The Ratification Bill Is On the Floor. But Not For Long!

The Ratification Bill Is On the Floor.    But Not For Long!

it's on the floor... but what is it?

Senator Cindy O'Laughlin, Senate Majority Floor Leader, brought the constitution ratification bill, SJR 74, up to the senate floor for debate this evening.

Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman, the bill handler, created a senate substitute and "dropped it" as soon as the bill was brought up.  This is a new version of the bill that had not been seen with several added elements that were not discussed in the committee hearing.

There are a couple major changes to the bill.

1.  Concurrent majority ratification changed from being based on Missouri House districts in the senate committee substitute to being based on Missouri Congressional districts.  There are 163 house districts and 8 congressional districts.   There are arguments for both scenarios, but my personal preference is to use house districts.  I believe this is the most principled option in order to get a truly fair representation of the entire state.

Missouri Right to Life prefers congressional districts which is likely the reason for this preference from several of our republican senators.  


2.  More "ballot candy" was added.   No amendments shall be added to the constitution that would:
  • Permit a public official to receive gifts from lobbyists
  • Raise sales tax on food
  • Reduce the appropriation of money dedicated to any law enforcement agency, the Missouri department of the national guard, or first responders;
  • Raise, expand, or impose any taxes or fees on real estate, real estate transactions, or real or personal property; or
  • Prohibit the use of public moneys or personnel in assisting the defense of the national borders
3.  More "ballot candy" ..... The general assembly shall ensure that legal voters who are disabled, including but not limited to those voters who are hearing impaired, speech impaired, or visually impaired, can review, comment on, sign, or decline to sign initiative petitions proposing constitutional amendments.

It's up...but for how long?

Senator Cindy O'Laughlin, Senate Majority Floor Leader, and Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman, the bill handler for SJR 74, brought up the ratification reform bill to the senate floor for debate.

This is what the Freedom Caucus started filibustering for a few weeks ago.  We had hoped to see it on the floor last week, but that did not happen.  Today was the day.

I was at the Capitol all afternoon and I didn't expect it to be on the floor but I'm happy to be wrong.

The question is....  How long will it be on the floor?

is This theater?

They all knew the democrats would filibuster and they did...they are.  At the time I'm writing this, at 8:45pm Monday evening, the democrats are still holding the floor in the senate with a filibuster.

Rumor has it that leadership decided before dinner time that they would allow the dems to hold the floor a few hours then adjourn so everyone can sleep then adjust the schedule tomorrow and Wednesday so that everyone can go to the Chief's parade if they'd like.  

Interesting... so the question is are they just play acting to make us think they are serious about passing it when they know full well they won't make the democrats truly filibuster and they might not even be in the building much for the rest of the week.

It'll be interesting to see if football is more important to our Missouri republican leadership than our constitution.

NOTE:  Before I could publish this blog, they adjourned.  They'll return to the chamber around 10:00am.   Looks to me like the rumors were right.  What a show!

Not Enough Votes?

Another little rumor I've heard is that apparently there may not be enough votes to get this bill across the senate finish line this week.   

24 republican senators.   10 democrat senators.

34 total senators.

We need 18 votes to pass a bill.  

How hard can this be?   Common sense says let the dems filibuster all night long until they give out.  If they hold the floor for 48 hours - great!  Who cares??  

When they give up - whenever that would be - SJR 74 should pass easily.  

We don't have 18 votes?   Interesting.   Who might the hold outs be?

Based on my time in the Capitol and the situation this evening, I believe these 9 would definitely be a yes vote:   

1.  Mary Elizabeth Coleman, bill sponsor
2.  Bill Eigel, Freedom Caucus
3.  Denny Hoskins, Freedom Caucus
4.  Andrew Koenig, Freedom Caucus
5.  Jill Carter, Freedom Caucus
6.  Rick Brattin, Freedom Caucus
7.  Nick Schroer, Freedom Caucus
8.  Mike Moon, Constitutional Conservative
9.  Ben Brown, Not FC or as constitutional as Senator Moon, but generally a conservative voter

Definitely 10 no votes from the democrats:

1.  Lauren Arthur
2.  Doug Beck
3.  Karla May
4.  Tracy McCreery
5.  Angela Mosley
6.  Barbara Washington
7.  Greg Razer
8.  John Rizzo
9.  Steven Roberts
10.  Brian Williams

Republican Toss Ups:
IF we had a clean CMR bill, I think the highlighted senators listed below would likely vote in favor.  Because of the political situation and with the ballot candy - I'm just not sure how they would vote if they were voting tonight.  

The unhighlighted names below are ones that I truly do not trust not to cross over and vote with the democrats.  I debated about which group to put Trent & Rowden in, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

These 6 plus the 9 above equal 16 and that means we'd be 2 votes short if I'm correct.

