Protecting Our Kids & Preserving Our Rights

Protecting Our Kids & Preserving Our Rights

rep pollock's school vaccine bill - HB 2009

Representative Suzie Pollock's school vaccine bill is one of my favorites this session.  Here's why.  

If you agree and you'd like to help get this bill across the finish line, please let me know by registering here.  I'll be in touch soon with specific action items and keep you updated as to what's happening.

Do you want more vaccines added to the school requirement list?

Not only this experimental Covid shot, but whatever else might be coming down the pipe?  

Currently, in the State of Missouri, required vaccinations can be added to our school requirement list by direction from the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) in coordination with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  No elected official is involved.  Parents won't even know until after it too late.

I don't know about you, but in the current climate of Covid craziness and unknown future - that doesn't sit well with me.   This bill would change the statute to require all new additions of vaccines to the school requirement list be approved by Missouri legislature.  That means the PEOPLE and our elected officials would have a voice in the process and the power would be removed from the overreaching bureaucrats at DHSS.

do you want mo statutes aligned with the constitution?

This bill brings statute into alignment with the Missouri Constitution by requiring public schools to acknowledge religious AND conscientious exemptions at the written request of the parent.  No more trips to the county health department to obtain a yellow card with a seal on cardstock.  A simple letter will do.  

This bill also...

  • Requires schools to recognize acquired immunity
  • Requires DHSS to educate parents on what their rights actually are regarding exemptions
  • Provides choice for private and parochial schools
  • Gives college students living off campus a choice regarding the meningococcal vaccine
  • Protects parents rights to choose if they vaccinate without fear of abuse or neglect charges or investigations
  • Protects physicians from licensing concerns over granting medical exemptions
Because this bill is especially important, we want to communicate with supporters directly to ensure you don't miss any opportunity to help.  Please sign up for email notifications!

Keep Kauerauf OUT Of Missouri! Pt. 3

 Keep Kauerauf OUT Of Missouri!  Pt. 3

let the senators know!

If the senators don't know what we want, its OUR FAULT for not telling them.

Between today and the time the final vote comes in, we need to be reaching out to every Republican senator who is not already committed to vote no.  

Priority 1.  Email - email is sunshineable.
Priority 2.  Call - Fill up the answering machines. 

what do i say?

Keep it simple and straight forward.  It's super easy.   Here's an example.

Hello Senator.  My name is Jodi and I live in ______ county.  I'm calling today to express my opposition to the confirmation of Donald Kauerauf.  He has been on the team in Illinois that implemented vaccine passports, a plethora of covid lockdown and mandate measures, he's in opposition to Judge Green's ruling regarding our constitutional rights and he's a proponent of test-to-stay in K-12 schools.  I do NOT want Missouri to be anything like Illinois!  Please vote no at every opportunity.

who do i call and email?

All the Republican senators listed in the directory linked below.   Phone numbers are included in the directory.  Their email address follow this template: 

Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri! Pt 2.

 Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri!  Pt 2.
I'll give you even more details about Kauerauf (DK), but the immediate issue you need to realize is..

this could be the turning point for missouri.

If DK gets into this position, Missouri is most likely going to follow closely in the footsteps of Illinois.   

You can look forward to..  MORE MANDATES, VACCINE PASSPORTS, more shots being added to our kid's school requirement list, testing kids to stay in school, and the list goes on!

what can we do?   

The simple answer...pray & show up!

Be the representation of THE PEOPLE of Missouri by showing up at the Senate hearing.  Here are all the details.   There's a lot going on and we understand it's last minute.  

You are free to participate in part or all of these activities.  We are trusting God is going to lead you to the battle He's asking you to fight - whether you battle in prayer or in protest or both!

Please do share all this information with those you know who would be in opposition to this confirmation.

IMPORTANT:  Things like scheduling can change very suddenly with issues like this.  Please sign up for text updates if you'd like to be notified of any changes or updates.  We don't want you to drive all the way and rearrange your day if Senator Schatz would get a wild hair and reschedule.  

monday, january 31st @ the capitol

10:00 am - Prayer Walk.  Gather in the rotunda.
11:30 am - Lunch in the cafe' in the capitol or bring your own.
12:30 pm - We'll gather in the rotunda for introductions & instructions.
 1:00 pm - Mobilize.
 2:00 pm - Attend Senate confirmation hearing
 4:00 pm - Support our freedom loving senators from the Senate gallery.  

Please come for everything your schedule allows!


Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri! Pt. 1

Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri!  Pt. 1
These posts are being broken into a series in order to help keep information organized and digestible.  Please accept my apologies now for the amount of information that is coming your way in such a short time frame.

who is kauerauf?

Donald Kauerauf is Governor Parson's pick for Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.   And it's a HORRIBLE choice!

Mr. Kauerauf (pronounced kuh-ruff and referred to hereafter as DK) hails from the state of Illinois, where tyranny & corruption reign!  Here's a few bullet points you might find on his resume.

  • 30 years in public health
  • Illinois Terrorism Task Force chairman throughout Covid crisis
  • Deputy to the Illinois Governor's Homeland Security Advisor
  • Policy Advisor to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director
  • Asst. Director of Illinois Dept of Public Health, 2016-2018
So, DK has a lot of experience advising and assisting high officials in Illinois. 

