Pelosi Style Legislation Needs to Stop!

Pelosi Style Legislation Needs to Stop!

change the rules & read the bills!

If you read the blog on Jan 5th or if you've listened to today's Arise & Build podcast, you know that we've got a Pelosi-style leadership in our Missouri legislature.  

The MISSOURI FREEDOM CAUCUS through Senator Bill Eigel, has proposed a senate rule change that would help ensure our legislature has time to actually read the bills they are voting on!

Here's a screenshot from the senate journal last Thursday,

But guess what??  

our senate leadership is not in agreement to allow this window of time!

The Majority Floor Leader in the Senate, Cindy O'Laughlin, has the responsibility of determining what comes to the Senate floor.  It's a position of great power and has a direct effect on Missouri citizens, our freedoms and way of life.

On Thursday, January 4th, Senator Bill Eigel, who is a member of the new Missouri Freedom Caucus, proposed a rule change that would require a window of 2 legislative days to be given for the purpose of allowing time to READ. THE. BILLS.

But our Majority Floor Leader is refusing to allow the rule change to be brought to a vote and has advised the republicans to vote no if she is forced to bring it forth.

do you want our legislators to read the bills they pass?

That's not happening much right now.  

They are passing HUGE omnibus, multi-subject bills that are unconstitutional to begin with.

They are passing such kitchen sink bills that the democrats & republicans are all voting together as a block.  Everyone has a piece of language in it they want or need, so they vote yes on all of it to get their own pork & lobbyists sludge across the line.

For Perspective

In 2023...
  • 39 of 40 regular bills they passed were voted on in the last 2 weeks of session
  • 17 were unconstitutional omnibus bills
  • 80% of the time, the democrats & republicans all voted together

Last year, almost every single bill that passed was shoved through in the last 2 weeks and amended into omnibus Christmas tree bills that were brought to the floor as senate substitutes at the last minute.

When a few good senators stood up to ask questions about them, they were told by their Majority Floor Leader, Cindy O'Laughlin, to sit down, shut up and vote!   She is forcing them to VOTE ON HUGE BILLS THEY HAVEN'T READ!

Unfortunately for us, they mostly obeyed her and voted when they should've continued to stand.  It resulted in the voting chart you see below where they are all voting in unison because their favorite lobbyist friends & contributors have language included or their pork projects are delivered in those bills.    MAYBE there is one or two decent policy changes included, too, but they really wouldn't know for sure because NO. ONE. READS. THE. BILLS!

And this is the way the lobby core & our republican leadership wants it!

use your voice & take action

It's time to call them on their behavior and demand better!  The government was created BY the PEOPLE & FOR the PEOPLE.  

We are hoping to see a vote tomorrow, January 10th.  Please let them know today that you want them to READ the bills!

1.  Call and email Majority Floor Leader, Cindy O'Laughlin and let her know that you want to see that rule change to Rule 64, offered by Senator Eigel, to come to the floor for a vote.   

Email:    Phone: 573.751.7985

2.  Call your senator & as many others as you are able.  Request a yes vote on the change for Rule 64 if given the opportunity.  You can find senator contact information on each member page on the senate website or download the PDF below.  We suggest printing the PDF and keeping it for future use.

2023 Final Senate Votes on Bills Truly Agreed Upon & Passed

Wins, Losses & The Answer

Wins, Losses & The Answer

The Missouri legislative session ended Friday May 12, 2023.  There's a lot to talk about, and yet I've felt as though the Holy Spirit has held me from talking about it until today.

I know that others and especially the media sources we all watch as well as our favorite FB groups, Twitter accounts & YouTube channels have all been voicing their thoughts and opinions so I'm certain you've already heard about the "big" wins & losses.  I won't go into detail about those, but here's a quick recap.

