The Push Across the Nation

The Push Across the Nation

This blog post goes along with Episode 15 on the Arise & Build podcast.

how does this happen?

I often get asked, "Jodi, How is this happening?  It feels like it's coming from higher up the chain somewhere."  And then, of course, we have the uni-party comments.  

I hear things like, "It doesn't matter.  They are ALL corrupt.  It's the uni-party vs people like us."

These comments and feelings aren't exactly wrong.  But let me bring a little bit of clarity to a tiny piece of the picture.

the associations

And the list goes on.... and on.... and on.  There's an association for everything and every group you can think of and some you never knew existed.

Associations are PRIVATE non-profit organizations.  They are not government agencies even though many of them are named, "Missouri Association of..."  

They are funded primarily by dues and donations of their members along with additional fundraising efforts as needed.   One of their primary purposes is to protect the interests of their members in regard to public policy.

They employ their own lobbyists or contract with larger lobbying firms for representation inside your local, state and federal governments.

These lobbyists make up a huge portion of what you hear called special interests.

legislative associations

There are also associations & foundations for legislators.  

They are PRIVATE associations and organizations.  This means they are created and operated by individuals or groups of individuals that have their own mission and purposes

Here are two examples:

uni-party, rinos, & gaga republicans

There's a lot of talk about RINOs and the Uni-Party among people involved with politics.  A great friend of mine likes to call many of them GAGA Republicans, because they Go Along to Get Along.

Is there really a uni-party?  Well, I believe there is and although it isn't an official legal organization, at the levels of leadership we are talking about here - legislative leadership from across the country - they have their own think tanks in these associations and their priorities are not staying true to party platforms.  I believe their priorities are, unfortunately, in most situations very self serving.

It would feed any ego to be at the tables with lawmakers across the nation.  When hearts who sit at those tables are not in alignment with God's heart, you can see how things could quickly take a turn for the worst in regard to Missouri policy.

Let's say our state leaders are rubbing elbows at dinner with the Illinois leadership and CEO of the big drug company that has tons of business interests in both places.  A situation like that could be exactly how we came to have a Department of Health & Senior Services Director straight from Illinois who loved the idea of vaccines & vax passport apps right smack in the middle of a pandemic.

We could very well end up with legislators and executives who have more of a heart to wine & dine with the CEOs of companies like FaceBook and Pfizer along with their new BFF from Hawaii or New York at the association conventions as they get on board the freight train of destruction screaming across the tracks through our nation instead of protecting Missouri's sovereignty and the rights of the people.

The associations are not fighting for individual freedom of the people.  They are pushing their own priorities & agendas, many of which come from the elite crowd across nation and even the world.

what can you do?

#1.  The first thing to start with on every To Do List from me is PRAY.  We will ONLY win these battles with the Holy Spirit and divine strategy.  I do not believe we will win any other way.

Pray & focus on your own personal revival.  

Fast & pray like Nehemiah.

Pray He will give you the heart to chase after HIM and the Kingdom more than anything else.  

This truly is how we win & it's how we survive through the battle.

#2.  Obey Him and His direction above all else.

#3.  Get connected & start learning.  If He's calling you to this "government mountain" you can't push back tyranny alone.  We all have a lot to learn, there's a lot to accomplish and it's going to take a team effort to get it done.  

I'd love to invite you to join me and our tribe!  

If you are interested in learning what we are doing - check out The Sword & Trowel or reach out to me.

If you aren't interested in joining me, pray about locking arms with another effort.  Missouri needs you!

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

sustainable development

The United Nation's definition of sustainable development is,
Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

I know, it sounds wonderful and responsible to take care of our planet for future generations.  I agree that is and should be an effort we all undertake to a certain degree.  Scripture calls us to be good stewards of what we are given.  

However, what the United Nations means by 'needs' in the above definition is meeting the physical needs of the worlds poorest populations.  It has NOTHING to do with preserving America or the American way of life. 

It's truly an 'America Last' policy.  

Even the poorest of the poor in America do not hold a candle in regard to the poorest of the world.   Sustainable development is not only about preserving natural resources for America's future.  It's about redistributing ALL resources across the globe.  In other words, redistribution of wealth. 

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals will "equalize" the world on very low level for the masses while the world's elite jet set across continents and control it all.

