Gold & Silver Currency in Missouri

Gold & Silver Currency in Missouri

Today's podcast is much longer than usual, but it's a wonderfully informative conversation with Missouri's gold & silver guru, Patrick Holland.  If you are interested in learning more about having a private, safe form of currency I hope you'll take time to listen even if you have to break it up into smaller sessions.  It's worth your time! 

Missouri Freedom Initiative - Patrick's organization
Hidden Secrets of Money - YouTube documentary series by Mike Maloney
Goldback, Inc. - Gold money you can carry in your wallet
UPMA - United Precious Metals Association

take action

1.  Ask him/her to request of the committee chair that HB 1955 be brought through committee.  Rep O'Donnell is the committee chair and he needs to bring the bill forward ASAP.

2.  Ask your representative to co-sponsor HB 1955.

3.  Call and email Senate Majority Floor Leader, Cindy O'Laughlin and ask that she bring SB 735 to the floor ASAP.  Her phone number is 573.751.7985 and her email is


Senate Leadership Needs to Go

Senate Leadership Needs to Go

3 reasons Cindy o'laughlin needs to step down 

1.  She doesn't want you to know or be involved with what's happening in Jefferson City
In a private meeting with me over interim, she told me the citizens of Missouri need to stay home and run for school board if they want to be involved in government.   She doesn't want you to know or understand the process.  She wants to be left alone to do what she wants.   It was enlightening to hear her heart in regard to the citizens she's been elected to represent.  

2.  Speak up & use strategy she doesn't approve of = you're a narcissist and a terrorist.
Completely unprofessional behavior and name calling isn't ideal, but I can understand that sometimes frustrations rise and mistakes are made in our choice of words.  I'm thankful for grace in this area and have to utilize it far more often than I'd like.     But using the term terrorist in our culture today is not acceptable. 

Take a listen to a couple of audio clips of the senate floor with Senator O'laughlin and Senator Eigel.  You can find this conversation archived on the senate website on 1/18/24.

3.  Trash talking sessions with the press.
Here's the video of the meeting she had with journalists while Senator Rowden was referring bills on Thursday, 1/25/24.  When asked for an inquiry by Senator Eigel, she refused to go.  The Sargent at Arms had to come three times before she left her stage here with the press.   This is the polar opposite of what Missouri needs in leadership.

When she returned to the floor, she told Senator Eigel that she had not called for his expulsion but that she would, indeed, vote for it if given the opportunity.  You can listen to the senate audio of that exchange on the Senate website.  Go to the 1:43:00 mark.

Pelosi Style Legislation Needs to Stop!

Pelosi Style Legislation Needs to Stop!

change the rules & read the bills!

If you read the blog on Jan 5th or if you've listened to today's Arise & Build podcast, you know that we've got a Pelosi-style leadership in our Missouri legislature.  

The MISSOURI FREEDOM CAUCUS through Senator Bill Eigel, has proposed a senate rule change that would help ensure our legislature has time to actually read the bills they are voting on!

Here's a screenshot from the senate journal last Thursday,

But guess what??  

our senate leadership is not in agreement to allow this window of time!

The Majority Floor Leader in the Senate, Cindy O'Laughlin, has the responsibility of determining what comes to the Senate floor.  It's a position of great power and has a direct effect on Missouri citizens, our freedoms and way of life.

On Thursday, January 4th, Senator Bill Eigel, who is a member of the new Missouri Freedom Caucus, proposed a rule change that would require a window of 2 legislative days to be given for the purpose of allowing time to READ. THE. BILLS.

But our Majority Floor Leader is refusing to allow the rule change to be brought to a vote and has advised the republicans to vote no if she is forced to bring it forth.

do you want our legislators to read the bills they pass?

That's not happening much right now.  

They are passing HUGE omnibus, multi-subject bills that are unconstitutional to begin with.

They are passing such kitchen sink bills that the democrats & republicans are all voting together as a block.  Everyone has a piece of language in it they want or need, so they vote yes on all of it to get their own pork & lobbyists sludge across the line.

For Perspective

In 2023...
  • 39 of 40 regular bills they passed were voted on in the last 2 weeks of session
  • 17 were unconstitutional omnibus bills
  • 80% of the time, the democrats & republicans all voted together

Last year, almost every single bill that passed was shoved through in the last 2 weeks and amended into omnibus Christmas tree bills that were brought to the floor as senate substitutes at the last minute.