Sometime in the future, I'll be publishing a scorecard along with details of all the bills that passed as well as some I believe are worthy of mentioning even though they failed.  Be sure you subscribe to the blog if you'd like to see it.

celebrating the wins

Passing these two bills was a big win in my book:
  • The SAFE Act - SB 49 - No longer will children under 18 be able to get hormones or medical interventions for the purpose of gender transition!
  • Save Women's Sports Act - SB 39 - Women's sports from kindergarten through college will be biological women only!
Defeating these bills & amendments was a great thing for Missourians:
  • Torte Reform & Sovereign Immunity, SB 117 by Senator Luetkemeyer
  •  Privacy Acts amended to HB 301 by Rep Rudy Viet and filed by Rep Peggy McGaugh
  • Potential Digital Currency Framework, HB 1165 by Rep Justin Hicks
  • School Choice bills that would've empowered DESE even further
  • Parent's Rights bills that included language allowing CRT & protected copyrighted material

counting the losses

There were definitely several losses for Missouri conservatives, including several bills passing that increased the size of government & grew spending at an unprecedented rate.

  • The outrageous budget
  • Expanding medicaid
  • Empowering bureaucrats
  • and so much more..
And then there were the things we wanted but couldn't pass even though we have a super majority of republicans. Here are a few examples:

  • Protecting rural Missouri's voters in IP process
  • Gold & silver as legal tender
  • Transparent labeling of mRNA in our products
  • Protecting our school kids from mRNA vax requirements
  • Restricting DESE & freeing our local school districts
  • Reducing the tax burden across the board vs favoring big business through tax credits
We are compiling a scorecard and a summary of all the stories & bill details.  Be sure you click above to subscribe so you don't miss it!

the truth

This session was difficult.  I was at the Capitol nearly every day until I got sick in April.  Then I was back nearly every day until the last week when I was so frustrated I just couldn't go back. Instead, I listened from home on those days.  When I wasn't there, a dear friend of mine was so she kept me updated and took notes.  

Every bill has a story and there are several stories waiting to be told.  This session, other than our girl's sports & The SAFE Act, the endings are mostly disappointing.  There are no fairytales here. 

However, there are definitely miracles among the muck.  Even though there was frustration and several tears along the way, there were also beautiful moments & memories between patriot friends, lots of prayers shared, beautiful worship of the Lord, and hope-filled hearts watching our conservative fighters go to battle for freedom.  

Throughout session, I was reminded that the ONLY way we will win this battle for the Republic and for a sovereign Missouri is being led by God Himself through the Holy Spirit.  

No amount of strategizing conservative patriots will do.  This enemy is bigger than all of us combined.  BUT GOD... with whom ALL things are possible!  He is the Way-Maker!

The enemy waging war against Biblical principles and freedom isn't flesh & bone.  

Our enemy isn't democrats, although the liberal left is definitely being taken advantage of by the enemy and they will be thrown to the trash if this evil takes over.  

Our enemy isn't even the RINO moderate republicans, which is mostly what we have here in Missouri and they are the biggest political problem we have as far as I'm concerned.

The actual enemy is Satan himself.  Evil.  Communism.  Marxism.  Globalism.  This evil is working its way through ignorant citizens who haven't been educated and who are unaware that they've opened doors in their hearts & lives to this demonic, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-American force.

The enemy has infiltrated our schools, our churches, our homes and our hearts through a host of things including laziness and apathy and it's been happening for decades.  

Even most of the grandparents can't tell you the details of this nation's founding.  And sadly, most of our grandparents would be uncomfortable trying to teach a Bible study as well.  

We now have a Biblically & historically illiterate population.  

The enemy is evil.  Our culture is a wreck.  The nation is in crisis,

and our cultural & governmental report card is a testimony to the failure of the church.


If the current state of our nation is the result of the church's failure, then is it the church that has the power to turn this ship?

I would make the argument that yes, it is, with one caveat - the definition of "the church."

The "church" responsible is not inside the buildings filled with smoke machines, production equipment, pews, and coffee bars where people gather once or twice a week for social hour.


That church is the one that will be the catalyst of this ship turning!

The ONLY strategy that is worth our time & effort..  the ONLY way through this crisis ...
our ONLY HOPE is that the PEOPLE who are Christ followers get their hearts right before God and start being obedient to the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.  

The grassroots won't strategize politics on our own well enough to win.  If we could, we'd have had a good IP bill headed to Parson's office or we'd have gotten DESE reigned in a little.

