Child Exploitation & Trafficking 
in Missouri
You'll find information and resources on this page that pertain to trafficking and exploitation in Missouri.   The following slide deck is for your educational purposes only.  Please do not use without permission.
Links & Resources
Empower the Fight

Katie Fetzer is the founder of this organization.   She's located in the KC area and was a guest speaker at our kickoff event in Jefferson City.  You'll find lots of information on her website, including training modules.  I love Katie and highly recommend you connect with and share her resources.

Stop Trafficking Project

Russ Tuttle is the founder of Stop Trafficking Project.  He and his team go into schools and communities to do school assemblies and presentations on trafficking.  He focuses his attention on the computer connection, which is a big problem for Missouri kids.

Federal Case Study

The Office of the Inspector General at the US Dept of Health & Human Services wrote a case study on Missouri's efforts to protect missing children from foster care.  In response, the 2023 MOGA passed legislation pertaining to this issue in SB 186.