When a few good senators stood up to ask questions about them, they were told by their Majority Floor Leader, Cindy O'Laughlin, to sit down, shut up and vote!   She is forcing them to VOTE ON HUGE BILLS THEY HAVEN'T READ!

Unfortunately for us, they mostly obeyed her and voted when they should've continued to stand.  It resulted in the voting chart you see below where they are all voting in unison because their favorite lobbyist friends & contributors have language included or their pork projects are delivered in those bills.    MAYBE there is one or two decent policy changes included, too, but they really wouldn't know for sure because NO. ONE. READS. THE. BILLS!

And this is the way the lobby core & our republican leadership wants it!

use your voice & take action

It's time to call them on their behavior and demand better!  The government was created BY the PEOPLE & FOR the PEOPLE.  

We are hoping to see a vote tomorrow, January 10th.  Please let them know today that you want them to READ the bills!

1.  Call and email Majority Floor Leader, Cindy O'Laughlin and let her know that you want to see that rule change to Rule 64, offered by Senator Eigel, to come to the floor for a vote.   

Email:    Phone: 573.751.7985

2.  Call your senator & as many others as you are able.  Request a yes vote on the change for Rule 64 if given the opportunity.  You can find senator contact information on each member page on the senate website or download the PDF below.  We suggest printing the PDF and keeping it for future use.

2023 Final Senate Votes on Bills Truly Agreed Upon & Passed

Eyes on Eigel

Eyes on Eigel

senator bill eigel

  • He's one of my favorites in Jefferson City.
  • He's honest & has integrity.  I've never known him to lie to me or anyone I know.
  • He's a great leader.  
  • He's open and willing to listen.
  • He's a true conservative.  
  • Regardless of what happens in '24 I'll be sad to see him leave the Senate.

eigel for governor

As of today, if I had to vote for governor and his name was on the ballot, I'd vote Eigel.  I believe he's the most conservative of the three names in the pool.  

Yes, I know the challenges. 

I understand who the GOP is gunning for & the amount of money behind him.  Believe me when I say that under no circumstances will I be voting for our Lt. Governor.

I understand name recognition.  The masses recognize the name of our Secretary of State.  I like him, too.  If Eigel doesn't run - I'll be on his team and I'll be praying he wins.

I just believe that Eigel is the most conservative, least establishment guy and today, he's my pick.  I do, however, reserve my right to change my mind should circumstances, my knowledge or even just my feelings change.

eyes on eigel

If Senator Eigel runs for governor, I think everyone deserves to know what legislation he's working on now and what's happening with it. It's a win-win situation to keep his feet to the fire and hold him accountable to the grassroots in Missouri.  Let's not get to '24 and wonder what's gone on the last two sessions and have to rely on campaign ads & mailers.  


I'm going to do my best to keep up with what's happening with his legislative priorities and keep them posted here so you can stay in the know.  You can search for everything related to Senator Eigel by clicking on the Eigel button to the right.

SB 8:  Personal property tax elimination

Current law requires that personal property be assessed at 33.3% of its true value in money. Beginning January 1, 2024, this act requires that personal property be assessed at 31% of its true value in money.

Current law requires assessors to use the trade-in value published in the October issue of the National Automobile Dealers' Association Official Used Car Guide to determine the true value of motor vehicles for the purposes of property tax assessments. This act instead requires assessors to use the manufacturer's suggested retail price from the year of manufacture of the vehicle and apply the ten year depreciation table provided in the act to determine the true value in money. When the manufacturer's suggested retail price data is not available from an approved source or the assessor deems it not appropriate for a vehicle, the assessor may obtain a manufacturer's suggested retail price from a source that he or she deems reliable and shall apply the depreciation schedule provided by the act.

Subject to appropriations, a political subdivision that receives less than the allowable amount of total real and personal property tax revenues due to the provisions of the act shall be eligible for reimbursement from the state in an amount equal to the amount by which such revenues are below the allowable amount.

Status: Passed out of committee on 2/6.  Needs to be called up to the Senate floor for debate.