Federal dollars start flowing

After a gathering in Rio at the Conference on Environment and Development, 179 countries including the United States. Sustainable development was pushed through our federal government through the Presidential Council on Sustainability, which was created by President Clinton in the early 1990's.  The Council consisted of 12 cabinet members (Directors of federal departments), CEOs of major private corporations (such as SC Johnson & Enron), and non-government organization think tanks (NGOs).

This created a system of funding by the feds which flowed through every federal agency, the private & non-profit sector all the way through state and local governments.  This is how globalism has reached and continues to reach into state and local communities.  Take the money & comply with the agenda.  

the real globalist goals

When we see policy being developed that centralizes, standardizes, inventories, tracks, or monitors we need to pay attention and deep dive into whether or not those policies are ultimately a good practice or not.  

The ultimate goal of the globalist agenda is to control human behaviors and activity.  Before they can control, they need to know what they have (inventory) and track it (monitor).  Before they can affect behaviors and activity, there must be a control mechanism.  

This is their path.  Centralize and standardize in order to INVENTORY - MONITOR - CONTROL.

one piece at a time

Sustainable development, in the United States and in Missouri, is being accomplished by the building of a framework of policy one tiny puzzle piece at a time.  In and of themselves, each piece seems harmless.  In totality, when the framework is complete, it will be the destruction of our freedom and everything we know American life to be.

These are a few things our future holds if we don't push back on the agenda and put Missouri & America first...

  • Your use of electricity is monitored and rates are hiked at times when you need it most which forces you to change your usage
  • You are unable to have a car and will be required to walk, bike or use public transportation
  • Your movement will be controlled because we need low emissions so you'll work, live, shop and play within 15 minutes of your home
  • Travel will be controlled by digital id
  • Your health records will be included in that digital id which means with a quick scan, businesses or employers will know your personal health information, including your vaccine status
  • Your personal rights will be hindered & you'll have very little if no way to redress your grievances within the courts
  • Your food supply will be controlled because they want the ag industry destroyed
  • And the list goes on
There's so much more to talk about on this topic, but I'll leave you today with this graphic that represents individual policies that inventory, monitor, centralize & standardize.   This doesn't necessarily mean each of these pieces are evil, but they are just the tip of the iceberg in regard to policies that contribute to the framework of sustainable development.

what can you do?

1. Seek God FIRST.  He has a perfect plan and calling for your life.  Part of your responsibility to steward well is stewarding the government you were blessed with.  Pray about how He wants you to be involved.  

If you don't know how to seek God or if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus - please connect with me if you'd like to talk.

2.  Follow Him.  He'll lead and show you.  He'll bring every resource provide every need and relationship you need to fulfill what He's asking of you.

3.  Get connected.  I'd love for you to connect with me and our mission here at Jodi Grace Ministries to inspire, educate and activate Believers in Missouri!  We have a private membership, weekly Zoom calls, private conversations and so much more.  We are building relationships with the Lord, with each other, being educated and taking action together.   We are creating a network of Believers who are serving one another in practical ways through these challenges we are facing.   Please pray about joining us in The Sword & Trowel!

If not us, find a different community to be involved with.  You weren't made to do it alone.  I'll even go so far as to say you can't do it alone.  We need each other.

The Sound of Freedom in Missouri

The Sound of Freedom in Missouri

the movie:  Sound of freedom

I saw the movie Sound of Freedom this morning in Jefferson City.   It's playing only for a few days, so I hope you'll find a showing in your area and go watch.  It's worth a drive even if it's not playing in your town.

If you haven't heard about it, it's a movie that documents Tim Ballard's experience working as a federal agent catching pedophiles and then rescuing children from trafficking.

I knew it would be heavy.  It was.  

The little boy in the movie had dark skin, hair and eyes like my youngest son.  Grant (my baby) is 12 now, but when he was younger he looked a lot like Miguel in the movie.  I found myself thinking about my own boys throughout the movie.  I'm sure you'll do the same and connect your own kids or grandkids to the story.  

Human trafficking is a horrendous reality for millions of children as well as adults.  And although the movie focused on children from far away lands, please make no mistake that it is happening more than we can fathom right here on our own soil.  Right here in Missouri.

missouri foster care IS LOSING OUR KIDS!

When you walk into the movie with an awareness that the Missouri foster care system is LOSING kids and NO. ONE. is screaming about it, you leave with a heaviness that isn't easy to explain.  

Yes.  You read that right.  Missouri is losing kids!

