Today at noon there is a hearing on Suzie Pollock's school vaccine bill, HB 2009.  

This bill reinforces our constitutional right to live according to our conscience and it downsizes our government in regard to required vaccines for schools.

We SUPPORT this bill and encourage you to submit an online testimony before midnight tonight.  Be sure to check your email after you submit the form in order to verify your email address and complete the process.

Please share this information with your conservative friends & family!


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  1. To All Concerned:

    My wife and I are absolutely totally against these health mandates! We are against them for our children and our grandchildren, for ourselves, for everyone! We are very much for our health care professionalss, our teachers, our firemen, policemen, employees of every size company to have the freedom to choose against any mandate to put something into their body they do not wish! We are FOR THE RIGHTS OF EVERY AMERICAN to choose for him or herself! NO MANDATES!

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