Wins, Losses & The Answer

The Missouri legislative session ended Friday May 12, 2023.  There's a lot to talk about, and yet I've felt as though the Holy Spirit has held me from talking about it until today.

I know that others and especially the media sources we all watch as well as our favorite FB groups, Twitter accounts & YouTube channels have all been voicing their thoughts and opinions so I'm certain you've already heard about the "big" wins & losses.  I won't go into detail about those, but here's a quick recap.

Sometime in the future, I'll be publishing a scorecard along with details of all the bills that passed as well as some I believe are worthy of mentioning even though they failed.  Be sure you subscribe to the blog if you'd like to see it.

celebrating the wins

Passing these two bills was a big win in my book:
  • The SAFE Act - SB 49 - No longer will children under 18 be able to get hormones or medical interventions for the purpose of gender transition!
  • Save Women's Sports Act - SB 39 - Women's sports from kindergarten through college will be biological women only!
Defeating these bills & amendments was a great thing for Missourians:
  • Torte Reform & Sovereign Immunity, SB 117 by Senator Luetkemeyer
  •  Privacy Acts amended to HB 301 by Rep Rudy Viet and filed by Rep Peggy McGaugh
  • Potential Digital Currency Framework, HB 1165 by Rep Justin Hicks
  • School Choice bills that would've empowered DESE even further
  • Parent's Rights bills that included language allowing CRT & protected copyrighted material

counting the losses

There were definitely several losses for Missouri conservatives, including several bills passing that increased the size of government & grew spending at an unprecedented rate.

  • The outrageous budget
  • Expanding medicaid
  • Empowering bureaucrats
  • and so much more..
And then there were the things we wanted but couldn't pass even though we have a super majority of republicans. Here are a few examples:

  • Protecting rural Missouri's voters in IP process
  • Gold & silver as legal tender
  • Transparent labeling of mRNA in our products
  • Protecting our school kids from mRNA vax requirements
  • Restricting DESE & freeing our local school districts
  • Reducing the tax burden across the board vs favoring big business through tax credits
We are compiling a scorecard and a summary of all the stories & bill details.  Be sure you click above to subscribe so you don't miss it!

the truth

This session was difficult.  I was at the Capitol nearly every day until I got sick in April.  Then I was back nearly every day until the last week when I was so frustrated I just couldn't go back. Instead, I listened from home on those days.  When I wasn't there, a dear friend of mine was so she kept me updated and took notes.  

Every bill has a story and there are several stories waiting to be told.  This session, other than our girl's sports & The SAFE Act, the endings are mostly disappointing.  There are no fairytales here. 

However, there are definitely miracles among the muck.  Even though there was frustration and several tears along the way, there were also beautiful moments & memories between patriot friends, lots of prayers shared, beautiful worship of the Lord, and hope-filled hearts watching our conservative fighters go to battle for freedom.  

Throughout session, I was reminded that the ONLY way we will win this battle for the Republic and for a sovereign Missouri is being led by God Himself through the Holy Spirit.  

No amount of strategizing conservative patriots will do.  This enemy is bigger than all of us combined.  BUT GOD... with whom ALL things are possible!  He is the Way-Maker!

The enemy waging war against Biblical principles and freedom isn't flesh & bone.  

Our enemy isn't democrats, although the liberal left is definitely being taken advantage of by the enemy and they will be thrown to the trash if this evil takes over.  

Our enemy isn't even the RINO moderate republicans, which is mostly what we have here in Missouri and they are the biggest political problem we have as far as I'm concerned.

The actual enemy is Satan himself.  Evil.  Communism.  Marxism.  Globalism.  This evil is working its way through ignorant citizens who haven't been educated and who are unaware that they've opened doors in their hearts & lives to this demonic, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-American force.

The enemy has infiltrated our schools, our churches, our homes and our hearts through a host of things including laziness and apathy and it's been happening for decades.  

