Gold & Silver Currency in Missouri

Today's podcast is much longer than usual, but it's a wonderfully informative conversation with Missouri's gold & silver guru, Patrick Holland.  If you are interested in learning more about having a private, safe form of currency I hope you'll take time to listen even if you have to break it up into smaller sessions.  It's worth your time! 

Missouri Freedom Initiative - Patrick's organization
Hidden Secrets of Money - YouTube documentary series by Mike Maloney
Goldback, Inc. - Gold money you can carry in your wallet
UPMA - United Precious Metals Association

take action

1.  Ask him/her to request of the committee chair that HB 1955 be brought through committee.  Rep O'Donnell is the committee chair and he needs to bring the bill forward ASAP.

2.  Ask your representative to co-sponsor HB 1955.

3.  Call and email Senate Majority Floor Leader, Cindy O'Laughlin and ask that she bring SB 735 to the floor ASAP.  Her phone number is 573.751.7985 and her email is



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