Want to Help Move It Forward?  
Call Senator Caleb Rowden's office and request that it be called up out of committee THIS WEEK.  He typically does this on Thursdays but it can be done anytime he chooses.    

You could also call Senator Cindy O'Laughlin's office and ask her to request the same of Rowden.  She's the Majority Floor Leader.

Senator Rowden: - 573.751.3931
Senator O'Laughlin: - 573.751.7985

SB 9 - prohibition of foreign land ownership

This act modifies provisions relating to foreign ownership of real estate, including agricultural land.

Currently, aliens and foreign businesses are capable of acquiring, by grant, purchase, devise, or descent, real estate in this state. This act provides that beginning August 28, 2023, no alien or foreign business shall acquire real estate, except that those persons that have acquired real estate prior to August 28, 2023, shall continue to own and hold the acquired real estate, but shall not grant, sell, or otherwise transfer on or after August 28, 2023, to any other alien or foreign business.

Under current law, no more than 1% of the total aggregate agricultural acreage in the state can be owned by an alien or foreign business. This act prevents any alien or foreign business from acquiring agricultural land in the state beginning August 28, 2023.

Beginning August 28, 2023, all proposed transfers of any interest in agricultural land held by any alien or foreign business in the state shall be submitted to the Department of Agriculture to determine whether such transfer of agricultural land is conveyed in accordance with the prohibition on alien and foreign ownership of agricultural land under the act.

Public hearing was held in the Agriculture committee on 1/24.  It needs to be voted on in committee.

Want to Help Move It Forward?  
Call Senator Jason Bean's office, he's the Chair of the committee, and request there be an executive session on SB 9 and a committee vote.

Senator Bean: - 573.751.4843

SB 10 - Anti red flag law

This act establishes the "Anti-Red Flag Gun Seizure Act" which provides that any federal order of protection or other judicial order issued by a court to confiscate any firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition from any law-abiding citizen shall be considered an infringement on the people's right to keep and bear arms.

Additionally, no public agency, political subdivision, or law enforcement agency shall receive any federal funding for the purpose of enforcing any federal acts or judicial orders confiscating any firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition.

Status:  Referred to General Laws Committee on 1/12.  Needs to have a public hearing.  The committee meets Monday, February 20 @ 2:30 pm in Senate Committee Room 2.  No bills are posted yet for this hearing.

Want to Help Move It Forward?  
Call and email Senator Mike Bernskoetter, Chair and request this bill be heard ASAP.

Senator Bernskoetter -  573.751.2076

SB 98 - election reform & handcounting ballots

Summary:  There are several sections to this bill.  Please click link to read full summary.  Summary of handcounting ballots is below.

Under current law, ballots may not be counted until the polls are closed unless specifically authorized by the election authority. This act allows ballots to be counted as they are dropped in the ballot box, provided that no results shall be reported from any specific polling place until all votes have been counted at such polling place. Additionally, absentee ballots may be counted prior to election day at a time and place designated by the election authority. No results shall be reported as to the absentee ballot totals until all votes have been counted in the election authority's jurisdiction.

Status:  Referred to Local Government & Elections Committee on 1/19.  Need to have a public hearing.

Want to Help Move It Forward?  
Call & email Senator Elaine Gannon, Chair.  Request this bill be brought up for a public hearing ASAP.

Senator Gannon: - 573.751.4008

SB 99 - Prohibition of Covid Vax Mandates in K-12

This act excludes COVID-19 immunizations from the list of childhood immunizations required for children attending day care, preschool, public, private, parochial, or parish schools.

Status:  Referred to Emerging Issues on 1/19.   Needs a public hearing.

Want to Help Move It Forward?  
Call & email Senator Justin Brown, Chair.  Request a public hearing ASAP.

Senator Justin Brown: - 573.751.5713

SB 100 - Gold & Silver as Legal Tender

Summary:  Click link above for full summary.
The act requires the State Treasurer to keep in the custody of the state treasury an amount of gold and silver greater than or equal to 1% of all state funds.  

The act declares that gold and silver shall be accepted as legal tender at their spot price plus market premium and shall be receivable in payment of all debts, public and private, contracted for in the state of Missouri. Costs incurred in the course of verification of the weight and purity of any gold or silver during any such transaction shall be borne by the receiving entity. No person or entity shall be required to use gold or silver issued by the federal government in the payment of any debt. Nothing in this act shall prohibit the use of federal reserve notes in the payment of any debt.