Even most of the grandparents can't tell you the details of this nation's founding.  And sadly, most of our grandparents would be uncomfortable trying to teach a Bible study as well.  

We now have a Biblically & historically illiterate population.  

The enemy is evil.  Our culture is a wreck.  The nation is in crisis,

and our cultural & governmental report card is a testimony to the failure of the church.


If the current state of our nation is the result of the church's failure, then is it the church that has the power to turn this ship?

I would make the argument that yes, it is, with one caveat - the definition of "the church."

The "church" responsible is not inside the buildings filled with smoke machines, production equipment, pews, and coffee bars where people gather once or twice a week for social hour.


That church is the one that will be the catalyst of this ship turning!

The ONLY strategy that is worth our time & effort..  the ONLY way through this crisis ...
our ONLY HOPE is that the PEOPLE who are Christ followers get their hearts right before God and start being obedient to the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.  

The grassroots won't strategize politics on our own well enough to win.  If we could, we'd have had a good IP bill headed to Parson's office or we'd have gotten DESE reigned in a little.

We won't gather enough troops to succeed without the Holy Spirit.   If the masses and phone calls could do it, the labeling bill would've passed.  There were people calling from across the nation, literally clogging phone lines & inboxes for days.

The only answer that will bring victory - 
God the Creator, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit our Guide working through the hearts, minds & actions of His people.

the call to action

It's high time Missourians get serious about REVIVAL in their individual hearts and homes & an AWAKENING to the priorities of God.  

And PLEASE do NOT wait on your pastor!  If you are a Christ-follower - it's on YOU.  

You will answer to God one day for the way you stewarded the gifts He gave you - including this nation and the State of Missouri.  

If you are relying on your pastor and not taking action because he's not talking about it or he didn't give you permission, then you'd better stop idolizing him and repent.  He's not God.  

If you aren't close enough to God to hear His voice or know His word, that's your first priority - above all else.  

We've been told to occupy until His return & it's time to get about His business if we want true freedom.  

Are you ready?  

Will you commit?  Not to a phone call, an email or a rally, but will you commit your heart & your days to Christ?

Will you add your name to His list & wait for your orders from the Holy Spirit...then OBEY?

Because I'm ready to go to battle and I'd love for you to join me!  

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


  1. Jodi I praise God for you and your “watchmen on the wall”. Thank you for all your hard work, informed, and intelligent input. I pray earnestly for you, your family and all the front line workers. Praying for our Mo Gov and as you say BUT GOD! Keeping the faith ! THANK YOU!
  2. Jodi - Thank you!! You are right ON. God is THE WAY. The ONLY WAY. We were all sent to this big ball called earth at a specific time. It was not random. This is the testing grounds. Will we follow Him.l. Commit to His Will. Be led by His Holy Spirit?

    The Holy Spirit not only is the Second Comforter; but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are saved, filled, sealed, and sanctified. The Holy Spirit reveals God’s thoughts, teaches, and guides believers into all truth, including knowledge of what is to come.
    The Holy Spirit will prove the sin, righteousness, and judgment of the world.

    Open your hearts and minds and BUCKLE UP....cause it's going to be a wild chariots and wild horses!
  3. Jodi, I am totally in sync with your Christian worldview as spoken regarding the spiritual battlefield we find ourselves placed into by the Most High God. Our only answers for direction come from ingesting the Living Word (Jesus Christ) on a daily basis for survival in a sin-sick world.
    Sad to say you will lose most well intentioned people when transitioning their view from earthly to spiritual realm, but don't lose heart. I for one also operate in that sphere.
    God bless. Keep the faith.
    John 14:27
  4. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to these bills, Jodi. Going to the state capitol every day had to be draining. God bless you and all who were watch women on the wall. Thank you for keeping us updated, telling us when to call, email and pray.

    Getting rid of the RINOs has to be a priority. Otherwise it does no good to have a super majority. And I totally agree with you, God has to be the center of everything!

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