Kids in our foster are system are going missing at a rate that is so alarming it makes my stomach turn.  ANY rate would be too many.  But according to The Missouri Independent, a federal watchdog reported 1,780 kids went MISSING from Missouri's foster care system within TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!  

How in the world does any one system lose nearly 2,000 children!?  

And if they were missing, WHY IN THE WORLD wasn't someone screaming about it!?  That's part of what makes me furious.  Why isn't it in the news?  Why aren't we hearing Amber Alerts, seeing social media posts or news casts about these kids??  And where are the PARENTS?!

I mean.. I know there are parental issues if they are in the custody of the State, but I can't imagine 1,780 Missouri moms just don't care about their kid gone MISSING.

Losing kids is bad enough, but this article published September 30, 2021, states they "...frequently failed to notify local and federal authorities they were missing."  

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME!?  Kids go missing and you don't report it!?  This is Missouri's reality.   

These bureaucrats, abusive foster parents & neglectful administrators of group homes need to be prosecuted!

"During the times in which the children were missing from care, Missouri frequently failed to comply with requirements that could have aided in locating them. Nearly half of the case files contained no evidence of Missouri reporting the children as missing, as required, to either local law enforcement or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Additionally, for many missing children, there was no evidence that Missouri made the required notifications and contacts to seek information on the children’s potential whereabouts.? 

Foster care isn't the only place kids are vulnerable to trafficking and I'm not claiming any one person or organization related to our foster care system is responsible or trafficking each one of these 1780 children.  But this is a HUGE problem and I can't un-know it.

I got involved in politics in Missouri because I was worried about the future for my sons.  I can't know these things about kids right here in Missouri and do nothing.  I just cannot look the other way.

2023 Foster Care Legislation
Along with a brilliant friend of mine, I have reviewed every bill the legislature passed this session except the budget bills.  I was surprised to find that the Missouri General Assembly actually passed legislation regarding missing foster kids.

SB 186 is an omnibus public safety bill and includes specific procedures that the children's division is supposed to follow when a child in foster care is missing.  A couple screenshots are below, but the bill is too large to include all the foster care language here.  If you are interested to read it, please click the link to the left to see the final version of the bill.  You can click "Control + F" and type "foster" in the search box.  It will take you to each place where foster care is mentioned.

This bill has been delivered to the governor but it has not been signed.  I expect it will be, although I'm not pleased with everything in this piece of legislation.  I'll be talking more about this bill in the future.

That said, the fact they passed this language for missing foster kids is an admission that they NEED it to be in place for the protection of our kids.  They don't pass legislation for no reason.

Two Frustrations

The movie was well worth seeing, but I had two frustrations with it today.

1.  I wish they'd made the focus of the movie American children.  That wouldn't have been Tim Ballard's story, I understand.  But the movie did not show even one American child being trafficked.  I think it would make an even bigger impact on our culture if it had.  

2.  What now?  They told a horrific story and highlighted this epidemic in our culture, and they didn't give any suggestions of actions you could take to make a difference.  Education without activation is a waste.


This topic is one I've felt passionate about for a while, but honestly I haven't taken the time to dig in and find a way to be involved.  A simple online search led me to lots of information and lists of ways to help fight trafficking.   I'm going to share a few links with you here.  

I'm praying about what, exactly, the Lord may want for me to do in this fight, specifically here in Missouri.  I'll definitely be sharing when He gives me clarity.

At the very least, I'll be writing and sharing more here as I learn.  So stay tuned & be sure to subscribe if you don't want to miss anything.


Deliver Fund is a non-profit org made up of former vets, law enforcement officers, Navy SEALS, CIA, FBI & NSA who are now working to fight human trafficking in the United States.


Wins, Losses & The Answer

Wins, Losses & The Answer

The Missouri legislative session ended Friday May 12, 2023.  There's a lot to talk about, and yet I've felt as though the Holy Spirit has held me from talking about it until today.

I know that others and especially the media sources we all watch as well as our favorite FB groups, Twitter accounts & YouTube channels have all been voicing their thoughts and opinions so I'm certain you've already heard about the "big" wins & losses.  I won't go into detail about those, but here's a quick recap.

