Suzie Pollock will vote to protect our children EVERY. TIME.
Your current MO Senator voted to support boys in girls sports & men in women's bathrooms TWICE in 2022
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More Bad Votes

Gas Tax, Free College for Illegals, Funding Planned Parenthood & more!  Justin votes WITH THE DEMOCRATS and RINOS 85% of the time.  Out of 21 votes we tracked in the last 2 years, Justin only voted to uphold the Republican platform 3 times. 

Justin's Big Spending

Justin spends thousands on wining and dining after hours and even during interim.  These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.  If you'd like to see more numbers, check out the blog.

  • $135 High Street Pub on 11/17/21.  His report says "staff and guest meals."  FYI...The High Street Pub doesn't serve meals, unless you count popcorn.  
  • In July of 2021, over 3 weeks time,  he paid Lodge of the Four Seasons at Lake of the Ozarks a total of $2,039.66 for lodging
  • On July 23, 2021, he spent $979.30 at JB Hooks for dinner & drinks.  

Lobbyist Connections

The list of lobbyists Justin takes money from is 10 miles long.  

One of his favorite lobbyists is Amy Blunt, Senator Roy Blunt's daughter.  He's literally been parading her around the district during the campaign.  Most of his constituents probably assume that's his wife.  Nope.  Just his favorite lobbyist.

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Paid for by Missouri Freedom Foundation PAC.