Globalism in Missouri

Globalism in Missouri

giant omnibus bills carrying giant problems

This is a presentation we shared across Missouri several times over interim, between May of '23 and January of '24 when the new legislative session began.  It's an overview of several problems we've got here in Missouri inside our legislature.  These problems have led to an open door to policies that promote globalism and a Missouri-last philosophy.

My hope is that you'll watch, even if you need to watch in smaller sessions, so that you are more knowledgable and more empowered to use your voice both with your elected officials and in your social network.  Citizens deserve to know the truth and they need to know why things aren't happening here in Missouri  like we would expect they would be with a supermajority of republicans in office.

major problems In a nutshell

1.  The rules are set up to empower 4 individuals and create a pay-to-play system.  The rules can be changed.  We need legislators who will have courage enough to do it.

2.  Unconstitutional, omnibus bills are the majority of what is passing.  Your legislator needs to vote NO on multi-subject bills that are not aligned with the original intent of the bill AND/OR if they haven't read the bill.   

3.  Policy that pushes centralization & standardization across our systems through inventorying, monitoring and controlling resources and/or human activity is a problem and those bills need to be stopped in their tracks.

I'll be recording more educational content on the bills that are moving through the legislature now, making their way to the chamber floors for debate.  

It's time to stand up & speak up!

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

sustainable development

The United Nation's definition of sustainable development is,
Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

I know, it sounds wonderful and responsible to take care of our planet for future generations.  I agree that is and should be an effort we all undertake to a certain degree.  Scripture calls us to be good stewards of what we are given.  

However, what the United Nations means by 'needs' in the above definition is meeting the physical needs of the worlds poorest populations.  It has NOTHING to do with preserving America or the American way of life. 

It's truly an 'America Last' policy.  

Even the poorest of the poor in America do not hold a candle in regard to the poorest of the world.   Sustainable development is not only about preserving natural resources for America's future.  It's about redistributing ALL resources across the globe.  In other words, redistribution of wealth. 

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals will "equalize" the world on very low level for the masses while the world's elite jet set across continents and control it all.

Federal dollars start flowing

After a gathering in Rio at the Conference on Environment and Development, 179 countries including the United States. Sustainable development was pushed through our federal government through the Presidential Council on Sustainability, which was created by President Clinton in the early 1990's.  The Council consisted of 12 cabinet members (Directors of federal departments), CEOs of major private corporations (such as SC Johnson & Enron), and non-government organization think tanks (NGOs).

This created a system of funding by the feds which flowed through every federal agency, the private & non-profit sector all the way through state and local governments.  This is how globalism has reached and continues to reach into state and local communities.  Take the money & comply with the agenda.  

the real globalist goals

When we see policy being developed that centralizes, standardizes, inventories, tracks, or monitors we need to pay attention and deep dive into whether or not those policies are ultimately a good practice or not.  

The ultimate goal of the globalist agenda is to control human behaviors and activity.  Before they can control, they need to know what they have (inventory) and track it (monitor).  Before they can affect behaviors and activity, there must be a control mechanism.  

This is their path.  Centralize and standardize in order to INVENTORY - MONITOR - CONTROL.

one piece at a time

Sustainable development, in the United States and in Missouri, is being accomplished by the building of a framework of policy one tiny puzzle piece at a time.  In and of themselves, each piece seems harmless.  In totality, when the framework is complete, it will be the destruction of our freedom and everything we know American life to be.

These are a few things our future holds if we don't push back on the agenda and put Missouri & America first...

  • Your use of electricity is monitored and rates are hiked at times when you need it most which forces you to change your usage
  • You are unable to have a car and will be required to walk, bike or use public transportation
  • Your movement will be controlled because we need low emissions so you'll work, live, shop and play within 15 minutes of your home
  • Travel will be controlled by digital id
  • Your health records will be included in that digital id which means with a quick scan, businesses or employers will know your personal health information, including your vaccine status
  • Your personal rights will be hindered & you'll have very little if no way to redress your grievances within the courts
  • Your food supply will be controlled because they want the ag industry destroyed
  • And the list goes on
There's so much more to talk about on this topic, but I'll leave you today with this graphic that represents individual policies that inventory, monitor, centralize & standardize.   This doesn't necessarily mean each of these pieces are evil, but they are just the tip of the iceberg in regard to policies that contribute to the framework of sustainable development.

what can you do?

1. Seek God FIRST.  He has a perfect plan and calling for your life.  Part of your responsibility to steward well is stewarding the government you were blessed with.  Pray about how He wants you to be involved.  

If you don't know how to seek God or if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus - please connect with me if you'd like to talk.

2.  Follow Him.  He'll lead and show you.  He'll bring every resource provide every need and relationship you need to fulfill what He's asking of you.

3.  Get connected.  I'd love for you to connect with me and our mission here at Jodi Grace Ministries to inspire, educate and activate Believers in Missouri!  We have a private membership, weekly Zoom calls, private conversations and so much more.  We are building relationships with the Lord, with each other, being educated and taking action together.   We are creating a network of Believers who are serving one another in practical ways through these challenges we are facing.   Please pray about joining us in The Sword & Trowel!

If not us, find a different community to be involved with.  You weren't made to do it alone.  I'll even go so far as to say you can't do it alone.  We need each other.

Globalism in Missouri via House Constituent Services

Globalism in Missouri via House Constituent Services

arise & build podcast launch

The inaugural episode of the Arise & Build podcast dropped today!  Hosted by yours truly, this will be another way for me to deliver content related to Christians stewarding freedom here in Missouri and across the nation.

I'm new to the podcast world, so it's not professional quality but I promise I'm a quick learner and it'll get better as the days go by.    

As always, please subscribe & share!

*CORRECTION:  I misspoke on the podcast.  The meeting Tuesday is not a committee meeting and won't be available to the public.  It's a caucus for the republican reps at the Capitol.

resources & action items

FiscalNote, Inc. is the parent company to Fireside, the constituent management service being pushed to our House reps by lobbyists and salesmen.  

FiscalNote's CEO is a World Economic Forum type of guy.  Check out his bio on the WEF website.

"Prior to founding FiscalNote, Hwang started his career in politics in the Obama '08 campaign, assisting in the election of the first Obama Administration."

"He is also currently a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer,"

FiscalNote is being represented by lobbyist John Bardgett, per the MEC website as seen below.  It will be interesting to see what donations come in to what campaigns & PACs after the purchasing decision is made.

contact your representative

Reach out to your rep and let them know you do NOT want constituent services in Missouri to handled by a 3rd party liberal globalist vendor!  

We have a system already in place that is privately held by the State.  

Our data should NOT be farmed out to the cloud, and definitely not to an ESG supporting vendor.  

This is NOT a safe option for Missouri!

Use this lookup tool if you need to find your representative.