The Truth Revealed on the Senate Floor

Today's blog contains show notes related to Episode 57 of Arise & Build.  Episode 56 is more information about SJR 74 that may be helpful.

senator coleman withdraws

In a very unexpected move, Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman withdrew SJR 74 from the senate floor yesterday which prevented it from coming to a floor vote.  The democrat filibuster was nearly stopped by a move for PQ (Previous Question), which would have forced the floor to a pass or fail vote.  It's obvious Coleman wanted to avoid that as did several other republican senators.  

Out of 24 republican senators and only 9 democrat senators, there aren't 18 willing to take a stand and vote yes to protect Missouri's constitution and even provide a slim possibility that a higher threshold would apply to the HEINOUS abortion petitions that are likely to be on the ballot in Missouri this year.

Check out the vote below.  Every senator who voted yes needs to be held accountable.  These yes votes send SJR 74 to conference committee, the members of which are chosen by senate and house leadership.  That's not usually a good thing for conservatives.  

Senator Bean - Running for re-election 
Senator Bernskoetter - Two more years in the senate then he's expected to run for a Cole County office.
Senator Cierpiot - Terming out in the senate and expected to get an appointment to a commission.
Senator Coleman - Running for Secretary of State and has 2 more years of her first senate term to fulfill.  
Senator Crawford - Fulfilling her 2nd and final term in the senate.  She'll be in the senate two more years.
Senator Eslinger - Has been appointed by Parson as Commissioner of Education starting in July.  She'll now run the Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education.
Senator Hough - Running for Lt. Governor.  If he loses, he'll fulfill the last two years of his 2nd senate term.
Senator Cindy O'Laughlin - Fullfilling her last senate term.  She's the Majority Floor Leader and likely the next Senate President Pro Tem.
Senator Caleb Rowden - Current Senate President Pro Tem.  He's finishing his last term as senator and has withdrawn from the Secretary of State race. 

senate floor action 

If you'd like to watch the happenings that took place yesterday on the floor of the Senate, I'm working on getting a decent quality video.  

In the meantime, you can also listen to the audio when they post it online, and that should be available in the next day or so.