Senate Leadership Needs to Go

3 reasons Cindy o'laughlin needs to step down 

1.  She doesn't want you to know or be involved with what's happening in Jefferson City
In a private meeting with me over interim, she told me the citizens of Missouri need to stay home and run for school board if they want to be involved in government.   She doesn't want you to know or understand the process.  She wants to be left alone to do what she wants.   It was enlightening to hear her heart in regard to the citizens she's been elected to represent.  

2.  Speak up & use strategy she doesn't approve of = you're a narcissist and a terrorist.
Completely unprofessional behavior and name calling isn't ideal, but I can understand that sometimes frustrations rise and mistakes are made in our choice of words.  I'm thankful for grace in this area and have to utilize it far more often than I'd like.     But using the term terrorist in our culture today is not acceptable. 

Take a listen to a couple of audio clips of the senate floor with Senator O'laughlin and Senator Eigel.  You can find this conversation archived on the senate website on 1/18/24.

3.  Trash talking sessions with the press.
Here's the video of the meeting she had with journalists while Senator Rowden was referring bills on Thursday, 1/25/24.  When asked for an inquiry by Senator Eigel, she refused to go.  The Sargent at Arms had to come three times before she left her stage here with the press.   This is the polar opposite of what Missouri needs in leadership.

When she returned to the floor, she told Senator Eigel that she had not called for his expulsion but that she would, indeed, vote for it if given the opportunity.  You can listen to the senate audio of that exchange on the Senate website.  Go to the 1:43:00 mark.


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