Awakening at The Wall

Awakening at The Wall

Obey right away!

I started this journey with God & the Missouri Capitol in the spring of 2021.  I had NO idea what He was doing or what I was doing.  I just got up every day and tried to do my best to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey.

When my sons were little, this phrase was our mantra, "Obey right away, all the way and with a good attitude every day!"   We said it & sang it & clapped it & talked about it ALL. THE. TIME.  

The lesson was that if they couldn't obey their dad and I - who stood right in front of them and spoke in clear English - then how would I know they could obey a still small whisper when the Holy Spirit spoke to them?  That's how I want to live and it's how I want my sons to live - walking every step they take with the Lord.

With all my heart, I believe now more than ever that the Holy Spirit and our personal, intimate relationship with Him is the ONLY way we win.   At anything.  But especially in this war for freedom our nation and the State of Missouri is in.  

Now, my goal is to do what I taught my sons, "Obey the Holy Spirit right away, all the way and with a good attitude every day."   I don't always get it right.  In fact, I OFTEN don't get it right.  But I promise I'm trying.

gather the believers 

In the spring of '21 when I was at the Capitol standing on the second level of the rotunda, He gave me a vision of a gathering of Believers across the State.  I wasn't sure what it would look like exactly, but He planted a seed in my spirit that day.

A lot has happened since then and there's not room here to give you every detail,but it's time now to move forward.  It's clear and He's been very consistent in His message to me to "gather the Believers," so that's what I'm going to do. 

I believe we are gathering for multiple purposes.  

We are gathering to seek Him FIRST in a way we've never done before.  

We are gathering for worship, prayer, fellowship, testimonies and education.  

We are gathering to lay hands on our sisters & brothers in Christ and pray for every piece of brokenness - whether in spirit, mind or body.

We are gathering to build relationships and to walk through whatever lies ahead hand in hand.

We are gathering to pick up our swords & our trowels.  Our sword for supernatural power and wisdom & our trowel for getting the practical work done.

We'll be gathering regularly online as well as in person at events we'll host across the state.

jodi grace ministries is born

We created a faith-based nonprofit, Jodi Grace Ministries, to serve Missourians.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower Believers to seek FIRST the Kingdom and deeper relationship with Him so they can actively pursue the calling He has placed on their lives.  We believe this will lead to a righteous cultural change in Missouri.

We are registered as a nonprofit and operating as a 508c1a, which means that all donations will be tax deductible.

If you appreciate the work I've done and will continue to do, and if you would like to join me from the ground up in cultivating change in Missouri, I'd love for you to partner with me!

awakening at the wall

We are incredibly excited about our first series of events which will kick off in Jefferson City on Saturday, August 19th!

Named for Nehemiah's wall building efforts around Jerusalem, we are calling all our wall building believers in Missouri to gather for great worship, the Word, prayer, fellowship and education.  

The worship team is coming from Kingdom Church in St. Louis.  You are going to LOVE them!

It's going to be a great day!  Think of it like an annointed revival service with the addition of an afternoon full of practical education about what's actually happening here in Missouri.

Presentation topics in the afternoon will include a 2023 Legislation Recap & Human Trafficking right here at home.

Please plan on coming and joining me.  You'll be inspired, educated and filled with hope!  

Click the link below to see the schedule and get all the details.  Then register & reserve your seat! 

I can't wait to see you on the 19th!

Come Learn With Me

Come Learn With Me

please join us

I've had the opportunity to partner with a great friend of mine, Gail Griswold, in bringing a couple nationally recognized speakers to town.  

Gail is a mom of boys, a Missouri business owner, the President of the Board of Education at Camdenton Public Schools, among other things.  She's as conservative as they come and she's passionate about improving the public school system for Missouri's kids.

When she invited me to work with her to bring this event to Jefferson City, I was thrilled to have the opportunity and I hope you'll consider joining us.

what is it?  

full day of fun & learning

Gail chose the speakers for the evening and I decided to add a few things earlier in the day for anyone who would like to learn more specifics about Missouri legislation.  Please come for any or all of the activities, but please do register!   Find all the details & register on the Home Page.

Save Our Red Seats Rally

Save Our Red Seats Rally

updated rally info

Our speaker lineup has changed!  
We're excited that Senator Hoskins will be able to be with us as well as Senators Onder, Moon and Eigel.  

It's come to our attention that there is another rally happening on Monday, February 14th.  We don't want there to be any confusion so we have changed our label but the purpose is still the same.

We want our legislators to know...

  1. We see their votes and they will no longer be forgotten.
  2. We aren't going back to sleep.  We are going to keep watching.
  3. We are here to support our elected officials who vote and battle according to the Republican platform they ran on.
Speaking of our elected officials, Senators Bill Eigel and Mike Moon wanted to express their thanks and appreciation to you this past week!

monday, february 14th @ 2:00 pm in the capitol rotunda

Tentative Schedule  
**Subject to change based on senate leadership

2:00 pm - Capitol Rotunda
Prayer & Pledge
Guest Speakers

4:00 pm - Observe in the Senate gallery
We will be watching the senate proceedings respectfully from the gallery.  There are rules and behavior expectations in the gallery and we expect our guests to abide by them.  You'll receive more information about gallery expectations when you sign up.

The gallery time is subject to change and could change at the last minute.   Planning around the senate schedule is nearly impossible, so please be flexible.  They are notoriously late, but the question will be, "How late?"

Please sign up below to let us know you're coming.  We will communicate any changes, should they happen, and also send more detailed instructions and tips for our time together Monday.

