The story of how Senator Schatz got the highest tax in Missouri history passed is a disgusting tale of the abuse of political power.

He created a ridiculous rebate plan in order to avoid The Hancock Amendment which has been in place since 1980. The Hancock Amendment requires all tax increases, especially significant ones, to be put on a ballot for Missourians to decide upon.

SB 262, Schatz's bill, includes the highest tax increase in history yet they avoided the ballot by requiring citizens to keep all their gas receipts and apply for a yearly rebate.  Seriously??  And these are the same legislators who are saying voter ID is too much for someone to acquire, but they expect every gas buying citizen to figure out a new rebate plan run by the Mo Department of Revenue.  What a joke!

So, in 2021, after a year of hell because of Covid and government restrictions, the Senate quit working before they could pass HB 1358 which would have protected EVERY Missourian from Covid exposure liability and ensured healthy people weren't quarantined but they sure did make sure that gas tax got through!  

Even though legislature passed the gas tax bill and we expect Governor Parson to sign it, THE PEOPLE can essentially take over at this point and force the tax to be placed on the ballot for a vote of the people. 

It's a process, but what we need right now is for every Missourian against this tax to submit a comment to the Secretary of State about a referendum that's been filed.   Tell them just what you think about it.  We need MASSES of people to comment and we only have until next Friday, May 28th.  

If you need help knowing what to say, please join our FB group where you can get all the details and personal help you need.

Please share this information with every Missourian you know who opposes this tax and the unscrupulous shenanigans of Senator Dave Schatz!! 



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