The GOP Wants to "Get Things Done!"

The current narrative in the news cycle after the launch of the new session & Missouri Freedom Caucus is that these "conservatives" are obstructionists.  The GOP and Senate leadership are shouting through the news outlets that they won't be able to get anything done until these senators sit down and hush.  

What you should be asking the GOP leadership is, 

"what things are you wanting to get done?"

What things do they feel these senators have kept them from doing? 

Because, I can tell you more than a few things about what they did in 2023 and basically very little of it is good.  

Most of it's not even really republican let alone conservative.  

democrats party on the front steps to celebrate

Somewhere in social media land, there is a photo of the democrat representatives literally drinking and dancing on the front steps of the Capitol in celebration on the last day of session in 2023.  One democrat legislator said they couldn't have had a better session even it had been run by the democrat party!

why would the democrats be celebrating a super majority republican legislature?

Well, I've got 100+ pages of details on the 39 bills passed in 2023 that explain why.  

The majority of those details will be published in the near future, but for now read through this short list and consider, "What do we WANT them to do? MORE or LESS of this?"   

When 17 of the 39 regular bills they passed are unconstitutional in the first place because of changes to titles and multiple subjects, that's our first problem.    

The rest are full of spending, chipping away our freedom, and then we have the creation and funding of policy that is literally opening the door for the likes of the United Nations and the WHO to walk right in and make themselves at home.

Want more of that getting done?

The GOP got PLENTY of "dog poop brownies" passed in 2023 and I'm praying Senator Moon and the Missouri Freedom Caucus will start standing in the gap for us even more to keep the dog turds out!   

Listen, our freedom is safer when they aren't in session.  When they are in session, the priority in my playbook is defending the Constitution and protecting the individual rights and liberties of Missourians.  They could go 10 years without passing one more bill and we'd be better off.

Aren't Republicans supposed to want smaller government??    That's not a "conservative" idea.  It's a REPUBLICAN idea.   We have a super majority of those!

2023 stats

Total Bills Passed - 58
Budget Bills - 19
Regular Bills - 39

Total Resolutions - 6
Joint Resolution (ballot measure) - 1
Concurrent Resolutions - 5

Unconstitutional Bills - 17 
They are unconstitutional based on multi-subjects and title changes that were not germane to the original intent of the bill.

Truly Republican Bills - 2
The SAFE Act prohibits medical gender transition for our children under 18.
The Save Women's Sports Act prohibits boys from participating in girls sports in K-College.

10 piles of dog poop that passed inside larger (mostly unread) bills in 2023

  • Gave away our state sovereignty in regard to the licensing our healthcare workers, counselors and social workers when they opted into a federal commission.  The commission rules will be enforced as state statute.  They are going to do it with dental health professionals next.    (SB 70 & SB 157)
  • In fact, the statute reads that the rules of the commission will be enforced by all three branches of our state government.  AND if we get taken to court by this commission, guess who will pay the fees?   MISSOURI! 
  • In the commission mentioned above, Missouri will have only one representative who is an appointed bureaucrat along with one member from every other member state.   (SB 70 & SB 157)
  • That same statute says that all licensees who participate will have to FULLY participate in any data collection that is being done. 
  • Speaking of data collection.  They're collecting it or allowing it to be collected at every turn.  EVERY. TURN.  There are so many bills that talk about data collection I can't list them here.
  • They created loan repayment programs for healthcare workers and veterinarians.  Who needs the feds to repay college debt when we can do it right here in Missouri??  (SB 70, SB 138, HB 417, HB 202)
  • The Sheriff's retirement fund can now accept PRIVATE gifts.   (SB 75 by Senator Mike Bernskoetter)
  • DESE is now providing grants for private childcare providers to be used for programming our babies and toddlers.  Because DESE is to be trusted with our babies now??   Of course, to get the money those providers will have to follow the rules...whatever those turn out to be.  But don't worry!  I'm sure they are here to help.   (SB 24 by Senator Lincoln Hough)
  • They sold our children's personally identifiable information.  (SB 28 by Senator Lincoln Hough and SB 106 by democrate Senator Lauren Arthur)
  • MO First Responders are REQUIRED to participate in vaccination programs as recommended by the CDC when they are working a situation where bioterrorism is suspected and federal grant money has been received.  This was already in statute but they opened that section to make changes and left this there.  (SB 24 by Senator Lincoln Hough)
  • And it goest ON and ON... this is truly just a minute fraction of what "things" they like to do.

I want the Missouri Freedom Caucus to follow Senator Mike Moon's lead to STAND in the gap to defend our freedom, our state sovereignty and our Constitution.

If you didn't see the previous post - here are the 2023 senate votes on passed bills again.  I'll be publishing more information in the days to come as well as a full 2023 legislative review resource.  Stay tuned!

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  1. We are so grateful for your ‘truth’ telling Jodi. I pray for the day we have good character and high integrity as our standard again. Cronies are sending us down the drain to Marxism. That’s a slimy pipe from which we will never return. Sad reality. To see for ourselves - just watch a last minute budget committee session.

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