PLEASE NOTE:  Consent of the Governed rallies and events are a coordinated effort between Missouri citizens and grassroots groups who are dedicated to participating in and keeping watch over our Missouri legislature.  We stand firm in our beliefs and we are committed to discovering and speaking truth in a peaceful manner that would make Martin Luther King, Jr. proud.   We commit to kindness, treating others with fairness, never giving up hope while we do our part.

The Consent of The Governed

The Consent of The Governed
The government is supposed to function by the consent of the governed.

It's pretty apparent by reading the Governor's response to his defeated nomination that he's not really used to that.  It's sad, really.  And it's mostly our own fault.

But we are righting our wrongs and waking up, taking our place and occupying the ground that always belonged to us. We won this week and we are just getting started!

We are now going to rally behind our Conservative Caucus to show our appreciation for their willingness to fight for individual liberty!   The battle at hand this week is to keep our Republican seats in the United States Congress.  

The Missouri Senate will take up a bill sponsored by Senator Mike Bernskoetter Monday at noon.  The bill has already passed the House and it contains a map that most believe is a weak 6:2 map.  6 Republicans.  2 Democrats.  

Since it's weak, though, it could easily turn into a 5:3 map and we'd lose a Republican US House seat.

It's being brought up for perfection which means we don't have much time to make necessary changes.  If they amend it to match the House bill and pass it, it's a done deal.  There's a 2/22/22 deadline, so they need to work fairly quickly and get it done especially if they want to make changes, which we definitely do!

What most conservatives would prefer is a fair 7:1 map where we would GAIN a Republican seat and this is what the caucus is standing for.  We are going to rally behind them!! 

let's win again!

calls to action

  1. Start TODAY!   Call & email EVERY Republican Senator listed here. Call until their voicemail is full then start emailing and keep doing it.  Recruit your conservative friends & family to join you! 
    1. Express to them that you support a 7:1 map and that you have high expectations that, as a member of the Republican party, they would do the same.  Otherwise, this vote will be remembered and talked about quite often prior to the next election.  
    2. Jason Bean, Doug Beck, Mike Bernskoetter, Justin Brown, Mike Cierpiot, Sandy Crawford, Karla Eslinger, Elaine Gannon, Dan Hegeman, Lincoln Hough, Tony Luetkemeyer, Cindy O'Laughlin, Holly Rehder, Jeannie Riddle, Caleb Rowden, Dave Schatz, Bill White, Paul Wieland.
    3. Email addresses follow this template:  FirstName.LastName@Senate.Mo.Gov

missouri map rally Monday, february 7th

We are supposed to be governed only by CONSENT of the governed!  The checks and balances in our system include the legislative branch, where We The People have opportunity not only to vote on our officials but to participate in the process of law making and other duties assigned.  So that's what we are going to do!

Come join us to pray, hear some of our favorite office holders & then support our Conservative  Caucus by being in the gallery when they take up the map bill and/or meeting with various senators throughout the afternoon.  Here's the schedule.

10:00 am  Prayer Walk.  We'll pray together then divide into groups and walk the Senate halls to pray for each Senator or you can find a quiet place to sit and pray in the building.  

11:00 am  Guest Speakers.  They are some of our favorites & we're excited to hear from them!

12:00 pm Senate Gallery for start of session and then we'll meet with various senators throughout the afternoon in small groups.

We'll break around 11:30 for lunch.  Feel free to bring something from home or you can grab something in the cafe downstairs.  

You'll have a seat throughout the day.  No standing for hours this time!  You'll walk to the 2nd floor where we'll have tables and chairs waiting for you just outside room 208. 

If you haven't been to the Capitol before, you can reference this blog article with all the tips and tricks for parking, where to get a cup of coffee, etc.

parking info tips & tricks

See you soon!!   

Opening Week, Pt 1: Schedule of Events

 Opening Week, Pt 1:  Schedule of Events
It's going to be a big week in Missouri with the opening of legislative session!  

The Missouri General Assembly (MOGA) is coming back to work and the Capitol is going to be full of freedom loving Missourians right from the start.  It's going to be a jam-packed, fun-filled week.  I hope you're planning on participating either in person or from home!

Here's a list of the events this week.  I hope you'll pray about joining me!  

The following posts will give you more information about how you can participate whether you are coming to Jefferson City or staying home.

Monday, January 3rd
Election Integrity Zoom Meeting
Hosted by Keith Carmichael
Every Monday evening @ 7:30pm on Zoom
Meeting ID:  812 8826 6111
Passcode:  MMOGA

This is a weekly meeting designed to inform, update & empower Missouri patriots to help secure Missouri elections and preserve the Republic.  It is open to anyone interested in learning and/or participating.

Wednesday, January 5th -  MO General Assembly Opening Day

Meet on 2nd floor outside Secretary of State's office to learn about ESA's and school related legislation in Missouri.  Opt in for lunch if you like, then head out to talk to legislators to voice your concerns for this new session.

Join us in the Capitol Rotunda to learn and be inspired!  Multiple education groups from around the state will be there sharing information. 

1:30pm Fight for Health Freedom
Join with a group of patriots who are traveling to the Capitol to talk to legislators about health freedom and informed choice  in Missouri.  If you are interested in participating, please send an email to let me know.  (Scroll to bottom of the screen and click "Contact Me")

Thursday, January 6th - Election Integrity Work Day 10am - 2pm
10:00 am - Rotunda
Listen to Keith Carmichael and other speakers from around the state share information about the current state of our elections in Missouri and what you can do to help secure them.

11:00 am - Meet with Legislators
Take your opportunity to meet with legislators to share your concerns.  If needed, we'll provide talking points & any support you need.  You won't be alone.

12:00 noon -  Lunch on your own

1:00 pm - Rotunda
Featured Speaker: Dr. Frank

It's going to be a great week!!  I'm excited to get back to work and looking forward to seeing many of you there!