We won't gather enough troops to succeed without the Holy Spirit.   If the masses and phone calls could do it, the labeling bill would've passed.  There were people calling from across the nation, literally clogging phone lines & inboxes for days.

The only answer that will bring victory - 
God the Creator, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit our Guide working through the hearts, minds & actions of His people.

the call to action

It's high time Missourians get serious about REVIVAL in their individual hearts and homes & an AWAKENING to the priorities of God.  

And PLEASE do NOT wait on your pastor!  If you are a Christ-follower - it's on YOU.  

You will answer to God one day for the way you stewarded the gifts He gave you - including this nation and the State of Missouri.  

If you are relying on your pastor and not taking action because he's not talking about it or he didn't give you permission, then you'd better stop idolizing him and repent.  He's not God.  

If you aren't close enough to God to hear His voice or know His word, that's your first priority - above all else.  

We've been told to occupy until His return & it's time to get about His business if we want true freedom.  

Are you ready?  

Will you commit?  Not to a phone call, an email or a rally, but will you commit your heart & your days to Christ?

Will you add your name to His list & wait for your orders from the Holy Spirit...then OBEY?

Because I'm ready to go to battle and I'd love for you to join me!  

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Standing Together. For The Kids.

Standing Together.  For The Kids.

where would you find homosexuals, transexuals & evangelicals together?  Here.  locking arms for the kids.

making history

Come join me for a history-making kind of a day where people from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and religions are going to lock arms for the fight against the far left agenda that is targeting our children.  SB 49, sponsored by Senator Mike Moon, is a ban on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones & gender surgeries for children.  Our legislators aren't getting the job done so it's time to take a stand!

We have an amazing day planned and it's getting better by the hour!  I'd love for you to come stand alongside us for the benefit of Missouri's most precious treasures - our kids.

All events will take place here at the Capitol in Jefferson City, MO.  They are free and we'd love for you to come with a car load, van load or even a bus load of your favorite people.  Share this with your civic groups, your BFFs, your Sunday School class & anyone else who wants to join.

It's going to be a super fun day full of inspiration, great speakers, food & friendship.

schedule - PLease rsvp  RSVP Here  Event Details

11:30 to 12:30
Prayer & Praise in the rotunda 

12:30 to 2:00
Lunch will be on your own.  If you register to attend, I'll send you all the details you need about food options downtown within walking distance from the Capitol.  

2:00 to 4:00
Missouri Kids FIRST Rally in the rotunda.  You'll enjoy a great group of people, motivating speakers & a few office holders, including our favorite Missouri Senators who are standing firm for our kid's sake.  So far our special guest list includes:

  • Scott Newgent, featured in the documentary What is a Woman? and in this NY Times article.
  • Chris Barrett, Missouri Chapter Leader of Gays Against Groomers
  • Dr. Bob Onder
  • Catherine Dreher, Vice Chair, Missouri Libertarian Party & Mom
  • Adam Dommeyer, Turning Point USA Faith
  • Pastor Kirk DeMars from House of Prayer, Jefferson City
  • Senator Mike Moon
  • Senator Bill Eigel
  • Senator Jill Carter
  • Senator Andrew Koenig
4:00 - ??
Plan to stay and watch the Senate at they convene.  Let's see what happens!  

Yes, I may be there overnight & I hope you'll join me.  It'll be like our own version of Night at the Museum, only ours is The Night in the Capitol. LOL

Our hope is:
  • Senator O'Laughlin calls SB49 to the floor.
  • Democrats filibuster all night while the Republicans hold their ground for a ban that includes puberty blockers, hormones & surgeries.  We need a bill that is constitutional - NOT rolled up with another unrelated sports bill.
It's possible we might see:
  • Senator O'Laughlin might not call the bill to the floor at all. 
  • If O'Laughlin doesn't call it to the floor, it's possible the conservative senators would filibuster to hold the floor until she does.
  • Although I don't think it's likely, it is possible that O'Laughlin would NOT call up the bill and the conservatives DON'T hold the floor. This is my least favorite option.
  • Senator O'Laughlin adjourns early during the democrat filibuster.
Whatever happens, come & plan to stay as late as you can.  You won't want to miss the fun!

come with unity in mind - RSVP Here   Event Details

Many different faiths, lifestyles and backgrounds will be represented here on Monday.  It's obvious we don't agree on some things.  We believe that’s ok.    

