Do you know someone who has a horrifying hospital story to tell due to Covid restrictions?

Has a friend or family member died ALONE in the hospital while family waited at home with very little information or ability to have input in decisions made for the patient?

Have you begged doctors to just TRY an off label medicine because they were offering no other real solutions?

Are you a doctor who wants to be able to help your patients & work with families to make personal health decisions without the interference of hospital protocol?


Over the last few months, we've been working on legislation we are calling the Missouri Right to Try Act.  

This piece of legislation addresses two issue:

1.  Family members of patients will be allowed entrance to the hospital in order to advocate for our sick loved ones.  No longer will we be waiting outside in parking lots or waiting at home by the phone waiting for a staff member to have time to pick up the phone or enter data into the online patient portal.  

No more family member sick, being neglected or dying ALONE!  No more patients suffering and tormented with fear NEGLECTED & ALONE!  

This is cruel and completely unnecessary!   Doctors, nurses and other staff members leave those patients and go grocery shopping, to churches, to banks and post office and then home to their own families each night.  Patients and patient's families deserve the ability to do the same. 

2.  Allow doctors the ability to work with families to prescribe off-label drugs as they have always been able to do until now.  We believe these decisions are personal and should be made with trusted physicians - NOT by the CDC and hospital protocol.  

It is time our doctors are FREE to practice medicine the way they see fit for their patients!


Please make time daily to do 3 things>

1.  Share this information with your friends & family!

2.  Call & email the Missouri Speaker of the House, Rob Vescovo.
Let him know that you want him to commit and make the MO Right to Try Act to be a PRIORITY in the session beginning in January.   We want it pre-filed as early as possible and his commitment to PRIORITIZE it on his agenda.  If he refuses to commit, ask him what his solution to hospital tyranny in Missouri will be.

If you want more details, information, email templates, etc.  please sign up at to be part of our network of Missourians taking action.

3.  Call & email your own personal Missouri state legislators.
Share any personal stories you have with them and tell them about the MO Right to Try Act which has already been written and that we are asking for their commitment to support the effort.  Ask them to do everything in their power to influence leadership and see it through to the Governor's desk.

If you want more help in accomplishing that task, please sign up at

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  1. I plan to make a “call to action” video about this very bill soon. Xo

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