1.  Jason Bean - 
2.  Mike Bernskoetter - 
3.  Rusty Black - 
4.  Justin Brown -
5.  Mike Cierpiot - 
6.  Sandy Crawford  - 
7.  Karla Eslinger - 
8.  Travis Fitzwater - 
9.  Elaine Gannon - 
10.  Lincoln Hough - 
11.  Tony Luetkemeyer - 
12.  Cindy O'Laughlin, Majority Floor Leader - 
13.  Caleb Rowden, President Pro Tem - 
14.  Holly Thompson-Rehder - 
15.  Curtis Trent - 

what can you do?

1.  Remember this.  Grab a journal.  Write things down so you can go back and look then tell your friends at election time!

2.  Call & email those 15 republican senators listed above plus Senator Coleman.   Ask them to do what it takes to get SJR 74 across the finish line.  

Abortion Petitions in Missouri

Abortion Petitions in Missouri

Episode 3 - Abortion petitions in Missouri

This blog is a supporting document for Episode 3 of the Arise & Build podcast, which is about the petitions already filed with our Secretary of State's office which would protect abortion in Missouri.  

Please listen, subscribe & share!

take action

1.  Call your legislators and let them know you'd like them to support Concurrent Majority Ratification by House District at every opportunity available to them.

2.  Comment on the abortion petitions via link below.  These comments are considered during the process and are helpful, especially if the ballot language ends up in court.  

Points to consider for your comments:
  • Missouri has a history of protecting babies at all stages of life as well as women through programs like MoHealthNet and Show-Me Healthy Babies.
  • We value ALL life.
  • All human life has intrinsic value - at every stage of development.
  • These petitions allow for abortion to be performed up to the birth and possibly beyond
  • If we can murder babies at birth or just after birth - where does this stop?
  • These petitions deny women the right to sue for malpractice.
  • These petitions nullify laws already in place.


Missouri Constitution Ratification

Missouri Constitution Ratification

episode 2 - Arise & Build podcast

This blog is a list of resources and details related to Episode 2 of the Arise & Build podcast.
Episode 2 is the first in a series about making changes to our state constitution and the measures that you can expect to see on a ballot in 2024 - legalizing full term abortion and gun control.

I highly encourage you to check it out, subscribe and follow along!

map of ratification results in nov '22 - legalizing marijuana

This map shows the results of the Nov '22 election by county.  You can see that only 13 counties out of 163 in the State of Missouri wanted to make this change.  Because only a simple majority of popular vote is required for ratification, it passed.

2024 Ballot Measures

Issues we will see on the ballot in 2024 will be abortion & gun control.  Missouri voters need to understand this issue and do the work it takes to bring and keep righteous statutes in Missouri.

I'll be explaining more of the specifics of these measures on future podcasts, so be sure to subscribe.

take action

1.  Call & email the governor.  Ask for a special session to pass Concurrent Majority Ratification.  573.751.3222

2.  Call & email your representatives & senators.  Ask for their support in a concurrent majority ratification resolution that would be based on House districts.  

3.  SUBSCRIBE & SHARE this information with your friends and family!   Our Arise & Build podcast is on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts & other podcast platforms.   Arise & Build Podcast

4.  DO NOT sign ANY petitions that would enable ANY measures to be added to the Missouri ballot.

5.  Vote NO on ANY change to the Missouri Constitution in 2024.

TAKE ACTION NOW to Help Protect Missouri's Constitution

TAKE ACTION NOW to Help Protect Missouri's Constitution

protect the mo constitution

If you have been following and supporting the journey of what is called Concurrent Majority Ratification (CMR) of the Missouri Constitution, NOW is the time to take action!  If you aren't familiar, I've written a couple blogs previously on the topic.  Check those out for background info.

current situation

HJR 43 is in the Senate.  It's a proposal to change the simple majority ratification we have now to 60% majority.  

What we want is to change that 60% majority ratification to concurrent majority ratification based on Missouri House Districts.  This would mean that in order for our state constitution to be changed, we would need a simple majority of voters in favor AND a majority of House Districts in favor.  This would mean that every Missourian would be well represented because the House districts are the smallest political subdivisions.

HJR 43 has been through the senate committee and is heading for the Senate floor where we hope it is amended.  Senator Sandy Crawford is the bill handler.

what to do

1.  Email your own Missouri Senator.  

Ask if they will "go on the record as supporting concurrent majority ratification (CMR) of our state constitution based on House districts with their vote."  State in your email that Senator Sandy Crawford has asked to hear from him/her in regard to his/her preference.   

Encourage him to vote for CMR based on House districts in order to best represent every Missourian.  We do NOT want a 60% majority ratification process based or a CMR process based on Congressional districts.

A short email might look like this:

Dear Senator _____,

I am writing today to ask if you would vote FOR concurrent majority ratification of our state constitution based on House districts.  I am in favor of this because it ensures every Missourian is well represented in the changing of our constitution.   I have serious concerns about CMR based on congressional districts, and I absolutely oppose a 60% majority ratification. 

Can I count on your vote for CMR based on House districts?  If not, why and what is your preference? 

Senator Sandy Crawford is asking for your input before 3pm today and I'm asking for a written response as well.

