Globalism in Missouri via House Constituent Services

Globalism in Missouri via House Constituent Services

arise & build podcast launch

The inaugural episode of the Arise & Build podcast dropped today!  Hosted by yours truly, this will be another way for me to deliver content related to Christians stewarding freedom here in Missouri and across the nation.

I'm new to the podcast world, so it's not professional quality but I promise I'm a quick learner and it'll get better as the days go by.    

As always, please subscribe & share!

*CORRECTION:  I misspoke on the podcast.  The meeting Tuesday is not a committee meeting and won't be available to the public.  It's a caucus for the republican reps at the Capitol.

resources & action items

FiscalNote, Inc. is the parent company to Fireside, the constituent management service being pushed to our House reps by lobbyists and salesmen.  

FiscalNote's CEO is a World Economic Forum type of guy.  Check out his bio on the WEF website.

"Prior to founding FiscalNote, Hwang started his career in politics in the Obama '08 campaign, assisting in the election of the first Obama Administration."

"He is also currently a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer,"

FiscalNote is being represented by lobbyist John Bardgett, per the MEC website as seen below.  It will be interesting to see what donations come in to what campaigns & PACs after the purchasing decision is made.

contact your representative

Reach out to your rep and let them know you do NOT want constituent services in Missouri to handled by a 3rd party liberal globalist vendor!  

We have a system already in place that is privately held by the State.  

Our data should NOT be farmed out to the cloud, and definitely not to an ESG supporting vendor.  

This is NOT a safe option for Missouri!

Use this lookup tool if you need to find your representative.