Legislative Overview for The Week Ahead (2/13/23)

Apologies for my late publication of my focus for the week.  I'm blaming the Super Bowl.  I hope you were celebrating the BIG WIN, as well and enjoying the break for the crazy world of Missouri politics for a few hours.  

YAY for the WIN... now back to reality.

monday, feb 13th

mo senate hearings

1:00 pm in Senate Committee Room 2

There are several bills being heard on the topic of Initiative Petitions and constitutional amendments.  

I'm most familiar with Senator Carter's SJR 28 which includes language that would require a concurrent majority in order to pass amendments to the Missouri Constitution.  This means when we have a ballot measure and there is a potential change to the MO Constitution a majority of MO House districts would be required to vote in favor of an amendment IN ADDITION to having the majority of the popular vote.   The result of concurrent majority requirement is that the rural areas of Missouri would be represented vs the urban areas alone determining the changes to our constitution.

This issue is VERY important.  We expect there will be an abortion related amendment on the ballot in 2024.  We want ALL Missourians' voiced to count. 

There may be other good bills being presented in the hearing as well.  I'll do my best to share what I learn.


Request a YES vote from the committee members.

Senator Elaine Gannon, Chair  - 573.751.4008
Senator Sandy Crawford, Vice Chair - 573.751.8793
Senator Jill Carter -  573.751.2173
Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman - 573.751.1492
Senator Andrew Koenig - 573.751.5568
Senator John Rizzo - 573.751.3074
Senator Barbara Washington - 573.751.3158

Email Addresses (copy & paste):


Subject: Parent's Rights & Transparency
This bill is perfected and will come before the body of the senate for a yes/no vote.

1.   Call  & email your Senator and let them know what your concerns are with this bill.  Ask for a no vote.  Senator Eigel has a better option!  Nothing at all is better than this.  Legislator Lookup Tool

2.  Copy the link to this post & send it to a conservative friend!


Subject:  Medicaid Expansion.  Covers care for 12 months after pregnancy.
My Opinion:  Yes IF they amend the bill to prohibit funds for post-abortion care.

1.   Call  & email your Senator and let them know what your concerns are with this bill.  Ask for language that would prohibit post abortion care.  Legislator Lookup Tool

2.  Copy the link to this post & send it to a conservative friend!

tuesday, february 14


8:15 in the Senate Lounge

Subject: Modifies provisions relating to workforce development in ELEMENTARY and secondary schools.
My Opinion:  NO.  You very well may disagree with my position.  I DO believe our kids need to be proactive and have a plan for their futures.  It's smart.  It's wise.  As a mom, I help my kids think through their options after high school.  That said, although I do believe it's wise, I do NOT believe it should be mandated by the State government.  My 14 year old 8th grader does NOT need to be worried about choosing a career or where he's going to college.  He needs to learn to love learning.  He needs to learn to love exploring and experiencing new things.  He needs to be a kid.  I even believe that's true of my 12th grader.   Wise?  Absolutely.  But mandated?  NO. NO. NO.    

Contact committee members to express your views.  I'll be asking for a NO vote.
Andrew Koenig, Chair  573.751.5568
Rick Brattin, Vice-Chair. 573.751.2108
Lauren Arthur. 573.751.5282
Doug Beck. 573.751.0220
Elaine Gannon. 573.751.4008
Denny Hoskins.  573.751.4302
Greg Razer.  573.751.6607
Nick Schroer. 573.751.1282
Curtis Trent. 573.751.1503

10:00 am in Senate Committee Room 1

SB 49- Senator Mike Moon
SB  164 - Senator Jill Carter
SB 236 - Senator Denny Hoskins

SUBJECT:  These 3 bills ban puberty blockers and gender transition surgery for children under the age of 18.  

All three of these bills are great.  They are written to protect our kids from the abuse of the left wing agenda that is targeting kids.

1.  Pray!!  Last week, a whistleblower released the truth about the gender clinic that has been operating at St Louis Children's Hospital in partnership with Washington University.  It has gotten the attention of our Attorney General and even national news outlets.  I suspect the response to Tuesday's committee hearing will be larger than anything we've seen with the trans hearings thus far.  Please pray for calm, safety and for God's will to be done.  Pray for Senators Moon, Carter & Hoskins...for 
their safety and their peace of mind as well as success.

2.  Contact committee members.  Request a YES vote.
Senator Justin Brown, Chair.  573.751.5713
Senator Mike Moon.    573.751.1480
Senator Elaine Gannon.   573.751.4008
Senator Nick Schroer.   573.751.1282
Senator Andrew Koenig.  573.751.5568
Senator Tracy McCreery.  573.751.9762
Senator Greg Razer.   573.751.6607

Email Addresses (Copy & paste):


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