As of February 14th, Valentine's Day, SB 51 is scheduled to arrive on the MO Senate floor Monday, February 15th, for a final reading and pass.

It is imperative, TODAY, to CALL and email these Republican Senators who are on the fence and/or who are saying they will vote to pass without any further revisions.

I'm also listing here several resources for you to read and listen to so you can do your own research and decide for yourself how you feel about this piece of legislation that I believe will harm EVERY Missourian.  Here's a short list of WHY I feel that way.

  • Individuals, small businesses and churches CAN be sued by the government or other entities for "reckless" behavior or "willful/intentional misconduct" in relation to Covid 19.  This includes "Covid 19 exposure action"  which includes EXPOSURE to, FEAR of or POTENTIAL exposure to the Covid 19 virus or any future virus that would have mutated from it.   What is reckless??  Choosing not to wear a mask?  Choosing to allow your congregation to choose if they want to wear one?  Having a service indoors?  With how many people?  Opening your business so you can financially survive?  Allowing customers in your door when they aren't masked?  How about if they aren't vaccinated?

  • The definition of "personal injury" in this bill includes "mental suffering, emotional distress or similar injuries suffered by an individual in connection with a physical injury"

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, big pharma, big business are all FREE of liability.  Think about that...  your grandma in the nursing home, your loved one sick, vulnerable and ALONE in the hospital, someone who can't work or make their wages because of a faulty positive test result (which account for about 30% of them)..   no one responsible for these things will be able to be held liable!  There will be no opportunity for you to seek JUSTICE if you need it.  So, we are punishing the majority because of a few bad apples who file frivolous suits.

  • This bill covers local health mandates that are in effect now and any that would be effect in the future which are coming from the more local health organizations, which are not elected officials.  It would be difficult to hold those responsible who could be misusing that authority.
Here are some resources to help you decide for yourself, include the full text of the perfected bill which will be voted on tomorrow.

PERFECTED SB 51 - It's only 12 pages.   It's not hard to read or understand.  You can do it!

Why Can the State Sue Us?An article with a few questions and talking points and line by line references to the bill.

Attack on Churches See what the Missouri Baptist Association has to say about SB 51.

Return to Sender - A short video clip from one Missouri mom about why she wants SB 51 rejected.

The Beginning - SB 51 came from SB 1, which was pulled earlier in the special session.

My personal opinion is that there are great hospitals, doctors, nurses, nursing homes and front line workers who ARE doing ALL they can to protect and serve.  There are also not-so-great, greedy and selfish ones.  We NEED to be able to seek justice when the bad ones mismanage, mishandle, or neglect our most vulnerable populations!

Think about Gov Cuomo and the New York nursing home CRISIS that HE created by intentionally LYING!  Who is going to be held responsible for thousands of people dying!?  They KNEW what they were doing.  There WERE options, including a Navy ship located very nearby... but they chose to LIE and thousands DIED.  I don't know about you, but that's not ok with me ANY time!  

In Missouri, please follow these simple instructions to LET  YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

1.  CALL YOUR SENATOR!   Use this Finder Tool for contact info.  Use the talking points above if you need to.  Most likely, you'll get an answering machine.  Tell them you oppose SB 51, tell them why and that you'll be paying attention to the voting records.

2.  SPREAD THE WORD Check out this list of Senators and the counties they represent.  If you know someone who lives in those counties that loves FREEDOM, small businesses and churches - send them the link to this blog article!   We need the Republicans to vote NO.

  • Senator Koenig - 573-751-5568 (St Louis county)
  • Senator Hoskins - 573-751-4302  (Caldwell, Carroll, Howard, Johnson, Lafayette, Livingston, Ray and Saline)
  • Senator Onder - 573-751-1282 (St Charles county)
  • Senator Eslinger - 573-751-1882 (Douglas, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Ripley, Texas, Webster, & Wright)
  • Senator Bernskoetter - 573-751-2076 (Cole, Gasconade, Maries, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan, & Osage)
  • Senator Crawford - 573-751-8793 (Benton, Cedar, Dallas, Hickory, Laclede, Pettis, Polk & St Clair)
  • Senator Burlison  573-751-1503 (Christian & Greene)
  • Senator Riddle 573-751-2757 (Audrain, Callaway, Lincoln, Monroe, Montgomery and Warren)
  • Senator Rehder - 573-751-2459 (Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Perry, Scott, Wayne)
  • Senator Gannon - 573-751-4008 (Iron, Reynolds, St Francois, Ste Genevieve, Washington and Jefferson)
3. SPREAD THE WORD SOME MORE!  Text them the link to this blog article.
  • Pastors
  • Business owners
  • Conservatives who believe in JUSTICE & FREEDOM
  • Those with friends and family in nursing homes.
  • Elderly friends and family
  • Those who have had negative experiences in hospitals since this crazy Covid situation has happened
  • Anyone who has had a false Covid test result, adverse effect from the vaccine, or hasn't been able to get the treatment they wanted for Covid or who was refused treatment for something because of Covid.
4.  If you're a mom who is frustrated with the state of our nation today and is ready to TAKE ACTION, join our FREE FB GROUP to be part of an amazing tribe of Mama Bears who are making a difference!

Thank you for stopping by! 

 I'll keep you posted on this bill and we'll be doing lots more education and taking more action here very soon.

Happy Valentine's Day, Patriots! 



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