The Missouri House of Representatives pass a bill in February that would protect Missourian's 2nd Amendment Rights, but it hasn't gotten through the Senate yet.  It's very close and this session ends on Thursday.

Given the recent events in the White House, it's more important now than ever that these rights are secured and protected.

YOU CAN HELP by emailing the following Senators to make the requests listed.

1.  Email Senate President Pro Tem, Dave Schatz. 
2.  Email Senate Majority Floor Leader Caleb Rowden.

Please urge these two senators to bring HB 85 out onto the Senate floor WITHOUT DELAY.

3.  This list of Republican senators need encouragement to vote according to the Republican platform and support our 2nd Amendment rights.

Please let these senators know how important your 2nd Amendment  rights are to you, especially given the attack on them from Washington recently.

If you would like to have email samples you can copy/paste/edit as you wish, please join our private FB group, Right Side Moms.   You'll find email examples in the  Announcements section.


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