Upcoming Events at the Capitol

We are hosting monthly worship

God began to speak to me in the spring of 2023 to "gather the Believers."   Repeatedly, I heard Holy Spirit whisper those words to me throughout the spring and summer.   As a result, we are gathering Christ followers in Missouri every month at the Capitol for worship & prayer and we LOVE it!

If you feel led to engage in the spiritual AND the political battles on this government mountain in Missouri - these worship events are for you!

Our first worship session was in January and it was an incredible blessing!   We worshipped, prayed over legislators who joined us and shared encouragement from the Word as well.  In February, we are doing the same and hoping we'll have even more legislators stop by and join us.

We'll do it again in March, so if you can't make it this week for our February worship I hope you'll plan to be here in March.

If you'd like to get info about what to expect, parking, food and updated information about the event, please let me know you're planning on coming & I'll be sure to email or text if there are any last minute changes.


co-hosting take back missouri rallies 

Several grassroots organizations worked together to host a rally this past week and it was a huge success!   There were several reaching out hoping for another one, so we decided to go ahead and just plan one every month in order to give more people the opportunity to come participate.  There's no shortage of issues and there's ALWAYS a place you can use your voice for the sake of liberty, so check your calendar!  

If you don't feel led to come worship, but you'd like to focus on the political battle vs the spiritual one - you'll want to sign up for these.  I'll be adding each rally as the details come together.  February's rally will be Monday, February 12th in the rotunda.  

Again, if you'd like more details about parking, food, etc. and if you want to get texts or emails about any last minute changes, be sure to let me know you're coming!


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