The Push Across the Nation

This blog post goes along with Episode 15 on the Arise & Build podcast.

how does this happen?

I often get asked, "Jodi, How is this happening?  It feels like it's coming from higher up the chain somewhere."  And then, of course, we have the uni-party comments.  

I hear things like, "It doesn't matter.  They are ALL corrupt.  It's the uni-party vs people like us."

These comments and feelings aren't exactly wrong.  But let me bring a little bit of clarity to a tiny piece of the picture.

the associations

And the list goes on.... and on.... and on.  There's an association for everything and every group you can think of and some you never knew existed.

Associations are PRIVATE non-profit organizations.  They are not government agencies even though many of them are named, "Missouri Association of..."  

They are funded primarily by dues and donations of their members along with additional fundraising efforts as needed.   One of their primary purposes is to protect the interests of their members in regard to public policy.

They employ their own lobbyists or contract with larger lobbying firms for representation inside your local, state and federal governments.

These lobbyists make up a huge portion of what you hear called special interests.

legislative associations

There are also associations & foundations for legislators.  

They are PRIVATE associations and organizations.  This means they are created and operated by individuals or groups of individuals that have their own mission and purposes

Here are two examples:

uni-party, rinos, & gaga republicans

There's a lot of talk about RINOs and the Uni-Party among people involved with politics.  A great friend of mine likes to call many of them GAGA Republicans, because they Go Along to Get Along.

Is there really a uni-party?  Well, I believe there is and although it isn't an official legal organization, at the levels of leadership we are talking about here - legislative leadership from across the country - they have their own think tanks in these associations and their priorities are not staying true to party platforms.  I believe their priorities are, unfortunately, in most situations very self serving.

It would feed any ego to be at the tables with lawmakers across the nation.  When hearts who sit at those tables are not in alignment with God's heart, you can see how things could quickly take a turn for the worst in regard to Missouri policy.

Let's say our state leaders are rubbing elbows at dinner with the Illinois leadership and CEO of the big drug company that has tons of business interests in both places.  A situation like that could be exactly how we came to have a Department of Health & Senior Services Director straight from Illinois who loved the idea of vaccines & vax passport apps right smack in the middle of a pandemic.

We could very well end up with legislators and executives who have more of a heart to wine & dine with the CEOs of companies like FaceBook and Pfizer along with their new BFF from Hawaii or New York at the association conventions as they get on board the freight train of destruction screaming across the tracks through our nation instead of protecting Missouri's sovereignty and the rights of the people.

The associations are not fighting for individual freedom of the people.  They are pushing their own priorities & agendas, many of which come from the elite crowd across nation and even the world.

what can you do?

#1.  The first thing to start with on every To Do List from me is PRAY.  We will ONLY win these battles with the Holy Spirit and divine strategy.  I do not believe we will win any other way.

Pray & focus on your own personal revival.  

Fast & pray like Nehemiah.

Pray He will give you the heart to chase after HIM and the Kingdom more than anything else.  

This truly is how we win & it's how we survive through the battle.

#2.  Obey Him and His direction above all else.

#3.  Get connected & start learning.  If He's calling you to this "government mountain" you can't push back tyranny alone.  We all have a lot to learn, there's a lot to accomplish and it's going to take a team effort to get it done.  

I'd love to invite you to join me and our tribe!  

If you are interested in learning what we are doing - check out The Sword & Trowel or reach out to me.

If you aren't interested in joining me, pray about locking arms with another effort.  Missouri needs you!


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