HB 1616. Abolish Certificate of Need

are you concerned about healthcare options in missouri?

In order to open a new hospital, surgical center, expand services or even purchase equipment that costs more than $1M, a government committee must approve the request.   And guess what?  YOUR COMPETITORS get to comment on whether or not that request should be approved.

We need to FREE THE HEALTHCARE MARKET in order for new creative options to be able to come fruition.  Abolishing the Certificate of Need (CON) will help.

two ways to help

1.  Tell your story in person at the Downsizing State Government Committee hearing.  The hearing is taking place on Wednesday, January 26th at Noon in the Capitol.  If you'd like to testify in person, please email wtpmoleg@protonmail.com to let Angelique know you'll be coming.  

2.  Submit your testimony online in support of the bill.  EVERYONE should submit a testimony to let our legislators know your position on this bill.  Keep it short and to the point, but be clear that you SUPPORT the bill and want to see the CON removed and the healthcare market FREED. Be sure that you check the box for HB1616.