Protecting our Kid's Data

This blog post supports Episode 17 of the Arise & Build podcast on protecting our kid's data and personally identifiable information.

statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS)

REMEMBER...the Globalist Goal:  Centralizing & standardizing ALL systems in order to inventory, monitor & control ALL human activity & behavior.

SLDSs help support this goal by centralizing educational related data on our children and tracking them from birth in order to funnel them into tracks or pathways specifically designed to prep them for the workforce.  

These data systems are being promoted as tools to help support kids and equip them for the workforce.  I believe we need to let our kids be kids, enjoy the freedom to explore, learn and choose their path into adulthood when they are ready.  

Giving over our kid's educational  & personally identifiable information is NOT for their own benefit.  There are so many hazards related to this type of data collection.  The reward is NOT at all worth the risk.  In fact, I don't see any rewards for our kids associated with this type of data collection.

Missouri has been collecting information through the MOSIS program for several years. 

P20W (Preschool to Grade 20 to workforce)

The P20W program in Missouri will track our kids from preschool and/or birth through grade 20 and into the workforce.  

WestEd refers to California's program as "cradle to career" and that is exactly what Missouri is setting up to do as well.

Missouri Office of Administration P20W budget request for fiscal year 2024.

Giving away MO Kid's Personally Identifiable Information

HB 447 sponsored by Rep Bishop Davidson and carried by Senator Holly Rehder (running for Lt. Governor - I'm still praying for a decent candidate in that race, but it's not her)  created a new section of statute, 210.1360 GIVING AWAY the personally identifiable information of our children.  

This same language was also filed by ..
  • Senator Curtis Trent in SB 628
  • Rep Phil Christofanelli in HB 1010  (Christofanelli is running for MO Senate in '24.  I suggest voting for Adam Schnelting instead)
This statute allows for the PII of our kids to be given to not only state agencies, but also VENDORS & CONTRACTORS as well as agents and grantees.   

In the world of education and childcare, vendors & contractors could be publishers, data management services, software companies, etc. but also playground equipment providers, retailers, and even food service. The statute does not prohibit ANY type of vendor or contractor from being able to receive this information.  

This means your school or childcare provider can share PII with literally ANY vendor or contractor that is doing business with the school or provider.

This statute needs to be repealed.  

action Item

Contact your legislators and express your desire to keep personally identifiable information private in all circumstances.  Ask them to sponsor legislation to repeal 210.1360.


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