employers who mandate should be liable

HB 1692 is sponsored by Mitch Boggs and requires employers who require the vaccine be held liable for any injury that would occur as a result.  It does provide an option for employers to be covered by insurance for the loss.  

The method of coverage is somewhat unclear and needs to be determined.  We feel it would not be beneficial for the victim to be covered under workman's comp and the insurance provision could possibly lead to unintended consequences related to insurance requirements or costs to small businesses.  

We believe Representative Boggs will work to perfect the bill with conservative values in mind and, therefore we support this bill.  We believe the risk to employees is great and this issue needs to be addressed and employee health should be protected when the decision to take the vaccine has been due to an employer requirement.  

action item

1.  Submit testimony online in support of the bill and express your concern regarding the insurance clause.
Be sure the appropriate box is checked for HB 1692 and that you are SUPPORTING the bill.  


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