We DO agree, however, that children should not be victimized by the destruction caused by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or transition surgery before they are old enough to understand the full consequences of their actions.

Monday, we will be unified in our message of love, hope and protecting children.  Monday - nothing else matters.  Missouri Kids come FIRST.

Hope to see you there!

please help us spread the word -  RSVP Here Event Details

Please post & use across all your platforms.  #standtogether4kids

Twitter image:

Insta/FB image:


PDF to print:

Scott Newgent Talks About Saving Our Kids

Scott Newgent Talks About Saving Our Kids

scott newgent screams louder

TreVoices, founded by Scott Newgent, exists to educate and empower people to speak out against medically transitioning our children.  

Scott was gracious enough to travel here to Jefferson City a few weeks ago to testify at our Senate hearing on SB 49, The Safe Act.  However, he was thrown out when the Chair of the committee decided he was being disrespectful to Senator Razer.  You can learn more about that and hear Scott speak about it HERE.

Today, I wanted to give Scott the opportunity to finish his testimony and share his heart without being interrupted.  We met on Zoom and recorded it so you could watch at your convenience.  Please help us educate Missouri and share this blog with all your friends & family who care about our kids.

SB 49 is actually being heard on the MO Senate floor this week!!  Of course, the democrats are furious about it and our republicans don't seem to be standing as strong as I'd hoped.  I'm praying they actually get it passed before the end of their week without diluting it so much it's meaningless... before they go on spring break, which is Thursday.

take action

1.  PRAY.  Without ceasing, until this bill has passed.

2.   Contact Senators Cindy O'Laughlin, Majority Floor Leader & Caleb Rowden, Senate President Pro Tem.  Let them know you want SB 49 to PASS prior to Spring Break. 

Phone Numbers:   Cindy - 573.751.7985 & Caleb - 751.3931

3.  Contact YOUR Senator as well as ALL the Republican senators and ask for support to PASS SB 49 ASAP.  Ask them to help influence the process and support its passage in any way they are able, along with a yes vote.   Senate Directory

Pro Abortion Republicans? Afraid So.

Pro Abortion Republicans?  Afraid So.

roe overturned!  Missouri is in charge.


How many of you celebrated when this news was handed down from SCOTUS?  Missouri now gets to be in control of the way we handle abortion for ourselves.  Yay!  We conservatives love local control.  Big win for us!

In this deeply red state, that shouldn't be a problem for pro-lifers, should it?  You wouldn't think so.  But I think it is.

the problem is the way we change our state constitution

If you voted in the November 2022 election, you know that Amendment 3 passed.  It legalized recreational marijuana and a host of things related to that issue.  It's passing didn't just add statute to our code book.  It changed the Missouri Constitution.  

In this deeply red, "conservative" state how did that happen?  A simple majority, that's how.  

The simple majority of voters (50% + 1 vote) rules when it comes to our constitution.   In Missouri, that means that K.C. and St. Louis rule while rural Missouri's votes really don't even matter.  

Here's a county map of the vote on Amendment 3.   It's easy to see that only a small handful of counties were in agreement with recreational marijuana.  But it passed.

abortion is next.  without question.  and they know it.

What happens when abortion is on the ballot in the '24 election?  The exact. same. thing.  

And your lawmakers - all of them - know it.

how do we change the root of the problem?  

CMR would give representation to the rural minority when we want to make changes to the Missouri Constitution. 

My preference is that we would base our representation on the smallest voting districts possible, our Missouri House Districts.  

Senator Jill Carter filed SJR 28 which would do this.  The language in this bill says that two things must happen for our Missouri Constitution to be changed.

  1. A simple majority of the popular (individual) votes on the ballot measure.
  2. A simple majority of Missouri House Districts vote in favor.  
If this was the case, Amendment 3 would not have passed because although there was a simple majority of popular votes, there was nowhere near a simple majority of House districts in favor.

the speaker of the house, dean plocher

Rep Dean Plocher is the current Speaker of the House & he's running for Lt. Governor in 2024.  He doesn't want CMR.

