They Showed Up and they Won!

They Showed Up and they Won!

your voice matters

They showed up & we won!

Regardless of the fit-throwing Governor, the PEOPLE were heard yesterday and the PEOPLE won!  


Every prayer, call, & email mattered. 

Every person who showed up for the rally was important.

When the PEOPLE stand UNITED, we WIN!  

I know some people are frustrated with the system.  I get it.  I was, too.   But when we PARTICIPATE in the system, guess what!?  It works!!  

The Founding Fathers were brilliant.  I believe they were led and inspired by God and this nation's beginning was divinely orchestrated.  He knew what He was doing and we are so incredibly blessed to live in what is still the greatest nation on the planet!

Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri! Pt 2.

 Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri!  Pt 2.
I'll give you even more details about Kauerauf (DK), but the immediate issue you need to realize is..

this could be the turning point for missouri.

If DK gets into this position, Missouri is most likely going to follow closely in the footsteps of Illinois.   

You can look forward to..  MORE MANDATES, VACCINE PASSPORTS, more shots being added to our kid's school requirement list, testing kids to stay in school, and the list goes on!

what can we do?   

The simple answer...pray & show up!

Be the representation of THE PEOPLE of Missouri by showing up at the Senate hearing.  Here are all the details.   There's a lot going on and we understand it's last minute.  

You are free to participate in part or all of these activities.  We are trusting God is going to lead you to the battle He's asking you to fight - whether you battle in prayer or in protest or both!

Please do share all this information with those you know who would be in opposition to this confirmation.

IMPORTANT:  Things like scheduling can change very suddenly with issues like this.  Please sign up for text updates if you'd like to be notified of any changes or updates.  We don't want you to drive all the way and rearrange your day if Senator Schatz would get a wild hair and reschedule.  

monday, january 31st @ the capitol

10:00 am - Prayer Walk.  Gather in the rotunda.
11:30 am - Lunch in the cafe' in the capitol or bring your own.
12:30 pm - We'll gather in the rotunda for introductions & instructions.
 1:00 pm - Mobilize.
 2:00 pm - Attend Senate confirmation hearing
 4:00 pm - Support our freedom loving senators from the Senate gallery.  

Please come for everything your schedule allows!


Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri! Pt. 1

Keep Kauerauf OUT of Missouri!  Pt. 1
These posts are being broken into a series in order to help keep information organized and digestible.  Please accept my apologies now for the amount of information that is coming your way in such a short time frame.

who is kauerauf?

Donald Kauerauf is Governor Parson's pick for Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.   And it's a HORRIBLE choice!

Mr. Kauerauf (pronounced kuh-ruff and referred to hereafter as DK) hails from the state of Illinois, where tyranny & corruption reign!  Here's a few bullet points you might find on his resume.

  • 30 years in public health
  • Illinois Terrorism Task Force chairman throughout Covid crisis
  • Deputy to the Illinois Governor's Homeland Security Advisor
  • Policy Advisor to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director
  • Asst. Director of Illinois Dept of Public Health, 2016-2018
So, DK has a lot of experience advising and assisting high officials in Illinois. 

Red Flag #1 - Illinois.  That should be enough to cause some pause.  Illinois.  The home of crime & corruption.  Gun restrictions. Crazy taxes.  And some of the worst, most restrictive Covid lockdown measures in the nation. I've never heard one Missourian say they really wished they lived in a place like Illinois!

DK is married to Judy who, like Anthony Fauci's wife, is also involved in public health.  Judy is the Communicable Disease Section Chief at the Illinois Department of Health.  

What has Judy has been up to these last several months?  I'm so glad you asked!

She's been busy with a company called Shield T3 setting up a pilot program at the University of Illinois.  Shield T3 has served those college students by helping them implement a "Do-To-Do" program.   This is behavioral training where you are required to DO something in order to be allowed TO DO something else. 

Here's one example:  Be vaccinated or test twice a week in order to GET TO...  go to the school library, workout at the school gym, go to the ballgame, eat in the restaurant, go to class, etc etc.  

shield t3 & their vaccine passport information 

This Shield T3 Powerpoint Presentation gives you all the scoop about how this system worked for the University of Illinois and what their plans are moving forward.  The University was a pilot program.  Biden wants it rolled out across the nation.

Shield T3 provides a phone app where all your health information is downloaded, it provides nearly instant tracing services (let's call it TRACKING), and it literally gives you access or denies access to what most would call daily activities.  

The real name for this is VACCINE PASSPORT.

Red Flag #2.  DK's wife is highly connected with public health and has worked to implement vaccine passports in IL colleges as well as "Test to Stay" programs in K-12 districts across the state of Illinois.

In fact, DK has already stated that he is IN FAVOR of these types of programs here in Missouri!  

Red Flag #3 - The timeline.  There's more, but here's a critical snippet.

  • June 25, 2021.  Shield incorporates in Missouri and prepares to do business.
  • July 2021.  Governor Parson appoints DK to Director of DHSS
This is really the tip of the iceberg.  For now, I'm leaving you with a few links to some investigating for yourself. 

The next blog article will give you details about what you can do to try to prevent this man from taking a permanent place in our public health system.