Missouri Kids FIRST Rally
The Missouri Senate has an opportunity to pass a STRONG ban on puberty blockers, hormones & gender transition surgeries for children under 18, but they haven't.

In fact, they've had the past 2-3 years to pass it.  And still, they are stalling & negotiating with Washington University - the very source of the problem here in Missouri. 

Our goal with this rally and filibuster watch is to push them to prioritize our kids and pass STRONG legislation that will stand up in court when it's challenged.
Event details below.
RSVP here.  We'll keep you updated with any last minute changes.

Please take time to learn more about the harm medical transition is causing for our most vulnerable Missourians - our kids.  


Prayer & Praise

11:30 -12:30 Join us in the Capitol rotunda to pray for Missouri's kids & our legislators.

Lunch Break

12:30 - 1:30  Enjoy your lunch at Chez Monet, a cafe inside the Capitol or in a nearby downtown eatery.  I'll give you a list of my favorites.


2:00pm  Rally.  Join us back in the rotunda to hear from passionate speakers including:  Scott Newgent, founder of TresVoices - Chris Barnett, Leader of Gays Against Groomers Missouri, the Senators committed to standing with us and more.

Filibuster Watch

4:00pm  Filibuster Watch.  Please plan on staying to watch in the gallery.  We might be there a couple of hours or it could go all night long.  We'll provide snacks & dinner!
Participate As You Wish
All activities are FREE, but I ask 3 things:
1.  Register using the RSVP button above.  It will help us prepare & keep you updated of any changes.
2.  Be sure to check your email box & follow any instructions.
3.  If you find this content valuable, please pray about making a donation to help us do more.

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