Arise & Build Show Notes - Ep 48  Caucuses & Data Mining

show notes for episode 48

caucuses & conventions

If you want more information about the caucuses, please listen to the podcast I recorded with Bev Ehlen.

The next steps in the caucusing process:

  1. Congressional District Convention, held in each of our 8 congressional districts on April 6th.
  2. State Convention, held in Springfield on May 4th.
  3. Republican National Convention held in July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

mining student data

the big picture

This type of system is where the globalist agenda is pushing us.  Digital ID complete with tracking and monitoring of all areas of life.   

Who are among the primary targets?  Our kids.  The future.

For this reason, we need to steward our kids' data well and protect them at every turn possible.  

missouri kids at risk

Last year, several bills were filed and several passed that allowed our public schools to give away the personally identifiable information of our children to vendors and contractors.  The statute is shown below.

This statute was a new section and passed in the following bills in 2023:

HB 447 sponsored by Rep Bishop Davidson
SB 28 sponsored by Senator Justin Brown
SB 45 sponsored by Senator Elaine Gannon
SB 103 sponsored by Senator Sandy Crawford
SB 106 sponsored by Senator Lauren Arthur

Filed in:
SB 628 sponsored by Senator Curtis Trent

dese partners to mine data

After last year's approval of sharing our kids data, this year DESE is partnering with SAS, a previous employer of the department commissioner to collect more data for analytics.   

Sas, a former employer of the Commissioner of Education, is a global company dealing in data from a variety of markets.  Is there where you want your student's personally identifiable information?   

Here's a screenshot from their webpage.  Their values influences everything they do. 


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