I'm running short on time this morning, so I'll get back later with the details in case you'd like to know them.  

We aren't going to get anything remotely close to what we actually really want as far as disempowering the Speaker and Majority Floor Leader.  However, we are hoping to amend HR 11 so that it isn't as bad as originally written.

Specifically, we need Rep. Chris Sander's amendment to pass today.

Jon Patterson, the Majority Floor Leader and sponsor of HR 11, added an additional step in the process of a bill going from a standing committee to a rules committee.   They put the power back in the hands of the speaker to hold a bill for 10 legislative days.  That length of time is at least 2 and a half weeks which is significant enough to delay the process so that the bill doesn't have time to pass.  

They also gave the Speaker power to choose which rules committee it goes to.  There are 3.  There's a total of about 30 representatives between 3 committees.  If we don't know which rules committee the bill is going to, we have a MUCH less opportunity to reach the appropriate representatives that will actually see the bill.  

A.  The Speaker shouldn't solely get to choose which standing committee AND which rules committee the bill goes through.  It should be an automatic process, as it has always been.  ie, The Education Committee bills go to Rules Committee A.  Always.

B.  The Speaker shouldn't have the power to hold up a bill for 2 1/2 weeks, which is significant to the process.

Representative Chris Sander has filed an amendment that would help.  His amendment says that the Speaker will work with the Bill Sponsor in deciding which rules committee the bill will go through.  This is a crumb and likely won't make a tremendous difference as the Speaker will bully Sponsors into what they want anyway, but at least there would be another voice involved in the process.

use your voice

Please call your Representative! 

1.  Request a YES vote on Chris Sander's amendment.  This one affords power to the Sponsor in choosing a rules committee vs the Speaker having sole authority.

2.  Request a YES vote on Crossley's amendment.  This one allows the committee members to vote on their Chair and Vice Chair vs the Speaker having the sole authority to appoint them.  Crossley is a democrat.

3.  Request a YES vote on Nurrenbern's amendment.  This one puts limits on the Majority Floor Leader having control over representatives ability to speak.   Nurrenbern is a democrat.

4.  Request a YES vote on Strickler's amendment.  This one allows Missouri resident's testimony to be heard before non-resident's in a public hearing.  

Be short, to the point and respectful.  Express the overall opinion that you want power spread among the representatives as much as possible vs the Speaker having total control.  We want Republican reps to vote in a way to benefit ALL of Missouri REGARDLESS of the fact that the amendments are offered by democrats. 

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  1. HR 11 Bill.......I vote YES on Rep Sander's Amendment, YES on Rep Strickler's Amendment, YES on REP Crossley's Amendment and YES on Rep Nurrenbern's Amendment!

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