The word on the street here is that he's going to hold up other legislation until his preferred bill is passed which is Rep Henderson's HJR 43.  The problem with that is that what he wants isn't fair to rural Missourians, either!  

And it likely won't stop abortion from becoming a constitutional right in '24.

HJR 43 is sponsored by Rep Henderson and is moving quickly through the General Assembly.  It would also change the way we amend our state constitution, but it's not a good option and here's why.

HJR 43 only raises the threshold from 50% + 1 to 60% popular vote in favor for passage.

Example #1:  
Abortion is on the ballot via Initiative Petition.  
When the polls close, there is a 60% of popular (individual) vote in favor.
The result is abortion becomes a constitutional right, EVEN IF all 60% of those voters are in concentrated in St Louis & KC.

Example #2: 
Rural Missouri wants to pass a ballot measure relating to farming freedom and got it added via Initiative Petition.
When the polls close, the cities easily "veto'd" the measure with only 40% voting no.
There is NO WAY rural Missourians would ever pass any amendment because the cities would EASILY vote it down.

If HJR 43 passes as it is currently written, you can assume that it is very likely you'll see legalized abortion as a constitutional right in Missouri in November '24.  The liberals will come out of the woodwork to vote and will use whatever means necessary to register anyone walking.  Make no mistake - they are prepared.  

AND.... only a few voting precincts would be in control.  How does that make you feel?  And of course, they are the ones that have the most potential for fraud.  So there ya go.

Guess what?  PLOCHER KNOWS IT.  They all know it.

You think Dean Plocher is really pro life?  If he is, then he should be acting like it in regard to this issue.

You think Dean Plocher is pro farmer?  Because the farmers in rural Missouri are being silenced.

You think Dean Plocher is conservative?  Because the conservatives in Missouri are not being heard.  HJR 43 is a bill that suppresses the voice of the most conservative voters in Missouri.

Plocher holding everything hostage to pass the 60% bill? 

That's what I hear.

It's not just about abortion.  It's about rural missouri having a voice.

This is the difference between a simple democracy and a democratic republic.  In a republic - the minority still has a voice.  Until we have concurrent majority ratification, that is not happening in regard to the changing of our constitution. 

"Ruling the roost" is being done by our urban areas and the heart of Missouri is being ignored.  

I'll also add that although population density is greatest in the cities, it's agriculture that is the heartbeat and economic foundation of Missouri.  It's so ironic that our voices in rural Missouri don't matter in this current culture of "diversity & equity".

TAKE aCTION.  there's a lot you can do!

1.  Call Senator Caleb Rowden and ask for SJR 28 to be called up out of committee.  It was voted "Do Pass" but he refuses to call it up so it can be debated and perfected.   Wonder why...(insert eye roll).. he's going to make Dean happy & give him HJR 43 so he can get what he wants.    

Call Caleb - 573.751.3931         Email Caleb - 

2.  Call Senator Sandy Crawford.  She's handling HJR 43 in the Senate.  Please respectfully let her know you want to see CONCURRENT MAJORITY RATIFICATION language using HOUSE DISTRICTS.  I *think* she might be open to making changes.  Let's pray she is.

Call Senator Crawford - 573.751.8793.   Email Senator Crawford -

3.  Call & email your own Senator & Representative and express your concerns and ask them for support of Concurrent Majority Ratification if they have the opportunity.  HJR 43 has already passed the House but they might have another opportunity to vote.   Find them here:  Legislator Lookup Tool

3.  Sign the petition.  It's super easy!  Scroll down to to Initiative Petition (IP) Reform & click, fill it out & submit.  
4.  Reach out to EVERY conservative Missourian you know & share this blog!  

5.  Think about businesses and organizations that might be represented in your area & share this blog.  Ask for their support -  especially those supporting farmers or rural life.  Think...Farm Bureau, Mo Cattlemen's Association, Mo Soybean Assoc, Corn Growers, electric co-ops, local Chamber of Commerce offices, local banks, ag industry, etc.   

6.  Reach out to ALL the PRO LIFE organizations, churches, citizens you know!  Send them this blog & ask them to participate in helping.  If they need more information, please have them contact me.  I'll help them.

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