You Need A Covid Plan NOW. Don't Wait!

You Need A Covid Plan NOW.   Don't Wait!
Do you know what's happening inside Missouri hospitals as a result of this pandemic?  

Do you have friends or family who have suffered because of hospital protocol?  Were they given informed consent for all decisions that were made?

Have you talked to doctors, nurses, therapists who have left their jobs because of what's happening inside and their loss of freedom to practice medicine?  

I can honestly answer yes to all of the above.

And because of that, I am here to tell you today that you NEED TO HAVE A COVID PLAN.

Covid isn't going away.  The shot isn't removing it from the planet. 

The question today is... How do you want to be treated when you get it?

If you don't know, it's time for you to take responsibility for your own health and figure it out now so you can prepare and your family can be informed ahead of time.

I've been on a mission for several years to be more natural and chemical free in our health and home choices.  My family of 6 has not been to the doctor for illness since 2013.  Oh we get sick sometimes, but I've learned enough to know how to take care of us 99.9% of the time.

And before you label me as an anti-anything...
Yes, we do consult a doctor when we need to.   
Yes, I do use prescriptions when necessary.  
Yes, my children have had 99% of the vaccines that were on the list when they were younger.

I just want to stay well enough not to need the doctor.  Don't you? 

When Covid appeared, I went to work reading and researching and gathering my tools.  It's just what I do.

As time has passed I've watched dear friends be admitted to the hospital for Covid.  I've watched as they and their families suffer the outrageous effects of this system that has gone rogue.  Unfortunately, in more than one case - death was the outcome.  

What's happening in our hospitals is OUTRAGEOUS!  If you don't know - you need to start asking for first hand accounts.

What I've learned after watching people I love suffer, trying to help people who reach out to me and especially after my husband and I also having Covid and recovering recently is that you NEED to have a plan BEFORE you get sick.


Educate yourself and know what your local hospital protocol is.   Every hospital is making their own decisions at an administrative level.  Some will do things others will not, so find out now and decide what you want YOUR protocol to be.

Do the research now and learn about side effects of those hospital protocols.  Learn about monoclonal antibody treatments and qualifications to get one, Remdesivir and possible side effects, criteria for admission as well as various methods of delivering oxygen.  

What's the data regarding survival rates after ventilation at your hospital?
How many bipap patients go on a vent compared to weaning off?
Is your hospital receiving funds for patients at varying levels of treatment? 

Questions like this are part of true informed consent, but many patients and families are NOT getting that information prior to treatment decisions being made.  You need to find those answers now, while you are able and before you are in a stressful situation trying to make important decisions.

If you are wondering what a plan might look like I've decided to make it available in hopes it might help you develop one for yourself and your family.   

What you'll get:
  • List of MO doctors and clinics that are willing to provide early treatment and work to keep patients out of the hospital
  • List of MO pharmacies that are willing to fill scripts for early treatment 
  • My personal Covid Plan
  • My personal notes that were compiled as a result of my experience taking care of my husband throughout the process when he was sick earlier this winter.
I hope these resources are helpful to you!

**DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor or medical professional of any type.  I am providing this information for educational purposes only.  PLEASE find a medical provider you trust and consult them in regard to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Hospital Tyranny Needs to End!