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protect the mo constitution

If you have been following and supporting the journey of what is called Concurrent Majority Ratification (CMR) of the Missouri Constitution, NOW is the time to take action!  If you aren't familiar, I've written a couple blogs previously on the topic.  Check those out for background info.

current situation

HJR 43 is in the Senate.  It's a proposal to change the simple majority ratification we have now to 60% majority.  

What we want is to change that 60% majority ratification to concurrent majority ratification based on Missouri House Districts.  This would mean that in order for our state constitution to be changed, we would need a simple majority of voters in favor AND a majority of House Districts in favor.  This would mean that every Missourian would be well represented because the House districts are the smallest political subdivisions.

HJR 43 has been through the senate committee and is heading for the Senate floor where we hope it is amended.  Senator Sandy Crawford is the bill handler.

what to do

1.  Email your own Missouri Senator.  

Ask if they will "go on the record as supporting concurrent majority ratification (CMR) of our state constitution based on House districts with their vote."  State in your email that Senator Sandy Crawford has asked to hear from him/her in regard to his/her preference.   

Encourage him to vote for CMR based on House districts in order to best represent every Missourian.  We do NOT want a 60% majority ratification process based or a CMR process based on Congressional districts.

A short email might look like this:

Dear Senator _____,

I am writing today to ask if you would vote FOR concurrent majority ratification of our state constitution based on House districts.  I am in favor of this because it ensures every Missourian is well represented in the changing of our constitution.   I have serious concerns about CMR based on congressional districts, and I absolutely oppose a 60% majority ratification. 

Can I count on your vote for CMR based on House districts?  If not, why and what is your preference? 

Senator Sandy Crawford is asking for your input before 3pm today and I'm asking for a written response as well.

Thank. you for your time.  Have a great day.

2.  Call your Senator's office and refer them to your email.  Tell them you've emailed regarding CMR and would like a response in writing.  If you gain info on the phone, write it down and let me know. 

3.  When you get a response vie email or statement, please forward the email to me at jodi@jodigrace.com

when to do it?   NOW!!  

PLEASE drop what you are doing & take 5 minutes to take care of this right now. 

This may be our last chance to ensure that EVERY Missourian is represented well in our changes to the Missouri constitution moving forward.


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