Thank. you for your time.  Have a great day.

2.  Call your Senator's office and refer them to your email.  Tell them you've emailed regarding CMR and would like a response in writing.  If you gain info on the phone, write it down and let me know. 

3.  When you get a response vie email or statement, please forward the email to me at

when to do it?   NOW!!  

PLEASE drop what you are doing & take 5 minutes to take care of this right now. 

This may be our last chance to ensure that EVERY Missourian is represented well in our changes to the Missouri constitution moving forward.

60% Popular Majority Ratification of Missouri's Constitution

60% Popular Majority Ratification of Missouri's Constitution

house joint resolution 43 - 60% majority ratification

HJR 43 sponsored by Rep Henderson would change the way our Missouri State Constitution is amended/ratified.  It has already passed the House and is making its way through the Senate.  

Currently, Missouri voters ratify a change to the constitution by a simple majority vote.  Yesterday, I wrote Pro Abortion Republicans?  Afraid So. about the hazards of that process for rural Missourians.

60% majority in other states

Today, I want to discuss HJR 43 further.  The language in this bill has been brought to the ballot in a handful of other states recently and it was defeated.  Arkansas & South Dakota both voted it down just his past November. 

Why?  I can't be certain, but here's what I think.   

The people of this nation know that "majority" means 50% plus 1.  It does not mean 60%.  Nothing in American government has ever been based on 60% majority.  It just doesn't sit well with voters, whether they are informed or not.

Educated voters understand that this threshold also means that when they support a proposed amendment, it will only take 40% to veto.  If you are talking about conservatives, they would have nearly zero possibility of passing anything due to liberal population in the cities.

most likely, hJr 43 as written will fail at the poll

This is an issue being talked about inside the Capitol.  Many many, I'd say most legislators know this measure, as written currently, will likely be voted down by Missouri voters & it likely will not even pass the Senate without changes.

What does that mean for our constitution if it fails on the ballot?  It means nothing would change.  Ratification would stay at 50% majority of popular vote.  

possible strategy:  lower the threshold to get it passed in the legislature & on the ballot for the people

I've heard the possibility that Speaker Plocher feels lowering the threshold, maybe down to 53%, would help get it passed here in the Capitol and on the ballot.  That's possible.  But what is the effect of that on our ratification process?
Very little. 

If it is on the ballot & fails - no change.  Simple majority ratification prevails.

If it is on the ballot & passes - nearly no change.  Only a slight percentage increase & still based on majority of popular vote.

Who wins with that strategy?  NOT rural Missourians.  NOT conservative Missourians. 

Who wins is the politicians (Rep Dean Plocher) who defeat concurrent majority ratification language for the special interests that are paying them AND simultaneously pass something they can sell to the people as a ratification reform.

And really is NOT.  

We are still left with ratification based on simple majority that is determined by the very few liberal districts in the state.

politicians & special interests.  WHO IS THAT?

Well, as far as politicians - Rep. Dean Plocher would be at the top of the list.  This is his legislative priority.  And if Plocher is happy then Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden is likely happy because then Plocher gives him what he wants.

Special interests who would like this ratification process to stay as it is would be organizations who support things like:

  • Rank choice voting
  • Abortion
  • Open borders
  • Gun control & red flag laws
  • MONA (Missouri Non-Discrimination Act, which makes LGBTQ+ a protected class)
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Urban priorities
Missouri needs to ratify our state constitution in a way that ALL our districts are represented.  That is concurrent majority ratification as written in SJR 28.

what can you do?

1.  Call Senator Caleb Rowden and ask for SJR 28 to be called up out of committee.  It was voted "Do Pass" but he refuses to call it up so it can be debated and perfected.

Call Caleb - 573.751.3931         Email Caleb - 

2.  Call Senator Sandy Crawford.  She's handling HJR 43 in the Senate.  Please respectfully let her know you want to see CONCURRENT MAJORITY RATIFICATION language using HOUSE DISTRICTS.  I *think* she might be open to making changes.  Let's pray she is.

Call Senator Crawford - 573.751.8793.   Email Senator Crawford -

3.  Call & email your own Senator & Representative and express your concerns and ask them for support of Concurrent Majority Ratification if they have the opportunity.  HJR 43 has already passed the House but they might have another opportunity to vote.   Find them here:  Legislator Lookup Tool

3.  Sign the petition.  It's super easy!  Scroll down to to Initiative Petition (IP) Reform & click, fill it out & submit.  
4.  Reach out to EVERY conservative Missourian you know & share this blog!  

5.  Think about businesses and organizations that might be represented in your area & share this blog.  Ask for their support -  especially those supporting farmers or rural life.  Think...Farm Bureau, Mo Cattlemen's Association, Mo Soybean Assoc, Corn Growers, electric co-ops, local Chamber of Commerce offices, local banks, ag industry, etc.   

6.  Reach out to ALL the PRO LIFE organizations, churches, citizens you know!  Send them this blog & ask them to participate in helping.  If they need more information, please have them contact me.  I'll help them.

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