The act also prohibits public entities from requiring payment in the form of any digital currency, as defined in the act. Payment by means of cash, debit card, or credit card shall be accepted by all public entities. Payment in gold or silver coinage shall also be considered legal tender and shall be accepted by all public entities.

Status:  Pass out of the Senate.  2nd read in the House on 2/13.  Needs to be referred to a committee for a House hearing.

Want to Help Move It Forward?  
Call & email House Speaker Dean Plocher.  Ask for it to be referred to committee ASAP.

Rep Plocher: - 573.751.1544

Legislative Overview For the Week Ahead

Legislative Overview For the Week Ahead

In hopes of consolidating our Calls To Action and hot topics for the upcoming week, I'm going to link the Senate info here and I'll do my best to update you as the week progresses.   These aren't the only items we are watching and as you know legislation is an every changing beast so I'll keep you posted as best I can.  

monday, feb 6th

 senate hearings

Local Government & Elections Committee
2:00 pm in Senate Committee Room 2

SB 16 by Cierpiot - OPPOSE.  Weighted voting in our Central Committees.  It's BAD!
SJR 30 by Ben Brown - SUPPORT.  Bans rank choice voting via ballot measure.

1. Come testify in person

2.  Call and email the committee members:
Senator Elaine Gannon, Chair  -   573.751.4008
Senator Sandy Crawford, Vice Chair -
Senator Jill Carter - 573.751.2173
Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman -  573.751.1492
Senator Andrew Koenig - 573.751.5568
Senator John Rizzo - 573.751.3074
Senator Barbara Washington - 573.751.3158

Senate Formal Calendar**

Bills on the formal calendar will be brought to the floor for debate & perfection, but there's no way to know when.  They won't all make it to the floor Monday, but it will depend on how quickly things move as to when they do arrive this week or maybe even next week.  There will also be additions as time passes.  These are the bills I've been watching closely, but there are a few others as well.

SB 5 by Koenig - School Choice.  OPPOSE.  Can't support as currently written.

SB 81 by Coleman - Voucher/School Choice & Tax Credit for Home Schools.  OPPOSE. Can't support as currently written.  The playing field is unequal between public & private schools.  Either push DESE back out of public schools or the only fair thing to do is push DESE requirement in to private and although we don't want that, it will likely happen.  The Treasurer's office will create the rules around the flow of money.  It won't end well.  Private schools need to be protected and public schools need to be free.

SB 100 by Eigel - Gold & Silver.  SUPPORT

SB 39 by Rehder - Boys in Girl's Sports.  SUPPORT w/Amendments to strike DESE & Title 9 language.  Change the language regarding birth certificates due to Cierpiot's birth certificate bill.  She needs to use Moon's language in regard to identification of biological boys.

SB 117 by Leutkemeyer - Torte Reform & Sovereign Immunity.  OPPOSE.  This is a HORRIBLE bill.  I can't express how bad & far reaching it will be.  This bill needs to die quickly!!

SB 45 by Gannon - Expanding Medicaid.  OPPOSE.  Why are Republicans expanding medicaid??  The only way we can support this is if they add the pro-life language to it that would exclude post abortion care.  We might see a filibuster over this one.

senate resolutions

SCR 4 by Eigel - Commends Israel from its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with Missouri and the United States, supports Israel's right to exist and recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal capitol of Israel.   I LOVE BILL EIGEL FOR THIS!!  


senate hearings

Education & Workforce Development
8:15am in the Senate Lounge

SB 134 by Moon.  SUPPORT.  Bans school personnel from speaking with students about gender identity without prior permission from a parent.

1.  Testify in person.  Arrive by 7:15 or even earlier.  Doors should open at 7:45 am.  Limited seating.  Overflow stands in hallway.

2. Call & Email Committee Members
Andrew Koenig, Chair  573.751.5568
Rick Brattin, Vice-Chair. 573.751.2108
Lauren Arthur. 573.751.5282
Doug Beck. 573.751.0220
Elaine Gannon. 573.751.4008
Denny Hoskins.  573.751.4302
Greg Razer.  573.751.6607
Nick Schroer. 573.751.1282
Curtis Trent. 573.751.1503