Red Flag #1 - Illinois.  That should be enough to cause some pause.  Illinois.  The home of crime & corruption.  Gun restrictions. Crazy taxes.  And some of the worst, most restrictive Covid lockdown measures in the nation. I've never heard one Missourian say they really wished they lived in a place like Illinois!

DK is married to Judy who, like Anthony Fauci's wife, is also involved in public health.  Judy is the Communicable Disease Section Chief at the Illinois Department of Health.  

What has Judy has been up to these last several months?  I'm so glad you asked!

She's been busy with a company called Shield T3 setting up a pilot program at the University of Illinois.  Shield T3 has served those college students by helping them implement a "Do-To-Do" program.   This is behavioral training where you are required to DO something in order to be allowed TO DO something else. 

Here's one example:  Be vaccinated or test twice a week in order to GET TO...  go to the school library, workout at the school gym, go to the ballgame, eat in the restaurant, go to class, etc etc.  

shield t3 & their vaccine passport information 

This Shield T3 Powerpoint Presentation gives you all the scoop about how this system worked for the University of Illinois and what their plans are moving forward.  The University was a pilot program.  Biden wants it rolled out across the nation.

Shield T3 provides a phone app where all your health information is downloaded, it provides nearly instant tracing services (let's call it TRACKING), and it literally gives you access or denies access to what most would call daily activities.  

The real name for this is VACCINE PASSPORT.

Red Flag #2.  DK's wife is highly connected with public health and has worked to implement vaccine passports in IL colleges as well as "Test to Stay" programs in K-12 districts across the state of Illinois.

In fact, DK has already stated that he is IN FAVOR of these types of programs here in Missouri!  

Red Flag #3 - The timeline.  There's more, but here's a critical snippet.

  • June 25, 2021.  Shield incorporates in Missouri and prepares to do business.
  • July 2021.  Governor Parson appoints DK to Director of DHSS
This is really the tip of the iceberg.  For now, I'm leaving you with a few links to some investigating for yourself. 

The next blog article will give you details about what you can do to try to prevent this man from taking a permanent place in our public health system.


You Need A Covid Plan NOW. Don't Wait!

You Need A Covid Plan NOW.   Don't Wait!
Do you know what's happening inside Missouri hospitals as a result of this pandemic?  

Do you have friends or family who have suffered because of hospital protocol?  Were they given informed consent for all decisions that were made?

Have you talked to doctors, nurses, therapists who have left their jobs because of what's happening inside and their loss of freedom to practice medicine?  

I can honestly answer yes to all of the above.

And because of that, I am here to tell you today that you NEED TO HAVE A COVID PLAN.

Covid isn't going away.  The shot isn't removing it from the planet. 

The question today is... How do you want to be treated when you get it?

If you don't know, it's time for you to take responsibility for your own health and figure it out now so you can prepare and your family can be informed ahead of time.

I've been on a mission for several years to be more natural and chemical free in our health and home choices.  My family of 6 has not been to the doctor for illness since 2013.  Oh we get sick sometimes, but I've learned enough to know how to take care of us 99.9% of the time.

And before you label me as an anti-anything...
Yes, we do consult a doctor when we need to.   
Yes, I do use prescriptions when necessary.  
Yes, my children have had 99% of the vaccines that were on the list when they were younger.

I just want to stay well enough not to need the doctor.  Don't you? 

When Covid appeared, I went to work reading and researching and gathering my tools.  It's just what I do.

As time has passed I've watched dear friends be admitted to the hospital for Covid.  I've watched as they and their families suffer the outrageous effects of this system that has gone rogue.  Unfortunately, in more than one case - death was the outcome.  

What's happening in our hospitals is OUTRAGEOUS!  If you don't know - you need to start asking for first hand accounts.

What I've learned after watching people I love suffer, trying to help people who reach out to me and especially after my husband and I also having Covid and recovering recently is that you NEED to have a plan BEFORE you get sick.


Educate yourself and know what your local hospital protocol is.   Every hospital is making their own decisions at an administrative level.  Some will do things others will not, so find out now and decide what you want YOUR protocol to be.

Do the research now and learn about side effects of those hospital protocols.  Learn about monoclonal antibody treatments and qualifications to get one, Remdesivir and possible side effects, criteria for admission as well as various methods of delivering oxygen.  

What's the data regarding survival rates after ventilation at your hospital?
How many bipap patients go on a vent compared to weaning off?
Is your hospital receiving funds for patients at varying levels of treatment? 

Questions like this are part of true informed consent, but many patients and families are NOT getting that information prior to treatment decisions being made.  You need to find those answers now, while you are able and before you are in a stressful situation trying to make important decisions.

If you are wondering what a plan might look like I've decided to make it available in hopes it might help you develop one for yourself and your family.   

What you'll get:
  • List of MO doctors and clinics that are willing to provide early treatment and work to keep patients out of the hospital
  • List of MO pharmacies that are willing to fill scripts for early treatment 
  • My personal Covid Plan
  • My personal notes that were compiled as a result of my experience taking care of my husband throughout the process when he was sick earlier this winter.
I hope these resources are helpful to you!

**DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor or medical professional of any type.  I am providing this information for educational purposes only.  PLEASE find a medical provider you trust and consult them in regard to your physical and mental wellbeing.

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