Frequently Asked Questions
What is The Sword & Trowel? 
The Sword & Trowel is a gift for our regular monthly supporters.  When you become a regular supporter with a minimum $20 monthly donation, or a $240 annual donation, you'll be gifted access to this private online community.

What are the benefits of The Sword & Trowel? 
We believe The Sword & Trowel offers a host of benefits for our supporters including but not limited to:

  • Building a resilient, trusted community across Missouri
  • Bible study & learning opportunities from a variety of sources via Zoom 
  • Weekly prayer meeting via Zoom with prayer team members
  • Opportunities to meet and hear from elected officials, community leaders, grassroots leaders, issue experts, etc.
  • Multiple vaults full of education & information
    • Seek First the Kingdom (all things related to Bible, growing in relationship with Christ & finding personal spiritual freedom)
    • Prayer Team Resources
    • Mo Legislative Process
    • 2023 Legislation Overview & Voting Records
    • 2024 Election Information
    • More to come:  Growing Resilient Homes & Neighborhoods, Resource Sharing, Education Freedom, Health Freedom, Financial Freedom, Initiative Petition Reform & more as Holy Spirit leads
  • Private communication & networking via Signal
  • Growing trusted relationships in your geographical area.
  • Discounts on live events

Do You Have Meetings?
We do host live events across Missouri, including worship services, prayer meetings, classes, and conferences.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay updated on where we'll be.

Will you come speak to my group?
If we are able to fit it in our schedule, we are happy to come speak.   Please email details and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.

Can I Follow Online?
Yes.  The best way to follow online is to subscribe to the blog.  We are on FaceBook in a private group as well as a public page.  However our visibility there is not consistent due to shadow banning and social media's changing algorithms.  Because of this, we are focusing our efforts on building the blog and communicating directly with our community through email as well as The Sword & Trowel community.

Where can I find you on FaceBook?
Jodi hosts a private FB group called Missouri Freedom Foundation as well as a public page called Jodi Grace.  If you choose the join the group, you will need to answer the member questions before we allow access.
Are donations tax deductible?
Yes.  We are registered in Missouri as a 508c1a, which is a specific type of faith based non-profit organization.  Please keep your receipts for your records.
I can't login to The Sword & Trowel.  How do I get help?
If you are a member of The Sword & Trowel, please use the Contact button or private message on the Signal app to ask for support.

How do I become a supporter and gain access to The Sword & Trowel?
Click this button, fill out the subscription form and follow the email directions to create an account, login and set up your donation.
How can I get in touch with Jodi?
Click this button to send Jodi an email.  She'll respond as soon as she's able.

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