Sometime in the future, I'll be publishing a scorecard along with details of all the bills that passed as well as some I believe are worthy of mentioning even though they failed.  Be sure you subscribe to the blog if you'd like to see it.

celebrating the wins

Passing these two bills was a big win in my book:
  • The SAFE Act - SB 49 - No longer will children under 18 be able to get hormones or medical interventions for the purpose of gender transition!
  • Save Women's Sports Act - SB 39 - Women's sports from kindergarten through college will be biological women only!
Defeating these bills & amendments was a great thing for Missourians:
  • Torte Reform & Sovereign Immunity, SB 117 by Senator Luetkemeyer
  •  Privacy Acts amended to HB 301 by Rep Rudy Viet and filed by Rep Peggy McGaugh
  • Potential Digital Currency Framework, HB 1165 by Rep Justin Hicks
  • School Choice bills that would've empowered DESE even further
  • Parent's Rights bills that included language allowing CRT & protected copyrighted material

counting the losses

There were definitely several losses for Missouri conservatives, including several bills passing that increased the size of government & grew spending at an unprecedented rate.

  • The outrageous budget
  • Expanding medicaid
  • Empowering bureaucrats
  • and so much more..
And then there were the things we wanted but couldn't pass even though we have a super majority of republicans. Here are a few examples:

  • Protecting rural Missouri's voters in IP process
  • Gold & silver as legal tender
  • Transparent labeling of mRNA in our products
  • Protecting our school kids from mRNA vax requirements
  • Restricting DESE & freeing our local school districts
  • Reducing the tax burden across the board vs favoring big business through tax credits
We are compiling a scorecard and a summary of all the stories & bill details.  Be sure you click above to subscribe so you don't miss it!

the truth

This session was difficult.  I was at the Capitol nearly every day until I got sick in April.  Then I was back nearly every day until the last week when I was so frustrated I just couldn't go back. Instead, I listened from home on those days.  When I wasn't there, a dear friend of mine was so she kept me updated and took notes.  

Every bill has a story and there are several stories waiting to be told.  This session, other than our girl's sports & The SAFE Act, the endings are mostly disappointing.  There are no fairytales here. 

However, there are definitely miracles among the muck.  Even though there was frustration and several tears along the way, there were also beautiful moments & memories between patriot friends, lots of prayers shared, beautiful worship of the Lord, and hope-filled hearts watching our conservative fighters go to battle for freedom.  

Throughout session, I was reminded that the ONLY way we will win this battle for the Republic and for a sovereign Missouri is being led by God Himself through the Holy Spirit.  

No amount of strategizing conservative patriots will do.  This enemy is bigger than all of us combined.  BUT GOD... with whom ALL things are possible!  He is the Way-Maker!

The enemy waging war against Biblical principles and freedom isn't flesh & bone.  

Our enemy isn't democrats, although the liberal left is definitely being taken advantage of by the enemy and they will be thrown to the trash if this evil takes over.  

Our enemy isn't even the RINO moderate republicans, which is mostly what we have here in Missouri and they are the biggest political problem we have as far as I'm concerned.

The actual enemy is Satan himself.  Evil.  Communism.  Marxism.  Globalism.  This evil is working its way through ignorant citizens who haven't been educated and who are unaware that they've opened doors in their hearts & lives to this demonic, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-American force.

The enemy has infiltrated our schools, our churches, our homes and our hearts through a host of things including laziness and apathy and it's been happening for decades.  

Even most of the grandparents can't tell you the details of this nation's founding.  And sadly, most of our grandparents would be uncomfortable trying to teach a Bible study as well.  

We now have a Biblically & historically illiterate population.  

The enemy is evil.  Our culture is a wreck.  The nation is in crisis,

and our cultural & governmental report card is a testimony to the failure of the church.


If the current state of our nation is the result of the church's failure, then is it the church that has the power to turn this ship?

I would make the argument that yes, it is, with one caveat - the definition of "the church."

The "church" responsible is not inside the buildings filled with smoke machines, production equipment, pews, and coffee bars where people gather once or twice a week for social hour.


That church is the one that will be the catalyst of this ship turning!

The ONLY strategy that is worth our time & effort..  the ONLY way through this crisis ...
our ONLY HOPE is that the PEOPLE who are Christ followers get their hearts right before God and start being obedient to the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.  

The grassroots won't strategize politics on our own well enough to win.  If we could, we'd have had a good IP bill headed to Parson's office or we'd have gotten DESE reigned in a little.

We won't gather enough troops to succeed without the Holy Spirit.   If the masses and phone calls could do it, the labeling bill would've passed.  There were people calling from across the nation, literally clogging phone lines & inboxes for days.

