Eigel Wants Accountability With The Budget

the rules matter

I've discussed the rules before, both here online and in a variety of groups I speak to across Missouri. 

The rules matter.  In fact, they matter more than most other things when it comes to the passing of legislation.  

Why?  Because the Rules dictate the specific details in the process by which a bill becomes law.

The rules specify when bills can be filed, how they are referred to committee, what the committees are and who sits on them, how the chairs are chosen, how debate on the floor is handled, how and when bills can be amended, how and when votes take place, etc. etc.  EVERY detail about the process is spelled out in the House Rules & the Senate Rules.  

So, if the rules are written in a way that doesn't protect the interest and the individual liberty of Missourians - it's a BIG PROBLEM.  And we've got a few problems with the rules.

the state budget

According to the Missouri Constitution, the state budget is the only thing required of our Missouri legislature each year.

With a super majority of republicans you'd think the budget and spending would be under control and fairly conservative, they'd be working to lower taxes and reduce wasteful spending.  According to the Missouri Republican Platform, this is a priority.  This screenshot was taken from the MO GOP website on the state platform:

but instead they spend more!

And has your tax burden decreased lately?  Yeah, mine hasn't either.

In 2023, the state budget was the highest it's ever been and had the highest percentage increase in history.  In Missouri, we now spend more per capita than the state of California!

eigel wants to reign it in and relieve the tax burden

On Monday, 1/8/24, Senator Bill Eigel stood to file 2 resolutions that would change the rules in regard to the way the budget bills are passed in the Missouri Senate.  You find the details in the Senate Journal for that day on page 2.  

These changes would make for more accountability and more transparency in regard to spending of the taxpayer's dollars.  They would also require a reduction in spending if there is an increase in spending.   Hmm....is that when they call balance??  

  1. Proposed change to Rule 60:  Each section of the budget bills that require new spending will be voted on individually by the entire senate, not only the Appropriations Committee.

2.  Proposed Change to Rule 50:  No amendment to the budget bill that increases aggregate spending will be accepted unless there is a reduction of aggregate spending in another section.   The reduction amendment must be approved prior to the spending amendment.

call your senator & ask for a yes vote on these rules changes!

Find your senator's contact information here: