Abortion Petitions in Missouri

Abortion Petitions in Missouri

Episode 3 - Abortion petitions in Missouri

This blog is a supporting document for Episode 3 of the Arise & Build podcast, which is about the petitions already filed with our Secretary of State's office which would protect abortion in Missouri.  

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take action

1.  Call your legislators and let them know you'd like them to support Concurrent Majority Ratification by House District at every opportunity available to them.

2.  Comment on the abortion petitions via link below.  These comments are considered during the process and are helpful, especially if the ballot language ends up in court.  

Points to consider for your comments:
  • Missouri has a history of protecting babies at all stages of life as well as women through programs like MoHealthNet and Show-Me Healthy Babies.
  • We value ALL life.
  • All human life has intrinsic value - at every stage of development.
  • These petitions allow for abortion to be performed up to the birth and possibly beyond
  • If we can murder babies at birth or just after birth - where does this stop?
  • These petitions deny women the right to sue for malpractice.
  • These petitions nullify laws already in place.


Missouri Constitution Ratification

Missouri Constitution Ratification

episode 2 - Arise & Build podcast

This blog is a list of resources and details related to Episode 2 of the Arise & Build podcast.
Episode 2 is the first in a series about making changes to our state constitution and the measures that you can expect to see on a ballot in 2024 - legalizing full term abortion and gun control.

I highly encourage you to check it out, subscribe and follow along!

map of ratification results in nov '22 - legalizing marijuana

This map shows the results of the Nov '22 election by county.  You can see that only 13 counties out of 163 in the State of Missouri wanted to make this change.  Because only a simple majority of popular vote is required for ratification, it passed.

2024 Ballot Measures

Issues we will see on the ballot in 2024 will be abortion & gun control.  Missouri voters need to understand this issue and do the work it takes to bring and keep righteous statutes in Missouri.

I'll be explaining more of the specifics of these measures on future podcasts, so be sure to subscribe.

take action

1.  Call & email the governor.  Ask for a special session to pass Concurrent Majority Ratification.  573.751.3222

2.  Call & email your representatives & senators.  Ask for their support in a concurrent majority ratification resolution that would be based on House districts.  

3.  SUBSCRIBE & SHARE this information with your friends and family!   Our Arise & Build podcast is on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts & other podcast platforms.   Arise & Build Podcast

4.  DO NOT sign ANY petitions that would enable ANY measures to be added to the Missouri ballot.

5.  Vote NO on ANY change to the Missouri Constitution in 2024.

Pro Abortion Republicans? Afraid So.

Pro Abortion Republicans?  Afraid So.

roe overturned!  Missouri is in charge.


How many of you celebrated when this news was handed down from SCOTUS?  Missouri now gets to be in control of the way we handle abortion for ourselves.  Yay!  We conservatives love local control.  Big win for us!

In this deeply red state, that shouldn't be a problem for pro-lifers, should it?  You wouldn't think so.  But I think it is.

the problem is the way we change our state constitution

If you voted in the November 2022 election, you know that Amendment 3 passed.  It legalized recreational marijuana and a host of things related to that issue.  It's passing didn't just add statute to our code book.  It changed the Missouri Constitution.  

In this deeply red, "conservative" state how did that happen?  A simple majority, that's how.  

The simple majority of voters (50% + 1 vote) rules when it comes to our constitution.   In Missouri, that means that K.C. and St. Louis rule while rural Missouri's votes really don't even matter.  

Here's a county map of the vote on Amendment 3.   It's easy to see that only a small handful of counties were in agreement with recreational marijuana.  But it passed.

abortion is next.  without question.  and they know it.

What happens when abortion is on the ballot in the '24 election?  The exact. same. thing.  

And your lawmakers - all of them - know it.

how do we change the root of the problem?  

CMR would give representation to the rural minority when we want to make changes to the Missouri Constitution. 

My preference is that we would base our representation on the smallest voting districts possible, our Missouri House Districts.  

Senator Jill Carter filed SJR 28 which would do this.  The language in this bill says that two things must happen for our Missouri Constitution to be changed.

  1. A simple majority of the popular (individual) votes on the ballot measure.
  2. A simple majority of Missouri House Districts vote in favor.  
If this was the case, Amendment 3 would not have passed because although there was a simple majority of popular votes, there was nowhere near a simple majority of House districts in favor.

the speaker of the house, dean plocher

Rep Dean Plocher is the current Speaker of the House & he's running for Lt. Governor in 2024.  He doesn't want CMR.

The word on the street here is that he's going to hold up other legislation until his preferred bill is passed which is Rep Henderson's HJR 43.  The problem with that is that what he wants isn't fair to rural Missourians, either!  

And it likely won't stop abortion from becoming a constitutional right in '24.

HJR 43 is sponsored by Rep Henderson and is moving quickly through the General Assembly.  It would also change the way we amend our state constitution, but it's not a good option and here's why.

HJR 43 only raises the threshold from 50% + 1 to 60% popular vote in favor for passage.

Example #1:  
Abortion is on the ballot via Initiative Petition.  
When the polls close, there is a 60% of popular (individual) vote in favor.
The result is abortion becomes a constitutional right, EVEN IF all 60% of those voters are in concentrated in St Louis & KC.

Example #2: 
Rural Missouri wants to pass a ballot measure relating to farming freedom and got it added via Initiative Petition.
When the polls close, the cities easily "veto'd" the measure with only 40% voting no.
There is NO WAY rural Missourians would ever pass any amendment because the cities would EASILY vote it down.

If HJR 43 passes as it is currently written, you can assume that it is very likely you'll see legalized abortion as a constitutional right in Missouri in November '24.  The liberals will come out of the woodwork to vote and will use whatever means necessary to register anyone walking.  Make no mistake - they are prepared.  

AND.... only a few voting precincts would be in control.  How does that make you feel?  And of course, they are the ones that have the most potential for fraud.  So there ya go.

Guess what?  PLOCHER KNOWS IT.  They all know it.

You think Dean Plocher is really pro life?  If he is, then he should be acting like it in regard to this issue.

You think Dean Plocher is pro farmer?  Because the farmers in rural Missouri are being silenced.

You think Dean Plocher is conservative?  Because the conservatives in Missouri are not being heard.  HJR 43 is a bill that suppresses the voice of the most conservative voters in Missouri.

Plocher holding everything hostage to pass the 60% bill? 

That's what I hear.

It's not just about abortion.  It's about rural missouri having a voice.

This is the difference between a simple democracy and a democratic republic.  In a republic - the minority still has a voice.  Until we have concurrent majority ratification, that is not happening in regard to the changing of our constitution. 

"Ruling the roost" is being done by our urban areas and the heart of Missouri is being ignored.  

I'll also add that although population density is greatest in the cities, it's agriculture that is the heartbeat and economic foundation of Missouri.  It's so ironic that our voices in rural Missouri don't matter in this current culture of "diversity & equity".

TAKE aCTION.  there's a lot you can do!

1.  Call Senator Caleb Rowden and ask for SJR 28 to be called up out of committee.  It was voted "Do Pass" but he refuses to call it up so it can be debated and perfected.   Wonder why...(insert eye roll).. he's going to make Dean happy & give him HJR 43 so he can get what he wants.    

Call Caleb - 573.751.3931         Email Caleb -  caleb.rowden@senate.mo.gov 

2.  Call Senator Sandy Crawford.  She's handling HJR 43 in the Senate.  Please respectfully let her know you want to see CONCURRENT MAJORITY RATIFICATION language using HOUSE DISTRICTS.  I *think* she might be open to making changes.  Let's pray she is.

Call Senator Crawford - 573.751.8793.   Email Senator Crawford - sandy.crawfod@senate.mo.gov

3.  Call & email your own Senator & Representative and express your concerns and ask them for support of Concurrent Majority Ratification if they have the opportunity.  HJR 43 has already passed the House but they might have another opportunity to vote.   Find them here:  Legislator Lookup Tool

3.  Sign the petition.  It's super easy!  Scroll down to to Initiative Petition (IP) Reform & click, fill it out & submit.  
4.  Reach out to EVERY conservative Missourian you know & share this blog!  

5.  Think about businesses and organizations that might be represented in your area & share this blog.  Ask for their support -  especially those supporting farmers or rural life.  Think...Farm Bureau, Mo Cattlemen's Association, Mo Soybean Assoc, Corn Growers, electric co-ops, local Chamber of Commerce offices, local banks, ag industry, etc.   

6.  Reach out to ALL the PRO LIFE organizations, churches, citizens you know!  Send them this blog & ask them to participate in helping.  If they need more information, please have them contact me.  I'll help them.

Is the RightPath PAC on the Right or Coming After the Right?

Is the RightPath PAC on the Right or Coming After the Right?
Pick me!  Pick me!  This is an easy one!

The RightPath PAC is coming after those of us on the right.  Period.  Let's talk about who they are and why they would do such a thing.  Then we can visit about who will be taking their money.

who are they?

PAC contributors are Washington University board members, past board members, alum and other woke players in big business.  Their common ground, really, is a love for Wash U.  Sounds sweet doesn't it?  They've got that good 'ole school spirit.  

Yeah, well...  what they are really most concerned about is Wash U finances and the University's ability to continue its woke research and programming.  

Contributors to RightPath PAC include names like:
  • Sandy Loewentheil.  She's a WU trustee, retired and lives in the New York.  She received her bachelor's degree at a university in China, Tainjin Foreign Studies University and her MBA at University of CA in San Fransisco.  She was one of the first big donors in February.  $50,000.00
  • George Bauer is a very successful Wash U alum.  He lives out of state now, but he's on the Board of Trustees at Wash U and has chosen to give back to his home state in this way.  His donation this month was $200,000. He's quite philanthropic.
  • Blackford Brauer who pitched in $200,000 and his company, Hunter Engineering donated another $200,000.  His dad was a trustee.
The list goes on with these large donations, but I'll leave it at that.  

The point is, these donors are NOT pro-life.  They are NOT conservative.  

Writing a check for $200,000 for these guys is similar to me writing a check for $20.  What you'll see is a husband donating the limit, the wife donating the limit as well as their company donating the limit.  They can also donate to the PAC and then again to campaign committees directly.  It adds up to enormous amounts of money very quickly.

what do they want?

Short answer:  They want Missouri senators that will vote for the policies Wash U wants.  Those things would be primarily pro-abortion and things like embryonic stem cell research among other left leaning issues. 

Washington university priorities

Did you know that Wash U is using aborted babies for research?  You probably did, but I think it's easy to forget and push things like that to the very back corners of our minds.   Their research definitely includes embryonic stem cell research but who knows what else.  

Did you know Wash U trains abortion doctors?   Common sense would tell you the only real training ground for them is probably the only abortion clinic in Missouri, Planned Parenthood, which is located nearby Wash U.  Interesting, huh?

Now think about that.   Here we've got a university doing research on aborted fetuses for who knows what purposes, but definitely including stem cell research.  And yes, good things can come from those findings, I know.  But how do you really feel about benefiting from elective abortions?  

Sit with that for a few minutes before you just dismiss it and move on because it's too uncomfortable to think about.

The consequence of the use of fetal tissue from elective abortions is desensitization of beneficiaries to the original illicit act of abortion thereby obscuring the value of all human life and potentially leading to scandal - The Linacre Quarterly
At any rate, Wash U is training abortion doctors and using aborted babies in their research.  If I were a university doing those things, I'd probably send my interns to that nearby clinic for educational purposes.  I'd probably check into the possibilities of being able to procure "research materials" from there, also.  That would be an easy procurement and a great source of quality "specimens" wouldn't it?  I don't have any idea where they get their babies to research, but it seems like that would be a logical relationship I'd want to build if I were Wash U.

Although the details of that relationship will likely never be completely known by the likes of you and I, Wash U and the RightPath PAC are most certainly and without question pro-abortion.  They are neck deep in research that requires aborted babies to function as well as training abortion doctors. They have a vested financial interest in both embryonic stem cell research and the continuation of abortion here in Missouri.

whoever takes that money is going to vote pro-Wash u

Keep your eyes open, folks! 

The senators & candidates who are taking RightPath money are going to be voting pro-Washington University which means pro-abortion and pro-left leaning policy.

You can bet on it.  

The quarterly MEC reports will be out in April.  I'll be sure to give you an update about who's on the receiving end.  

You need to vote accordingly in August!