It was a wonderful day at the Capitol yesterday!  I absolutely love seeing everyone & meeting you in person!   Making new Missouri friends has been the biggest blessing of this journey I've found myself on.  And the more of you I meet and get to know, the more committed I am to staying in the fight for your freedom!

I'm sorry I didn't get this up sooner.  When a mom suddenly engages in politics, her family has lots of adjustments to make and when I finally got home last night, I had to focus on the people inside my house vs. the ones inside the Capitol.  I apologize if you found yourself waiting and wondering.  Here you go..

the recap


1.  There was no confirmation yesterday.  They chose to question him during the hearing but they did not vote. This is a win for us. Why? Because any delay at all gives us more time to make phones ring and to fill email inboxes. 

It also give our conservative caucus more time to try to sway more votes.   The most important... it give us more time to PRAY and more time for God to work out all the details.  So YAY for no vote! 

And BTW...Senator Moon did a fantastic job!  Luetkemeyer set his questions up to favor DK and Eslinger is so weak.  She was supposed to be a no vote, but from the looks of how she responded, she will likely be a yes vote so you need to make her phone ring!

2.  The amount of people in the building and the phones ringing caused something to happen.... the Governor felt the pressure and made a public statement this afternoon. It wasn't what I wish he'd said.  But it does show his position and the very fact that he did it speaks volumes to the success of our efforts! YOU are making a difference!

You can bet Senator Schatz & Senator Rowden feel that same pressure. They have some decisions to make.  We need to PRAY they respond to the people vs bowing to the Governor.   Senator Schatz thinks he wants a US Senate seat.   We'll see if he'll consider his voters in the decision he makes today.

3.  In the midst of this work on the confirmation, I was able to promote Suzie Pollock's HB2009, the school jab bill and we got over 100 witness forms filled out!  Our goal is 1,000 so get ready for those instructions soon!


10:30 am this morning, the committee will reconvene for a vote. PRAY!

After the committee meets, they'll move into session on the floor where a couple things might happen if the committee votes him through.  Regardless, every senator will then have a vote.  Let's see what they do.

I'm headed back today to watch what happens.  I'll let you know!    If you want faster reports, you'll want to join my FB Group or Telegram channel.  I'll keep them updated throughout the day.

Have a great day, Missouri!

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  1. Dorijean Louise Wilson  02/01/2022 08:59 AM Central
    Please add me to your mailing list. I am going off Facebook this month, but want to stay informed. Thanks for all you are doing Jodi!

    Dorijean Wilson

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