Use Your Voice To Protect Our Girls

If you feel passionate about the boys in girl's sports issue, PLEASE use your voice and participate in working toward a solution.   And I'll go ahead and say this, if you aren't going to participate and use your voice when you can, then stop complaining. 

This government was created BY the People, FOR the People.   That means THE PEOPLE ...YOU...NEED to participate!

what to do

The senate hearing is TOMORROW, 1/31/23, at 10:00 am.   There are a couple of ways you can express your thoughts on these issues.

My personal recommendation is to SUPPORT Senator Jill Carter's SB 165 and SUPPORT Senator Mike Moon's SB 48.   OPPOSE Holly Rehder's bill, SB 39.  You can read overviews or the full text of those bills if you look at my previous blog article.

1.  Call and email the committee members.   
Leave a voice mail if no one answers.  Let them know which bills you support and oppose.

Emerging Issues Committee Members
Justin Brown, Chair   573-751-5713.
Mike Moon, Vice Chair.   573-751-1480.
Elaine Gannon.   573-751-4008.
Andrew Koenig.  573-751-5568.
Nick Schroer.   573-751-1282.
Tracy McCreery.  573-751-9762.
Greg Razer.   573-751-6607.

2. Submit Online Testimony For SB 165 & SB 48
Click on the link here if you'd like to support one of these bills.  These two are the only ones I have links for.  If you choose to support the others,  you'll need to call and email the committee.


  1. I support Senator Jill Carter’s SB 165. Keep biologically-born boys out of girls sports/bathrooms/locker rooms, etc.
  2. To add to my last comment I've subbed in HS PE classes that have both genders in same hour. Watched them play a pick-up game of basketball not even close in competition. Just the size of the basketball makes a difference.
  3. I have watched boys and girls in junior high and high school organized sporting activities summer league sporting activities and yes they can both compete with the same gender but a boy and a girl competing would not be fair When you have a 6 ft 4 in boy guarding the net in a volleyball game and the ball comes across the net and he jumps and slams that ball down in some girl's face don't tell me it's an equal game. Or A male swimmer that's over 6' tall jumps off the block and hits the about in front of where a girl lands and then due to his wingspan he touches the wall so much sooner that's not an equal competition. Yes I've seen a 5'8" boy guard a 6' 4" boy and still the ball but it didn't have anything to do with height it had to do with the strength of that boy and girls don't have that same If a person believes they are another gender than what they were born let them express that off a baseball, football, wrestling map. So no I don't believe males and females should compete against each other. But now I have another question how does anyone know what it feels to be like anyone, as a female I don't know how another female feels so as a female how can I know how a male feels. Just because I like certain things doesn't mean the gender that God gave me is not the gender I'm supposed to have, we need to be happy with what you were born with. I support this bill we want our kids to feel safe at school that also means we want our girls to feel safe when they're on a playing field.
  4. I support Senator Jill Carter’s SB 165.
  5. I support Senator Mike Moon SB 48. Boys should not be allowed to play girl sports with girls for several reasons! Boys are stronger and more physical than girls ( that is the way they were made from GOD) therefore they could physically injure girls. Girls should play against girls ( real girls not tans ) and boys should play against boys!!!! Thank you!
  6. I support Senator Jill Carter’s SB 165. Boys should not be able to play in girls sports for several reasons!!!! Boys are physically stronger than girls (that is the way boys and men were put on this earth from GOD) therefore they can hurt girls physically. Girls should play against girls (real girls). And boys should play against boys!!! End of story!!!

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