Why Missouri Needs a SAFE Act

State Representative Suzie Pollock already sponsored HB 2649 , or Missouri's SAFE Act during the 2022 session. Not only do I want to find out why it was dropped in committee, I want to bring it back to life and get it passed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Interested in helping? Contact me at moffcasscounty@gmail.com

Next Missouri Freedom Foundation Meeting:
October 6th, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.
Inside the conference room at Heritage Companies
7926 E 171st St
Belton, MO 64012
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How the Left uses Flowery Terms to Convince us to Kill Ourselves
See a pattern, piece it together, shout it from the roof tops. The left is systematically killing us one peaceful movement at a time.

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Arrowhead Air Park Not Good for Cass County
Cass County Resident Julie Walker joins the grassroots movement to advocate against Arrowhead Air Park development near their country home. Learn how this untimely and unwanted LLC is going to negatively impact all county residents.

Click Here to access the petition and more information about the No Airpark Campaign:

Join the Hearing:
September 22, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.
Cass County Sheriff's Office, 3rd Floor (Harrisonville, MO)
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A Day in the Life of an American Child

No caption needed.

No Left Turn Activist, Andy Wells, Exposes Missouri Education

There is no shortage of crisis' in Missouri schools. Andy Wells guest appears on Alex Unscripted for a candid conversation to expose the nefarious agendas plaguing our schools. 

Biden Seeks to Destroy What is Left of our Education System

As if we haven't suffered enough, the Biden Administration submitted a proposal to rewrite Title 9 amendment so that it is federal law to affirm a child's preferred name/pronoun. Find out what it means for the parents and school's that don't abide.

Are you Co-Parenting with the Government?
Alex reminds parents the significance of interceding on your child's behalf. Vax requirements? DHSS vs MO Law? Health and Wellness? What do all these things have in common? All that and more is covered on today's episode of Alex Unscripted. 

MO Senate Candidate, Rachl Aguirre
Missouri's education system goes under the magnifying glass in this candid conversation with Missouri senate candidate Rachl Aguirre. 

Missouri: A Second Amendment State
The left creates the crisis in order to sell the cure. Join the discussion about MO's second amendment sanctuary bill. 

I'm Sorry, Trans-What?
Up is down, right is wrong, and wrong is right. Join the discussion of the very disturbing "reality" for some kids who call themselves furries. 

Bring it On!
Alex sends a bold, and necessary statement to the people who refuse to back off our youth. 

The Consequences of an Unhinged Government
The Uvalde, Texas massacre shook our nation. Let's discuss the consequences of an unhinged government.

Alex Makes her Debut!
A new adventure calls for new equipment! In this introductory video Alex shares her gratitude for the outpouring love from her supporters. 

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