The only answer that will bring victory - 
God the Creator, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit our Guide working through the hearts, minds & actions of His people.

the call to action

It's high time Missourians get serious about REVIVAL in their individual hearts and homes & an AWAKENING to the priorities of God.  

And PLEASE do NOT wait on your pastor!  If you are a Christ-follower - it's on YOU.  

You will answer to God one day for the way you stewarded the gifts He gave you - including this nation and the State of Missouri.  

If you are relying on your pastor and not taking action because he's not talking about it or he didn't give you permission, then you'd better stop idolizing him and repent.  He's not God.  

If you aren't close enough to God to hear His voice or know His word, that's your first priority - above all else.  

We've been told to occupy until His return & it's time to get about His business if we want true freedom.  

Are you ready?  

Will you commit?  Not to a phone call, an email or a rally, but will you commit your heart & your days to Christ?

Will you add your name to His list & wait for your orders from the Holy Spirit...then OBEY?

Because I'm ready to go to battle and I'd love for you to join me!  

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

NO mRNA Vaccines REQUIRED for School Kids!

NO mRNA Vaccines REQUIRED for School Kids!

bill hardwick's mrna amendment

Friday afternoon in the Missouri House of Representatives, God gave us a miracle!  

There's not much that I'm thrilled with regarding legislation this session, but this is a major miracle & I can't sit by without giving thanks & praise to Him and the humans who were willing to stand in the gap for our kids!

Representative Bill Hardwick filed HB700 which would've protected employees as well as our school kids from being required to take mRNA vaccines.  His original bill made it through both House committees, but Majority Floor Leader Jon Patterson refused to bring it to the floor for debate and a vote.  

As a result, Rep. Hardwick chose to take the portion pertaining to school kids and add it as an amendment onto an education related bill.  It was a big mountain to climb.  Honestly, I had pretty much given up hope that it could happen.

he did it...and it passed!

SB 199, an education related bill sponsored by Senator Holly Rehder, had already made it through the senate and was up for debate in the House.  Representative Bishop Davidson was handling it and he made a motion to add a large amendment that addressed several different things.

Rep Hardwick rose to inquire of Rep. Davidson and ask questions about his proposed amendment.  While he was speaking, Hardwick's vaccine amendment was filed (thank you Rep Mazzie Boyd for the assist!)  and offered as an "amendment to the amendment."

Rep Hardwick's presentation of his amendment was wonderful.  The PQ halted all conversations about it and brought the issue to a vote.  Thankfully, Hardwick called for a roll call vote, which records each legislator's vote.  I've shown those votes below.

watch it happen

This is a video of Rep Hardwick presenting the amendment and the vote.  I hope you'll watch!! He did an excellent job!

In the video, Hardwick mentions the Governor having the opinion that we shouldn't require Covid vaccines.  He posted that opinion publicly on Twitter in the fall of 2022.  He stated clearly that the government should not require Covid vaccines in schools.   

We'll see if Governor Parson will stick to his word or try to squirm his out of protecting our kids to keep Pfizer happy.

here's the vote

republicans who voted 'no' with democrats

what's next?

I wish I could tell you that this was a done deal but we still have a ways to go.  The bill now will go back to the Senate.  Since it originated in the Senate and now has been changed by the House, the senate has 3 options.  In order to pass a bill, BOTH chambers (House & Senate) have to agree on the final form - including every tiny detail.

When SB 199 is back in the senate, these are the options:

  1. Senate leadership could refuse to even take it up for a vote.  This would kill the bill and our amendment.
  2. Senate leadership can refuse to adopt all the changes, but send it to a Conference Committee, consisting of 5 from the House & 5 from the Senate.   The committee would meet, make a deal and then take the final version back to both chambers for a final vote.
  3. Senate leadership can choose to bring it up AND bring it to a vote.  

please pray!

We only have 96 hours of session left.  Time is running out & we need this amendment to pass for the sake of our kids!   Please pray that God moves more mountains for this amendment to pass!

please take action.

You can help make your wishes known by making 2 phone calls and sending 2 emails. Tell them why you DON'T want schools requiring any type of mRNA vaccine and we want to keep Rep Hardwick's amendment to that effect.  Be sure to politely ask for SB 199 to be brought to the floor for a vote or sent to conference committee.

1.  Cindy O'Laughlin, Senate Majority Floor Leader

2.  Senator Holly Rehder

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