This bill was introduced this past Tuesday, debated and amended Thursday/Friday and is headed back to the Senate floor for a vote on MONDAY, February 8!   From there, it will head over to the House of Reps to be discussed and voted on.  

If you are a Missourian who cares about small businesses, churches or individual freedoms it's time to TAKE ACTION... RIGHT NOW.

Even if you have never participated in government before, TODAY is a new beginning and it's time to JUST START.  

SB 51 has been combined with SB 42 and our Missouri legislators are trying to push it through as an "emergency".  Unfortunately, they've actually caused an emergency with this bill!

It is being marketed as torte reform that is supposed to stop frivolous or fraudulent lawsuits regarding epidemics or pandemics.  That sounds great, right??  Who doesn't agree that ridiculous law suits need to stop?

The nutshell version of the problem is the language they are using and the fact that in order to stop these law suits, they are COMPLETELY releasing all hospitals, big pharma, manufactures, etc. of ALL responsibility while at the same time holding small businesses, individuals, organizations liable unless they comply with ALL mandates now and in the future. 

So, you can't sue the hospital for your mom not being treated for a heart attack and dying because they've mismanaged the staff and you can't hold the big companies liable if you lose 3 months worth of business or income because of a faulty test result.... 

but YOU, your church, your small business, etc. CAN BE SUED for up to $50,000.00 per charge if you (or your employees or your customers) don't comply with ALL current AND FUTURE mandates from the local health department. 

I don't know if you are familiar with small business operations, but most of our mom & pop shops cannot afford even one law suit like that.  And, do you really expect them to turn away paying customers if the customer can't or chooses not to follow a mandate?    There are A LOT of reasons why a person would choose not to comply.  Is it the business owners responsibility that someone gets a virus!?

Today, it's contact tracing and masks.   But this bill opens it up to ANYTHING mandated in the future.   Think about that for a second.  ANYTHING.  

And who is deciding the mandate?  The unelected officials.  Who holds THEM accountable? 

This bill would make you think there must be a whole list of lawsuits clogging up our system which are completely unfounded and causing problems, right?  Wrong.  There have been ZERO law suits filed for Covid-related liability.  So what's the big hurry?  Makes you wonder... 

ACTION STEPS and more detailed information are below. 


1.  Identify your MO State Senator & Representatives.  Use this link to enter your address and find who each of your MO legislators are. 

2.  ADD YOUR LEGISLATORS TO YOUR CONTACTS.  Include their phone number and email so you can easily reach out to them today and in the future.

3.  CALL AND EMAIL THEM TODAY!  Go ahead and call your senator AND representative and let them know how you feel about this bill.  Shoot them a quick email as well.  You don't need to be intimidated or scared.  They are real people just like you and the only important thing is that you express your thoughts and wishes about the vote.

4.  SHARE SHARE SHARE!  Please share this blog and info with your family and friends here in Missouri.  We need to spread the word and make a difference with what's happening right here at home!

Contacting your legislator can really make a difference.  Usually, they hear from no one.  When they actually do hear from you, they might actually listen.

There's a lot to say about this and a lot to learn, but today just do what's important right now and that's taking care of this bill.  

So get your Mama Bear attitude, check out the education above and then TAKE ACTION! 

You're doing a GREAT JOB, Momma!!  

I'll Keep You Posted,
Jodi Grace
The Right Side Mom


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