Missouri High School Health & Family Education

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Health & family education for mo high schools

HB 447, sponsored by Rep Bishop Davidson, is an education bill that addresses several different issues pertaining to Missouri school kids.  

One of them is a change in the name of our high school health class and the development of new standards:

1. The one-half unit of credit in health education required by the state board of education shall be renamed "Health and Family Education" for the 2024-25 school year and all subsequent school years.  

2. The state board of education shall convene a work group to develop and recommend academic performance standards relating to the one-half unit of credit of health and family education required by the board. The work group shall include, but not be limited to, educators providing instruction in health education and family and consumer science in grades nine to twelve, representatives from the department of elementary and secondary education, and nonprofit organizations that focus on public health, parenting, and social services. The work group shall develop written curriculum frameworks relating to health and family education with an emphasis on behavioral health relating to the causes of morbidity and mortality of youth, chronic disease management, and parenting skills associated with optimal family health over a lifetime that may be used by school districts.

This is only one small piece of HB 447 and this alone is concerning enough I would've voted no on this piece of legislation. Unfortunately, most of our legislators voted yes and this bill was signed by the governor and took effect in August.


Why do we need to change the name of our health class?  Is this really necessary?  

Including 'family education' would likely indicate an emphasis on sex education and/or extending personal health of students into their homes and families.  Neither one of those things is something I appreciate.

Because I've personally sat in education hearings and listened to the lobbyists for the counseling and education industries categorize parents as abusive if they don't affirm LGBTQ lifestyles, this simple change in title was a red flag to me.  

In the 2nd paragraph, the red flag was confirmed.  A work group that will include non-profit organizations.  When you understand more of the national landscape around the issue of our youth and their health, which includes mental health, the connection to LGBTQ ideology becomes much more clear.  The fact that this language specifically mentions youth mortality is another clue that the gender & sexuality issue will be front and center.

It's language like this in our statutes that are delivering woke ideology to our schools.  It seems harmless on the surface but when you have an understanding of the bigger picture, it's a huge problem!

I'm adding some links to a few non-profits that would want to be part of this workgroup so you can see for yourself what I'm concerned about.  

Also, remember that centralizing and standardizing systems is the goal of the globalization movement.  The efforts of these organizations to bring the entire nation into alignment is a big problem. 

sunshine requests

The workgroup has already met and I've requested copies of all related emails, attendance lists, and materials used.  I should be receiving those documents in the coming days.  It will be interesting to see what topics were actually discussed.   I'll be sure to let you know, so make sure you subscribe!


HB 447 can be found here.  See page 1 & 2 for the Health & Family Ed language.
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