Things are looking up!

This is the last week of the Missouri legislative session for 2021 and there are some great things in the works but we need to keep working and pushing forward to protect liberty here at home!

I've neglected the blog here this session and focused most of my work on our private FaceBook group, Right Side Moms.  A lot has been happening and we are gaining support like crazy across the state of Missouri as well as the nation.  I'm so excited about what we've accomplished so far and what is yet to come in the future!

BIG things are in store for Right Side Moms as this session winds down.  We'll have time to focus on meeting together in person on The Coffee Shop Tour, learning online via Zoom and growing in numbers so we can make an even bigger impact as time goes on.  

In the next few months, we are going to tackle topics like:
  • School Choice
  • Masks in schools
  • Critical Race Theory
  • MO Legislative Process 101
Due to continuing censorship issues and challenges on FaceBook, I'll be writing and posting more here in the future.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled right here for updates and be sure to subscribe to the email list so you can stay informed!


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