Gathering the Believers in 2024

worship before battle

We started Day 1 of our legislative session with The Gathering and it was absolutely fantastic!   The Gathering yesterday was our first monthly worship and prayer time at the Capitol.  If you missed it, don't worry!   You've got an opportunity on February 8th to join us, so mark your calendars now!

Check back on our Events page to plan for March, April & May.

why gather & worship?

1.  Last session as I was praying in the midst of some very hard days, Holy Spirit began to whisper, "Gather the believers."  God made it very clear to me that we would NOT win these earthly governmental battles without divine strategy and working with Him.  He continued to whisper instructions of gathering committed believers throughout the course of the interim.

2.  We started monthly worship last session in 2023, but we kept it private.  We gathered a tiny group in Senator Jill Carter's office for worship and prayer.  It was a divinely ordained and blessed time every month.  We typically invited the other senators nearby to join us and sometimes we had other guests, including citizens who were in the building for hearings and staffers.  It became our favorite day of the month and we all looked forward to it, only wishing we could do it more often.   

3.  In the Old Testament, when the Israelites were going to battle they would send out worshippers ahead of the army to sing and worship the Lord.  For example, in 2 Chronicles 20, Jehosephat told the Israelites to,  " in the Lord your God and you will endure.  Put your trust in the prophets and you will succeed."  He appointed those who sang to the Lord and who praised Him to to go before the army in praise.  It was as they began singing and praises that the Lord set ambushes against the enemy.

please join us!

In 2024, we are moving our time of worship from a private office to the rotunda and we are inviting all who would like to join us to come.  

Expect a short word from scripture, a short time or corporate prayer, prayer points provided for you to take home & 30-45 minutes of worship.  As legislators are able to join us, we will stop and pray over each one individually.

It is a very laid back time set aside for those He calls to come and freely worship and pray as you are led.  We encourage everyone who attends to take some time afterward to meet with their legislators, build relationship and use the time to offer prayers and encouragement.

If that resonates with your spirit, I hope you'll pray about joining us in February!


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