affect many kids and our “team” needs to look unified.  After all, we shouldn’t be attacking people who are wearing our jersey, should we?


For those of you concerned about the budget - it isn’t going to be left undone.  Worse case scenario - if they blow up the entire session with this issue - the Governor calls them back the next week and they pass a budget.  The State isn’t going bankrupt.  They just want to scare you because they know you don’t know the truth.

Worried about IP Reform?  Well, let me tell you the scoop about that…

The Big News on Friday

News broke on Friday that 11 initiative petitions (IP) have been filed to add legalized abortion to our Missouri Constitution.  We have known this was coming since Roe was overturned.  No one is surprised.  

However, the news broke yesterday.  Big headlines for those who are paying attention.

The IP bill the legislature is pushing is HJR 43.  It’s a HARMFUL bill and if it passes as it's written, an abortion amendment is STILL a shew-in.  It will pass, because there is no concurrent majority provision in it.

Speaker of the House Dean Plocher wants HJR 43 and he’s willing to let it pass with just a 3-5% increase in popular vote requirement for passing an amendment.  This would mean that it would require something around a 53% majority vote vs a 50% + 1 majority vote.  That’s a nothing burger.  

It likely won’t pass on the ballot anyway - which means nothing changes at all.  And even if it did pass - it’s not a significant change.

SO… do you think Plocher really wants to keep abortion rights from being added to the constitution?  If he did, he'd be pushing Concurrent Majority Ratification.

Who would want abortion to be in the Missouri Constitution?   Hmm….  

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Washington University
  • Big Pharma
  • Hospitals
  • Abortion doctors & clinics
  • Counselors
Does that list sound familiar??   The SAME BIG MONEY pushing for kids to be able to medically transition is also pushing for EASY passage of constitutional amendments!

So guess what?  If they shift the focus to IP Reform from our kids and pass HJR 43 as it is - you are going to get abortion!  But they'll still take credit and the trophy for passing the bill.  This is Missouri politics folks!

Who Is Getting All That Money From Those Sources????  

Who Benefits From The SAFE Act Being Stalled or Not Passed At All???

Republicans Run on the Pro-Life Issue.  Do you think that scary headline will help stall The SAFE Act??   Yes.  It could.

They want to scare you into thinking that abortion rights are flying into the constitution if they don’t get IP reform passed and that it can’t happen if they deal with The SAFE Act right now.   

But…. They are fooling you.  They think you’re uninformed, ignorant constituents.  They think you don’t understand the process.   They are counting on you forgetting all this when it comes election time anyway.

The IP Reform they are trying to sell isn’t going to keep abortion out of the constitution at all!  It will usher it right in & cause us even more problems down the road.  

If they pass HJR 43 as it is written without making major changes - who wins?  

Politicians & Washington University....and the others on those lists above.

Who wins if they don't pass the strong SAFE Act?   

Politicians & Washington University...and the others on those lists above.

Who loses?  Missouri's children.

60% Popular Majority Ratification of Missouri's Constitution

60% Popular Majority Ratification of Missouri's Constitution

house joint resolution 43 - 60% majority ratification

HJR 43 sponsored by Rep Henderson would change the way our Missouri State Constitution is amended/ratified.  It has already passed the House and is making its way through the Senate.  

Currently, Missouri voters ratify a change to the constitution by a simple majority vote.  Yesterday, I wrote Pro Abortion Republicans?  Afraid So. about the hazards of that process for rural Missourians.

60% majority in other states

Today, I want to discuss HJR 43 further.  The language in this bill has been brought to the ballot in a handful of other states recently and it was defeated.  Arkansas & South Dakota both voted it down just his past November. 

Why?  I can't be certain, but here's what I think.   

The people of this nation know that "majority" means 50% plus 1.  It does not mean 60%.  Nothing in American government has ever been based on 60% majority.  It just doesn't sit well with voters, whether they are informed or not.

Educated voters understand that this threshold also means that when they support a proposed amendment, it will only take 40% to veto.  If you are talking about conservatives, they would have nearly zero possibility of passing anything due to liberal population in the cities.

most likely, hJr 43 as written will fail at the poll

This is an issue being talked about inside the Capitol.  Many many, I'd say most legislators know this measure, as written currently, will likely be voted down by Missouri voters & it likely will not even pass the Senate without changes.

What does that mean for our constitution if it fails on the ballot?  It means nothing would change.  Ratification would stay at 50% majority of popular vote.  

possible strategy:  lower the threshold to get it passed in the legislature & on the ballot for the people

I've heard the possibility that Speaker Plocher feels lowering the threshold, maybe down to 53%, would help get it passed here in the Capitol and on the ballot.  That's possible.  But what is the effect of that on our ratification process?
Very little. 

If it is on the ballot & fails - no change.  Simple majority ratification prevails.

If it is on the ballot & passes - nearly no change.  Only a slight percentage increase & still based on majority of popular vote.

Who wins with that strategy?  NOT rural Missourians.  NOT conservative Missourians. 

Who wins is the politicians (Rep Dean Plocher) who defeat concurrent majority ratification language for the special interests that are paying them AND simultaneously pass something they can sell to the people as a ratification reform.

And really is NOT.  

We are still left with ratification based on simple majority that is determined by the very few liberal districts in the state.

politicians & special interests.  WHO IS THAT?

Well, as far as politicians - Rep. Dean Plocher would be at the top of the list.  This is his legislative priority.  And if Plocher is happy then Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden is likely happy because then Plocher gives him what he wants.

Special interests who would like this ratification process to stay as it is would be organizations who support things like:

  • Rank choice voting
  • Abortion
  • Open borders
  • Gun control & red flag laws
  • MONA (Missouri Non-Discrimination Act, which makes LGBTQ+ a protected class)
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Urban priorities
Missouri needs to ratify our state constitution in a way that ALL our districts are represented.  That is concurrent majority ratification as written in SJR 28.

what can you do?

1.  Call Senator Caleb Rowden and ask for SJR 28 to be called up out of committee.  It was voted "Do Pass" but he refuses to call it up so it can be debated and perfected.

Call Caleb - 573.751.3931         Email Caleb - 

2.  Call Senator Sandy Crawford.  She's handling HJR 43 in the Senate.  Please respectfully let her know you want to see CONCURRENT MAJORITY RATIFICATION language using HOUSE DISTRICTS.  I *think* she might be open to making changes.  Let's pray she is.

Call Senator Crawford - 573.751.8793.   Email Senator Crawford -

3.  Call & email your own Senator & Representative and express your concerns and ask them for support of Concurrent Majority Ratification if they have the opportunity.  HJR 43 has already passed the House but they might have another opportunity to vote.   Find them here:  Legislator Lookup Tool

3.  Sign the petition.  It's super easy!  Scroll down to to Initiative Petition (IP) Reform & click, fill it out & submit.  
4.  Reach out to EVERY conservative Missourian you know & share this blog!  

5.  Think about businesses and organizations that might be represented in your area & share this blog.  Ask for their support -  especially those supporting farmers or rural life.  Think...Farm Bureau, Mo Cattlemen's Association, Mo Soybean Assoc, Corn Growers, electric co-ops, local Chamber of Commerce offices, local banks, ag industry, etc.   

6.  Reach out to ALL the PRO LIFE organizations, churches, citizens you know!  Send them this blog & ask them to participate in helping.  If they need more information, please have them contact me.  I'll help them.